Alright, I know many of The Blogspot readers have no headphones @ work. I apologize. However, for those who have the freedom to watch YouTube videos enjoy.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel, Vision Tellie 2 & YouTube

A Jimmy Kimmel Qmoment!


  1. KitBit // 14/2/08 6:41 PM  


    I saw him on the show about a week ago. He's such a bafoon but was totally HILARIOUS!!

    He was up first, then Kimmel had 2 more guests after him. He stayed and talked CONSTANTLY during both of their segments!! Hahahaha!!!!

    The celebrity chef Rocco DeSpirito was up last and did a pasta cooking demonstration. When he asked Flav to come up and help him, Rocco presented him with a gold chain with a HUGE white kitchen timer/clock on the end of it. Flav almost passed out with shock and laughter! Classic.


  2. The Q © 2007 // 14/2/08 6:54 PM  

    Sounds like a good laugh.

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