The ELLE Word interviews Erin of 'Rock of Love 2' tonight @ 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern Time. Learn more about the guitar playing beauty tonight LIVE, Jan 23rd. Miss Martin has somethings she wants to get off her chest. Elle & The Q. are here for her to with open ears. Call #(646)478-5101 to ask Erin a question or CLICK HERE to Listen Live or Join the Chat Box.

A folk song Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 23/1/08 7:49 PM  

    Erin is gorgeous and shee seemed too classy to make it too far on the show. A little vapid and boring, which would not have generated buzz for her. She seemed too good for these shows. Perhaps ANTM is up her alley.

  2. Jorden // 23/1/08 7:52 PM  


    i read in a blog that the producers of vh1 is pushing new york to do season three... i dont know wuts gonna happen to tailor made...she asking her fans on wut she should do...she also explained that she would be making a 7 FIGURE SALARY...wut do u think?

  3. Anonymous // 23/1/08 10:04 PM  

    what do u think?
    we think u r Steups

  4. none of your business // 23/1/08 10:35 PM  

    WOW. Hey Q, so which one of the chicks is the babymomma of Flav?

    Now I am not sure about this or not but there is a rumor that Flav wifey/babymomma suppose to be a contestant.

  5. Anonymous // 23/1/08 11:34 PM  

    I know FOR A FACT that NY will NOT be recieving a 7 figure ANYTHING from Vh1. She did not make a 6 figure salary for either of the seasons.

  6. Buddah Tha Messiah // 24/1/08 1:22 AM  

    Is there anyway to confirm this rumor that's been floating around the web, and has now made it to ConcreteLoop (which is usually correct). It's being reported that Charm School from G's to Gents is a go with Jaime Fox as the host. I find this hard to believe, but it's a good thought whether it's real or a myth. It has the reported cast members as, Chance, Tango, Mr. Wise, Trends....and Buddha. I'm just not believing it because the rumor originated on MediaFakeout.

  7. your mother // 24/1/08 2:57 AM  

    why do they all have to do 5 seasons? there are so many d- listers out there desperately waiting for a chance..

    i think rosie o'donnell should get her own show. furious beast of love.. something like that..

  8. Anonymous // 24/1/08 6:04 AM  

    First I'd like to say that I doubt a season 3 of I love New York would be good. Now if it was life with New York and Tailor Made, or Made for marrige or something like that, then you know that might work... but not another dating show. No one would watch it, because she already got her guy. Now if she or he blows it off screen that's up to them, but no more tv dating shows for either, it's time to give someone else a chance if they have to continue to do them.

    Also, It's sad to see the state of this blog as of late. Q and all the people who still contribute, I know you guys have been working hard and you at least have the apperciation of the people who read this thing. I hope that Stepus will transfer the ownership (and the copyrights, revenue) to the people who are actually keeping this place going so maybe they can pick more staff to help them out. Cause this blog has a lot of readers and I know the ads generate a lot of money.

    If ROL2 doesn't get covered, and more importantly FOL3 doesn't get covered people will go elsewhere and that will be the end of this.

    That would be a shame since I've been reading this thing since.. wow I don't know when... Maybe FOL2? I know I read it during Charm school.

    Aside from the fact that after FOL3 and ROL2 are over, that might be the end of the 'love' shows for a while. Seems a shame that they might not be covered here.

    I think Q and all the other contributors ought to just start a new blog with them as the owners so they can bring on new writers (so everything doesn't fall on their shoulders) and then they can at least get the ad money, and us fans of these blogs would still have a place to go.

    Ok guys I know I don't have any right to stick my nose in any of this, but it is a shame.

  9. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 24/1/08 11:02 AM  


    I agree with the anon above me

  10. "drama queen" // 24/1/08 1:27 PM  

    I also agree 100% w/ anon @ 6:04am, not sure that Q would be intersted though, maybe there should be a poll? That way steups followers can stay and await his arrival and anyone who wants to continue to be a part of the wonderful writing that has been of lately can make their move to the new blog??? Q?

    Also, I so wish that buddah above was right about the possibility of a G's to Gents charmschool, that sounds like an awesome idea! I would so watch in hopes that they gant up and wup buddah's ass!

  11. Jorden // 24/1/08 4:26 PM  

    im sorry everybody bout the season 3... just a rumor... if she did season 3 the everybody would see her as a joke... like flav...but flav is a good guy tho...

    here's the article...

    No 'I Love New York 3' planned, says VH1 spokeswoman
    Wed Jan 9, 4:08 PM PST

    NEW YORK - Tailor Made apparently still loves New York.

    Despite an Internet rumour about a breakup, a VH1 spokeswoman told The Associated Press on Wednesday that reality TV couple Tiffany (New York) Pollard and George (Tailor Made) Weisgerber are still together following the conclusion of "I Love New York 2" - and there are no plans for a third season of the popular VH1 reality dating show.

    New York selected the 32-year-old retail planner instead of actor Ezra (Buddha) Masters during the Dec. 17 season finale, which was watched by 5.43 million viewers.
    A Jan. 7 report posted on cited an anonymous source claiming that New York's "relationship with Tailor Made ended shortly after the reunion show was taped and that she wants another season of 'I Love New York' so that she could find the man of her dreams."

    New York, who was originally a contestant on VH1's "Flavor of Love," recently guest starred as herself on FX's "Nip/Tuck" and appears in the upcoming film "First Sunday" starring Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan.

  12. Anonymous // 24/1/08 4:31 PM  

    The only problem with Steups is that while he has been dealing with a lot of personal issues, he has not bothered to tell the writers how long he will be gone.

    He is gone again, but will be back soon, but I don't think he would mind if another blog was created, and I do agree that he should share in the revenue generated from this blog site.

    I just think he felt overwhelmed with everything that is going on with him right now.

  13. your mother // 24/1/08 5:37 PM  

    WORD @ anon... i think steups (or "stepus") was great as long as he lasted but what's going on now? i was hoping that he was coming back with a bang when rol2 starts, but nothing happened. now i hope he's coming back with a bang when fol3 premieres, but nothing will happen.
    and when i read that he's getting the money and quanda is getting "occasional thank you & e-mails" i was mad. i'd love to post if my english was good enough, but it's not, so i have to rely on the Q. and she's not getting paid for giving my life a sense? (maybe a litte over- dramatic)

    i don't think this is fair @ all..

  14. Bubo the Hater // 24/1/08 10:43 PM  

    from G's to Gents? What, i sJaime Foxx going to teach them to jerk it in front of a mirror?

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