Thanks to "Your Mother" We now know that Ms. Grayvee from The Flavor of Love Seaon 3 ALREADY has a clothing line out! Now.... ummmm.... I'll be honest, homegirl is selling coffee mugs and stickers with her picture printed on them, along with a thong... some boxers and some t-shirts that say "It's All Grayvee."

Now, I for one LOOOOOOVE me some Grayvee, maybe because
I'm from the dirty south or maybe it's because she reminds me of WOLF (swoons..... what is swoons?) from I Love New York 2 with that accent; but the clothing line is pretty sad. But you have to start somewhere!!!!! :) The reason I post this is because I believe that you have to make it pretty far into the competition to come out with fan apparel. (did i spell that right?) How far do you think Ms. Grayvee made it? (I say top 4)

Click Here to check out the apparel or on the pictures.

Here to get to The Elle Word Radio Show (latest interview was with Peechee)

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