Alright decisions, decisions... I figure y'all are a little 'Rock of Love 2' overwhelmed. I love the beezys frankly. However, I know many of you are dying to see what 'Flavor of Love 3' has in store for us. Here is my third reveal of a 'Flavor of Love 3' beezy. I think Michigan's faux Paris Hilton is going to be a HOOT to watch this season. The Q. has a vibe when it comes to these things. *grubbing on a Hooters' chicken wing (Shhhhh! I ain't told y'all nothing about no FOL3 beezys.)

A Hooter's Qmoment!


  1. your mother // 23/1/08 6:42 AM  

    yay, she actually was the only contestant i found out about myself ;) i think she's gorgeous, judging by her myspace..

    rest in peace, heath ledger :(

  2. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 23/1/08 6:50 AM  

    is she from michigan????
    then I want her to win
    remember, the last two winners were from Detroit, so I want any girl from here to win

  3. Electra (trinidad) // 23/1/08 7:27 AM  

    (smiles) Its a Long Long time since I have been able to say these words (I hope no one is before me, LOL)

    ahem (clears throat) -


  4. pimpboy 1978 was a Goodyear because I was born // 23/1/08 8:38 AM  

    Yeah i just add her on myspace page She's Really Sexy and some of her pic that she have on her myspace she look just like Nicole Richie that works for me LOL today is my MY 30th birthday q

  5. Anonymous // 23/1/08 12:52 PM  


  6. RockstarDani // 23/1/08 1:02 PM  

    oh my god. this girl looks like she overdoes everything.

  7. The Q © 2007 // 23/1/08 2:57 PM  

    She appears to be a hardworking cutie & hard partier. So I am looking forward to see what she brings to the table this season of 'Flavor of Love 3'.

  8. buddah tha messiah // 23/1/08 3:43 PM  

    This should be interesting. I say she makes it to the final 5. It'll be interesting to see how she gets along with the other women in the house.

    I thought that Courtney was very likeable in that interview yesterday. I wish she would've stuck around long enough to show her personality that got her casted in the first place. I still hold a candle up for her.

  9. Anonymous // 23/1/08 5:18 PM

    new york & tailor made are getting married!!

  10. Jenny // 23/1/08 6:35 PM  

    She's probably going to be that girl that suck up to everybody, and try to stay neutral all the time. I'd say she's the top 7... Or 8.

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