Damn, time is ticking more and more by the second. (Well duh!) As we all know, and trust me, I mean WE ALL, the "I Love New York 2" Reunion special will air tomorrow at 9 PM sharp. Everyone, or the most of us who care and watch the love show, has taken note of all of the clues. VH1's and The Blogspot's hints, clues & frequent spoilers are the reason people have really began to make assumptions and guess on what's really gonna happen tomorrow. Keep in mind folks, this reunion is going to be the longest one thus far; running 90 min. long, so you know it's going to be some ish happening, right? I know you do!

Just to tick you off, here's another photo to keep you wondering...[click to enlarge]

Did you get the secret message? I hope so. Time for another DQ (?)...
I'm going to make it short and simple.
Ummm....Da hell?

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