'Les vrais femmes vivent, souffle et mangent la crème glacée !'

The Q. has no clue if the blond beauty Ambre has any French lineage. However, I am feeling Frenchy. Is Frenchy a word? I doubt it. I refrained from typing frisky. Let me attempt to stay on track this rainy Saturday morning. There must be something in the Chicago air. VH1/ 51 Minds casting loves them some Chicago living beezys when it comes to the 'Rock of Love' series. If my gimpy mind isn't mistaken, Jes, Jessica, Kelly, Kim, Sam, Erin a.k.a. Clown Tits and whats her name...

30 minutes later

....Mia all reside in The Windy City. It's no surprise casting would pluck another babe for 'Rock of Love 2' from Chi Town. Oh snap! Pootie hails from Chicago too. Yeppers there is something in the air. Ambre loves the small town feel, but big city action of the city. Ambre Lake is a social butterfly. (Ambre Lake is such a porn star name. One can't help but be social with that moniker.) The positive slender beauty shares my father always said, 'I could make friends with a tree.' (Trees are hard!) *cracking myself up Alright I'll behave. Ambre's positive nature & zest for life is a trait she shares with her daddy. Don't let her delicate frame fool you. Once Ambre sets her mind to something; it will not bend. The woman is friggin stubborn as all hell! *wonders if she was stubborn enough to be the last 'Rock of Love 2' beezy standing

One of her loves is seafood. She can eat seafood all of the time. When Ambre dines out, the waiter is going to bring her a plate with some sort of seafood on it. In addition, she's a dairy addict. Cheese, milk, ice cream and anything dairy is her vice. She eats dairy everyday. The woman thanks God she isn't lactose intolerant. *tickled pink Seafood and dairy aren't her only addictions. She was a huge fan of 'Rock of Love'. (You don't say?) The more she watched horny toad; the more she adored Bret. What's not to like? Bret is cool & down to earth in Ambre's opinion. She doesn't think he is like a typical rock star. *raises eyebrow She feels extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know Bret. He's absolutely amazing in her blue eyes. (Lord please let this woman be blue eyed!) She states Bret is even more beautiful in person, inside & out. She just gave me bubble guts.

10 minutes later

I need to wrap this Ambre of 'Rock of Love 2' introduction up. *looks for Pepto Bismol The Q. has no idea if Ambre will be getting the ultimate V.I.P. pass to Bret Michaels' heart. Hell, I don't even know if she moans, 'Ooooooh Daddy rock my world with your guitar....' What I know is Ambre is daddy's little girl. She shared the following about her father, "....he's incredibly loyal. He's loyal to his family and also to his friends. I or anybody else for that matter can tell my Dad anything in confidence. I completely have faith that he'll never betray my trust. My Dad is tried and true." Ambre may just be Mr. Michael's rock of love in the end. If she's anything like her father, daddy's little girl is tried & true. In the land of Rock n Rock, sex, groupies, alcohol, baby mama drama & gold diggers, tried & true is hard to come by. 'Rock of Love 2' premieres Sunday, January 13th on VH1 @ 9pm. I wouldn't miss it for a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream.


An amber Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 5/1/08 11:56 AM  

    Hmmm, she looks like some odd woodland critter in the first picture. In the second, she looks like that pic was professionally done...and professionally airbrushed. Her love of seafood should serve her well with all the crabs in that house.

  2. The Q © 2007 // 5/1/08 11:59 AM  


    I love to hate you.

    I hate to love you.

    Am I making sense?

    In her defense those individual cast shots aren't always the best. I mean the could be Sanaa Lathan look like Whitney back in her crack days.

  3. The Q © 2007 // 5/1/08 12:07 PM  

    they could*

  4. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 5/1/08 12:14 PM  

    "woodland critter" lol! Bubo, oh lawd!
    Hey Q!

  5. Damien. // 5/1/08 2:06 PM  

    LMAO bubo!

    Hey Babykin!

  6. ava // 5/1/08 2:22 PM  

    HAHA at Bubos crabz comment!!!!

  7. jorundi // 5/1/08 3:02 PM  

    She may not be a "critter", but she sure looks "critter-ish".

    LMAO at my own joke...

    BTW, what is smh?

  8. ava // 5/1/08 3:30 PM  

    Its not just the pic..I saw the previews....not too many ROL girls rubbed me the wrong way but this one......never mind.. excellent job Q with what you had to work with...:P

  9. The Q © 2007 // 5/1/08 3:31 PM  

    *literally shaking my head @ Jorundi

  10. ava // 5/1/08 3:36 PM  

    Its not even the pic...Ive seen the previews...Q~ good job with what you had to work with ...I dunno if my other comment got posted Im having issues again with this darn server!!! UGH!

  11. Bubo the Hater // 5/1/08 3:49 PM  

    Woodland critter, that doesn't mean she is ugly. I think Mariah Care..excuse me, Mimi is critterish. I don't think she is ugly..crazy, yes, ugly, no.

    The top shot is critterish, the bottom shot looks like it is a glamour shot. Finally, her titties look fake.

  12. The Q © 2007 // 5/1/08 4:41 PM  


    Go sit down somewhere... PLEASE!


  13. ava // 5/1/08 4:55 PM  

    lol...Critter!!!.Beavers are critters for Gods sakes!!! I have to say I am in total agreement..:) Hey!! I love beavers and all lil critters..

  14. Chamillion // 6/1/08 12:40 AM  

    I am right. She looks like a man along with some of the other girls. She seems like a nice lady though.

  15. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 6/1/08 10:44 AM  

    Beavers? Um, wow, ok...
    I'm going to try to erase that image out of my mind.

  16. ava // 6/1/08 11:01 AM  

    LMAO...Why erase ?? :P hehe i am usually not onery like this what has gotten into me...guess Ive been inspired ?? lol WHO started this??? lol I can't wait til Q writes about my favs....:) Ya'll have your favs picked yet??

  17. jorundi // 6/1/08 11:41 AM  

    I still don't get it...what was Damien's secret message in his post? Damien didn't enable comments so I'm asking it here.

  18. The Q © 2007 // 6/1/08 1:22 PM  


    Ask where you can! Here is fine. Damien didn't enable comments out of respect for Ambre's introduction. We try to get y'all to read the post that required the cast's participation. LOL!

    I have a minor headache. So, I honestly don't know what the secret message is....

    D. if you make it around here today let us know what's up with the code. Is Shawn rubbing off on you?

    *waves to Ava

  19. ava // 6/1/08 1:40 PM  

    Waves back to Q~,,:) sorry we've been cast unfriendly...:( i will keep in mind for future blog reference on these types of blogs..:)BUT shoot! That critter comment!! lmao!!! :P

  20. your mother // 6/1/08 1:59 PM  

    I thought the "do you have love for new york" was the secret message... not as secret as it should be because of the bold letters... any other secrets there?

    is miss new york celebrating her birthday today or are my sources wrong? if this is the case (the birthday case..) then cheers :)

  21. your mother // 6/1/08 2:02 PM  

    oh and ambre looks so much better in the second picture... i don't know why brets chicks have to pictured as drag queens without the adams apple..

  22. ava // 6/1/08 2:10 PM  

    Catherine's ROL picture is lovely..:)

  23. ava // 6/1/08 2:21 PM  

    Drag queens?? Bret looks like the drag queen...ewwwwwwweeeeeeee...:P

  24. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 6/1/08 2:26 PM  

    wow...NY and Pumkin both have January birthdays, just like me

  25. your mother // 6/1/08 3:46 PM  

    but bret has the adams apple *muahahaha* ;)

  26. your mother // 6/1/08 3:47 PM  

    does he?

  27. ava // 6/1/08 4:46 PM  

    LMAO at your mother's comment!! I think this is true YM...I think Bret is a rocker dude protraying a rocker chic protraying a wanna be hot ageless rocker dude...hehe was that bad?? :Pya and where is the adams apple....I think, ummm never mind Im not gonna be "that girl" lol

  28. ava // 6/1/08 5:24 PM  

    Ok I'll be "that girl" ....sum of the girls ate "the apple"(I said SUM...:)Im kidding..or am I? :P Any hoochkies just killin time til the big REUNION It seems like eternity Ive been waiting for...:) :) :)

  29. jorundi // 6/1/08 6:25 PM  

    2 hours and 25 minutes until Reunion!!!

  30. ava // 6/1/08 7:30 PM  

    Glad Im not the only one counting Joroundi!!Felt like I was talkin to myself there for awhile!! lol

  31. pimpboy77 // 6/1/08 7:47 PM  

    Happy New Year everyone! Who's Watching? the i love new york marathon did you see flavor of love 3 commercial,with flav on the plane! and the Two girls fighting

  32. Mysty™ // 6/1/08 7:53 PM  

    Ava! I too am waiting... I refuse to watch any movies, only L&O CI until 9! Maybe I'll see a creative way to get rid of Bubba before he can post a blog! lmao

    Disclaimer: This is only a joke, should something terrible (like a bite from a fellow Raptor or canine) happen to Bubba, Mysty had NOTHING to do with it.

  33. Anonymous // 6/1/08 8:05 PM  

    were gabrielle today

  34. jorundi // 6/1/08 8:13 PM  

    Ava, I can't help myself...only 47 minutes left....YaaaaaY!

    The Wire is premiering at the same time but I can watch that later tonight, thanks to HBO's repeats.

  35. Bubo the Hater // 6/1/08 9:52 PM  

    CHampion came on and I simultaneously pissed my pants, crapped my pants and threw up.

  36. Anonymous // 6/1/08 10:40 PM  

    q Seems sister Patterson isn't all that Holey after all. She was never married to NY's daddy.LOL

  37. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 6/1/08 10:41 PM  

    Mr. Wise took a flying, leap...and missed. Badly. smh

    So much for street cred!

  38. Bubo the Hater // 6/1/08 11:11 PM  

    Mr. "I saved your life"; Wise is a moron! WTF was he talking about? At lease Whiteboy came across as having a personality in later features, but this guy is stone stupid.

  39. miz karlene // 7/1/08 12:34 AM  

    ny boots are hot and i still heart wise.

  40. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 7/1/08 12:42 PM  

    You're right, those boots were the ish.

  41. ava // 7/1/08 2:47 PM  

    LMAO when NY stomped off when Champion choked Sista P with his tongue !!!lol....well it was also funny when poser mr. Wise played leap frog with TM then I guess smacks him or kicks him or he did sumthin to him lol...all the while him screamin like a lil girl I LET YOU LIVE I LET YOU LIVE !!

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