Steups is the owner of this site & receives the $$$. I've never received anything more than an occasional thank you & e-mails from him; declaring he's in love with me. *rolling my eyes I simply post when my time permits. Now onto another 'Rock of Love 2' beezy introduction.

Niki calls Sin City her home. For all you nerds Sin City = Las Vegas, Nevada which is the stripper & gambling capitol of the world. Niki loves living in the city where one can catch a Cirque Du Soleil show or eat at scrum dee da dee restaurants. Niki's favorite places to get her grub on are Seablue (MGM) & N9NE Steakhouse (Palms). Desert summers are spent @ the Hard Rock pool and/or bar sipping gin & juice. *giggling My bad I was thinking of Snoop Dog. She actually sips margaritas with good friends while enjoying the sunshine. Sushi is Niki's favorite food hands down. She could eat it everyday with loads & loads of wasabi. You know this beezy has zero sinus problems. *inhaling a Wasabi chip as I type Niki is most likely to place the following order with the waitress, "Hi, I'll have an order of wasabi & a side of seared Ahi. Thanks!" Yes ladies, gentlemen and @ssholes darling Niki likes it hot! Another cuisine must is french fries with mayonnaise. She shares , "It's a French thing." (I'm going to have to ask Angelique about this. She is French.... no?)

Don't let this edgy beauty fool y'all with her sweet smile. Niki of 'Rock of Love 2' is armed with a sarcastic wit & contagious laugh. (Rodeo had a contagious laugh. I need to call her.) Niki is down to do whatever, whenever. She admits, "If you dare me to do something, I'll do it no problem!" This passionate beezy believes in honesty first. Niki openly admits to being the biggest procrastinator. She is usually late. (Me too!) Bret's darling Niki has a habit of making too many plans. It is an often occurrence for her to back out of plans. It sucks but someone has to be a flake.

Niki isn't too fond of tattle tales. Her year younger sister often told on Niki, "Mom Niki is feeding the dog under the table! Dad Niki called me a brat!" Niki grew tired of her sister's tattle telling. There was only one thing she could do. Sick of it, Niki told her sister that she was adopted. That's why Niki & their parents had blond hair & little sister was a brunette. Poor child didn't know that their mother dyed her hair. As if delivering the blow of being adopted wasn't enough. Niki embellished her lie even more. She added an alien twist to this fib. Yep she told her sister she came from outer space. And if she didn't stop telling on big sis, Mom & Dad were going to send her back to her home planet. Niki cleverly sealed the lie with, "If you ask Mom & Dad about your planet ever they'll send you back! You can never ever mention it." The far fetched lie worked for awhile. Little sister stopped snitching on darling Niki.

Niki's parents are still happily married. She can't imagine coming from a broken home. She feels blessed growing up with two parents actively raising her. Her parents stressed the importance of honesty & acting like a lady. Respect was also a big part of her upbringing. If you give respect, you receive respect & to always respect yourself. One of the reasons Niki didn't bare it all on 'Rock of Love 2'. Beside values being instilled, the family had loads of family fun. Surfing, scuba diving & concerts are just a few of the activities they enjoyed together as a family. Niki shares, "I seriously have the most amazing family. I couldn't be more proud."

Niki thinks Bret Michaels is just amazing, "The blue eyes and blond hair, I mean who wouldn't be attracted to this man?" *raises both hands very high The 'Rock of Love 2' resident punker adores his rock star attitude with a twist of humble. When she met him she admits to being in awe. Originally she thought Bret was so stuck on himself. Niki soon changed her mind. She now thinks he is one of the nicest & genuine people she's ever come across. We now all know Niki won't be getting the final tour pass to Bret's heart. However, she hopes their tour as friends never ends. Wow, after being eliminated she remains Bret's Michaels' darling Niki. (The Q. would be dishing on that d@mn wig or hair extensions!)

Y'all can sleep on 'Rock of Love 2' if you want to! I am telling you now, the show is bananas. Every Sunday @ 9pm my eyes are glued to VH1. 12 beezys remain snitching, kissing & plotting their way to get Bret's final tour pass.

A darling Qmoment!


  1. Anonymous // 22/1/08 2:36 AM  

    Hi Q, nice post.

  2. The Q © 2007 // 22/1/08 2:41 AM  

    Thanks. I couldn't have done it without 'Darling Niki'. Have a great Tuesday to everyone if I don't come through later on today.

  3. Bubo the Hater // 22/1/08 8:05 AM  

    Which one is she? Q, Steups is makin gall the $? He needs to spread the wealth as he has been AWOL and you have been more than adequately holding it down. SLavery i sover!

  4. Shawn // 22/1/08 11:21 AM  


    Check this out.


    January 22, 2008 -- NEW York could be heading down the aisle - in Vegas.
    Tiffany Pollard, the star of the hit VH1 reality show "I Love New York," could marry the winner of the show, George Weisgerber, as soon as next month in Las Vegas.

    "We haven't set a date," Weisgerber told Splash News yesterday. "We'll probably just go to Vegas on a whim.' "

    That whim may happen sooner than later - the pair are slated to visit Sin City on Feb. 8, according to sources close to the couple.

    Weisgerber, who has a 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, hinted that he and Pollard are considering having children.

    "I know Tiffany will be an amazing mother. . . She has so many things to accomplish professionally before motherhood. She wants to concentrate on her acting career."

    After the winner from the first season of "New York" broke up with Pollard during a reunion special, she agreed to appear in a second season where she met Weisgerber.

    "I went onto a reality show looking to find true love, I'm one of the people that actually did," Wiesgerber says.

  5. PaleBlackSheep // 22/1/08 11:49 AM  

    Thanks for all you do Q, this is one of my fave blogs, I check it thoughout the day, and I really do appricate your trying to keep it going in the absence of Steups.

  6. miz karlene // 22/1/08 1:07 PM  

    maybe he retired cuz he's making so much money w/ ad google,lmao
    he's chillin in his beamer, listenin to ether

  7. miz karlene // 22/1/08 1:11 PM  

    just wishes the french chick weave was better.
    i love nikki's joke on her lil sis,too funny.

  8. Anonymous // 22/1/08 5:45 PM  

    Heres the link the woman in the Fake Ny sex Tape Video. It is definitley confirmed more people sayin it's new york..SHe does have similar facial features tho but its not Ny

  9. Mysty™ // 22/1/08 6:10 PM  

    Q, you are the greatest and don't forget it!
    As for Niki, I'm mad that she and my older sister took the same class on how to torture younger siblings. My sister told me I was left on the doorstep by Jamaicans and I better not ask HER mother about it, or she would send me back! Ain't that a bit@h! I was only 6 and she was 15, so it was understandable that I would believe least that's what I tell myself. lmao

  10. miz karlene // 22/1/08 7:58 PM  

    smh @ miss38dd

  11. Anonymous // 22/1/08 8:42 PM  

    niki this. niki that. start a sentence with something other than her name!

  12. your mother // 23/1/08 2:05 AM  

    ewww @ sexyblack38dd.. where does she have similar facial features? complexion or what? not tiffany @ all ;)

  13. The Q © 2007 // 23/1/08 4:35 AM  

    Anonymous @ 8:42pm

    I did. Thanks for caring enough to comment. Be a little more accurate next time.

    Based upon your short comment, you use her name at a higher percentage. Toodles.

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