The Q. can't take it anymore. However, y'all love you some Buddha a.k.a. Ezra of 'I Love New York 2'. Recently Buddha's personal assistant share with individuals desperate to book Ezra the following MySpace message:

Black History Month

To All,

Buddha will not be accepting paid bookings for the month of February as he has dedicated the month toward Philanthropy and ADAMANTLY refuses to be paid. He will be making exclusive appearances throughout the United States, Africa, The Carribean, & Central American in support of Black History, Awareness & Appreciation Month.

We understand that Valentine is a particularly lucrative weekend for most events throughout the country and we thank you all for your VERY IMPRESSIVE appearance & motivational speaking offers however NO AMOUNT OF MONEY OR GIFTS will buy Buddha's time. His purpose is beyond your finances. His sole motivation is ALWAYS the betterment and awareness of Black America's however he is personally sacrificing his time and money throughout February to increase these efforts exponentially.

His campaign includes increasing jobs and education for Africans in Africa and for Black Americans & Minorities in America. Likewise, he's continually focused on limiting diabetes and cardiovascular disease in American while supporting the development of adult stem cell research for disease prevention and solution.

I thank you for your time and understanding and God Bless.

Best Regards,
Chris Johns,
Personal Assistant


What a great man Buddha a.k.a. Ezra of 'I Love New York 2' is turning out to be. *wondering does this mean he's not accepting any beverages in exchange for fans to take pictures with him in February? Someone tell me this is not for real! Anyone? Those lucky Africans...
Oh, if you leave in New York and are interested in an internship with Wendy Williams CLICK HERE.

Credit: Kats

A sarcastic Qmoment!


  1. your mother // 18/1/08 5:04 PM  

    thooose lucky africans... for sure... wonder why he hasn't stumbled across his ego yet. it's a huge stumbling block...

  2. Anonymous // 18/1/08 5:37 PM  

    Quanda you still laughing?

  3. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 18/1/08 5:37 PM  

    "Caribbean" is misspelled.

  4. The Q © 2007 // 18/1/08 5:43 PM  

    Yes ma'am. I didn't feel the need to correct Mr. Johns typo or spelling. LOL!

  5. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 18/1/08 5:43 PM  

    PS-Based on the ton of spelling and grammar mistakes in this short, so-called letter, I have no other choice but to conclude that Buddha is Chris Johns.

  6. The Q © 2007 // 18/1/08 5:45 PM  

    We think alike.

  7. Buddah Tha Messiah // 18/1/08 5:55 PM  

    I was just about to type the same damn thing! I'm just going all out and putting it out there. Buddah has multiple personality disorder. He knows damn well he and Chris are the same entity! I can smell those incorrectly spelled and capitialized words a mile away. Personal assistant my a@#! Why is he feeling all warm and fuzzy all of a sudden? When you're truly doing charity from the heart, you don't advertise it to your ho community.

    How does one "limit" diabetes anyway? Does he mean Diabetes Prevention and education on control? Before Buddha starts schooling these poor, unsuspecting Africans he needs to educate himself on what he's trying to teach. SMH. I want his passport revoked!

  8. AaniHaan // 18/1/08 6:22 PM  

    I, however, take cash, check or charge....

    Really, you gotta be freakin' kidding me!! I guess a "who does he think he is," isn't even worth it. The truly noble thing to do would have been to let those who he rendered his "services" to sing his praises. So tacky.

  9. Bubo the Hater // 18/1/08 8:20 PM  

    How worthless do you have to be to be some broke negros personal assistant?

  10. Mysty™ // 18/1/08 9:16 PM  

    Good Evening All! I have been either out of town or just too dang tired to comment due to family health issues. Bubba, however has forced me out of exile. He wrote that letter: it is his writing style, typos and his stankatude. He needs to stay in Africa, they will teach him a few things I'm sure! lmao

  11. RockstarDani // 18/1/08 9:36 PM  

    awww what a sweetheart!! *barf!* He's probably doing/saying all of this to compensate for all the caca he's been spewing lately.

    He's so full of himself! *rolls eyes*

  12. RockstarDani // 18/1/08 9:38 PM  

    P.S. I've actually met Wendy Williams and she's even tackier in person!

  13. Anonymous // 19/1/08 12:38 AM  

    As a fan, I am fascinated with how Buddha’s thinks. He keeps a portion of the I Love New York Show 2 intellectually and emotionally intoxicated months after the show is over – which takes skills. For a personality to have the ability to show paradoxical behavior (saint and sinner) and still have a fan base is captivating. He is a controversial yet likeable: He stands up for the under dogs and gets along well with majority of the cast members in front of the camera. However, he makes outlandish remarks about cast members on his blogs. To have complete disdain for Punk, but to engage in a conversation and sit next to him on the reunion show demonstrates great discipline and skill. Instead of fighting on the reunion show with Punk (like the producers hoped for him to do), he took a different route. Is it just a coincident that the top two had to share the stage while other guys who placed lower than them had their own stage time?

    Just like Punk capitalizes on his sincere gentleman qualities using blog radio, Buddha capitalizes on his controversial behavior via internet. The guy is definitely a master of mind games and can keep the mystery alive – we still do not know who writes the blogs: Chris, Buddha, Ezra or Mr. Masters. Whoever he is…..he is pushing enough buttons to keep many fans and critics talking. My hope is that he will get his own show. If New York can get several shows for her bi-polar behavior, Buddha surely should be given the same opportunity for his multiple personalities ;-)

    Q – When will your show interview him about the reunion and his contradictory images: television persona and blog persona.

  14. jorundi // 19/1/08 3:07 AM  

    Is it just me or does Buddha's photo reveal the face of someone who is mid-way through bleaching his skin. I thought people stopped bleaching in the 60's. Looking at his nose and around the mouth it seems as if someone didn't tell him how to blend the Ambi into his skin evenly. Poor, poor man.

  15. jorundi // 19/1/08 3:10 AM  

    And Q, please don't interview Buddha on Blogtalk Radio. That will only reinforce his delusion of importance.

  16. Anonymous // 19/1/08 4:04 AM  

    I am SO sick of hearing about BUDDAH! the show is over...and so is he

  17. Mysty™ // 19/1/08 10:11 AM  

    Good Morning!
    Ummmm...why is Bubba posting as anonymous? Or is that his "personal assistant" trying to get him on the radio? He does realize there is no fee associated with BTR? lmao I agree with Jorundi...interviewing him would further feed his delusions that he is sought after and important.

  18. KitBit // 19/1/08 12:50 PM  


    Q, I was PRAYINGGGGG that you'd post this!! When I read his blog and all of its typo-glory yesterday, I thought I'd DIE with laughter!!

    Seriously, Buddha my dear, this is all a little too much. Please, please, PLEASE sit down and shut your stupid mouth. At this point, you're only digging yourself into a deeper hole of fooldom and I think it's so sad that you don't even realize how everyone is laughing their asses off at you. Please?

    *waves to Q, Ava, and EVERYBODY!!!*

  19. KitBit // 19/1/08 12:53 PM  

    Oh yeah, Q and Baby:

    I DO think that Buddha and his "personal assistant" are the same person. I've followed this "Chris" guy's posts for a while, and they are DEFINITELY one-in-the-same.

    Buddha's alter-ego is an IDIOT and so is he. IMAGINE THAT!

  20. So sick of Buddha! // 19/1/08 12:59 PM  

    anon-19/1/08 12:38 UMM IS THAT YOU EZRA?????!!!!! Yall this man is a muthalovin genius who cant spell. He knows how to keep folks talkin. We ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW! I am new to not liking him cuz I was fooled until the last 3 blogs. He was screamed on 2 blogs earlier by some guy and he deleted all his post. That guy had no chane anyways he was a lawyer who called him on all his ish! All of a sudden he is Ezra Obama.I hope his fans challenge him and ask how the hell he is going to all these places in 1 month. And ask him to blog about it. I bet you wont get a damn thing!!!Have him put some Africans in his top 4! Yall gonna love this! I guess for Black history Month he wanted to start off with a bang. Feb 1st he will be at AZUCAR Night CLub in Michigan for get this- JEAN AND STILLETOS PARTY! Its sponsored by Hollabak Prod. Its all over myspace. That is how he kicks off his BLack History Month!LMAO! Any of yall for Michigan check it out and repost it to Q- I gotta hear this! I swear that is him above. He visits yall I am telling you he was here.

  21. Anonymous // 19/1/08 1:16 PM  

    He's grade-A delusional.... his ego is getting too big... I mean, bitch please you were on a reality show, you're not a supermodel or a actor.

  22. Bubo the Hater // 19/1/08 2:30 PM  

    As long as their is NY in the news (blog), Buddah is relevant to that. I understand the dislike for Buddah, but why th elove for the overcompensating, roided up Punk?


    To the annon that type that mess about Buddhey you either high or on crack. With all those typos and mispronounce words are you telling me buddhey is a smart man. Yeah right. Do you ladies see what Buddhey is doing he is doing what every broke man do when it come to Valentine day. They Run and make up excuses. He trying to sound like he doing something big. Yeah Yeah right. Buddhey is the classic broke man role model. It call "I sell a Dream to get tell you what I want to tell you just give me your paycheck or credit card I will rub you down as long as you are the model type" then you hear R. kelly in the background sanging "She got to be over 18 man. I don't need the popo coming her any more".

    You buddhey fans all need to sit down because sooner or later buddhey will be passing the plate for your money to support him and his 16 kids.

    Buddhey 25 mins of fame is over with.

  24. Budhdahey Suck // 19/1/08 3:09 PM  



  25. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 19/1/08 3:14 PM  

    LMFAO. Philanthropy? Bookings in Africa? Who does this guy think he is? I mean, booboo, you were a contestant on I Love New York 2. Get. Serious.

  26. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 19/1/08 6:08 PM  

    lol Irre, I was thinking the same thing. He's starting to think he's a savior or something lol

  27. The Q © 2007 // 19/1/08 6:32 PM  

    *blow a kiss to IRRE*

    Aurelius.. RECAP VIDEO?!!!

  28. buddah tha messiah // 19/1/08 6:53 PM  

    I'm usually busy on a Saturday night, but the inclement weather has me shut in. :( I had to say this....Anon at 12:38 sure does sound like HE'S doing a PSA for Buddha enterprises. That was short of an autobiography into the depths of Buddha's mind. I like how you winked at me concerning my multiple personality disorder assessment as well. I find it interesting the things that were pointed out in that post were not even related to the blog entry. Such praise and insight on Buddha we have. Hmmm...

    I will agree with you on this ANON. The producers did try and set you and David up...I mean...Buddha and David up by sitting them next to one another. I'm so proud Buddha was able to contain himself. I'm sure it had nothing at all to do with that he knew not to step to David, as he does all the other small guys he's stepped to. I will give Buddha credit for this one thing. He knows how to keep his name out there; whether good or bad. He knows that he has a group of people (me included) who he can get a rise out of; therefore, he then extends his infamy. I just picture Buddha in a darkened room, with his little, bald head freshly shining, tapping away on his keyboard with that sadistic sneer. He's throwing his head back with that wicked laugh, screaming "they'll never know it's me"! Buddha, game recognizes game. No matter what you call or rename yourself, I see you. ;)

  29. Anonymous // 19/1/08 10:30 PM  

    3 things. Since we on some Buddha make me sick vibe.

    1.He is one of the new faces or asses shall I say for the Laguna Beach Jean company. They have a myspace page check it out. Scroll all the way down and you will see his picture with the designers. Not my fav pic of him but you all be the judge. Cant hate on that-He got some dollas comin in from that i assume. Dont like that white stitching on the jeans ELK!

    2.He has a secret blog entry attached to the black history blog. Even though yall call him broke he is a computer tech by nature. So he did some magic and has this blog not shown. If you click on the black history blog and then go in the upper left corner and click the back button you will see a video pretty much about the truth of the media and the manipulation. He is doing that to us right now.I have seen it. Good but scary stuff. He is an asshole but his antics got me talking.

    3. After his Bragging about Charity work. Notice all the Afrocentric folks coming out to support him on the blogs. First it was mad chicken heads and booty chicks claiming to be models sendin luv-Now you got afros and dreads given him his props. My God-He knows how to mess with the public mind dont he????

    If it seem like I am payin to close attention. You got me right. I can't stand his BS but finding the holes in his Bs is the best. This is my entertainment. Dats it!

  30. Anonymous // 20/1/08 12:51 PM  

    Your telling me that if he was offered 500,000 he would not take. Bull F*cking Sh*t!! he would take that in a heart beat

  31. Anonymous // 20/1/08 3:14 PM  

    Well if Buddha is really anon or not, he is one the most intelligent people I've ever come across. This is the problem with black people today, we don't know how to support each other. Who cares if he was on I love NY 2, it's better than what most people will get in their lives. Stop hatin people and show this fine brother some love!!!

  32. Anonymous // 20/1/08 3:39 PM  

    If the purpose of this blog page is to throw bottles and rocks at Buddha, please forgive me for sharing my appreciation for his contributions to the I Love New York 2 Show :)

    It is reasonable to believe that there are very few or no Buddha’s fans on this blog page and to make any attempts to shift your paradigms or opinions might be fruitless. Based upon some of Buddha’s blogs, I can truly understand why a number of viewers would conclude that he is arrogant. I too believe that he does have arrogant moments, but he is not arrogant all of the time. Unlike the other cast members (Punk, Mr. Wise, Midget Mac, Wolf, & the Entertainer) who would probably consistently take the time to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans, Buddha’s fans have a 50% probability of getting the same reaction from him. ;- )

    Does arrogance make him a bad person? Of course not…. no one is all good or all bad. We are sum of all of our total experiences and actions. No one action or experience truly defines a person’s character. There are many entertainers/athletes who have similar personas as Ezra “Buddha” Masters, but they are still appreciated. For example, Kobe Bryant and Kanye West both come across as arrogant, but fans still admire them for their talents: Sports enthusiasts still attend Lakers Games to watch Kobe Bryant play basketball and music lovers continue to purchase Kanye West’ music. Why? They valued them for their crafts, not the behind the scenes antics. On screen, Buddha comes across as a likeable person who readily stands up for causes greater than himself.

    Buddha added dimension to the ILUVNY2 Show. The show without Buddha would have been lackluster with an emphasis on absurdity (the Blood Oath Episode) and New York’s drunken rants and falls. He added depth and controversy to the show, which solidified higher ratings. I believe this is one of the number one reasons why the producers and New York invited him to return to the show.

    Like all of the guys on the show, he has an extraordinary personality, which kept viewers hooked on watching the show. In short, if New York can redeem herself through four reality shows and Taylor Made can be transformed through eleven episodes, then surely our perceptions of Buddha can be modified with more interaction with him in different settings (blogs, interviews, television shows, etc).

    He is an interested person who knows how to push the power pressure buttons to illicit emotional reactions from others. People love or hate him, which generates good ratings on reality television. Omorasa, Janice Dickerson, and New York all capitalized on their villainess personalities - he should too. Yes, he thinks highly of himself … Yes, he pushes the criticism envelope to the limit….Yes, he checks smaller brothers on television in a heartbeat…. However, we all can agree, “he keeps people talking, hating, and smiling.” Would seeing him on another reality show do more harm than good? No….it couldn’t be anymore harmful than seeing Flavor Flav starring in five realities shows.

    An afterthought: the subject of this particular blog is Chris’ recent posting of Buddha’s plans for February – Black History Appreciation Month. I believe his humanitarian efforts are to be commended. Everyone who returns from the continent Africa comes back a changed person – so maybe there is hope ;-)

    Again, if the purpose of this blog page is to throw bottles and rocks at Buddha for being one dimensional (arrogant), I apologize for having a different view :)

  33. Jordana // 20/1/08 4:17 PM  

    Ok any anon celebrating this fool on here..., except me is either the bubble head himself or sum dumb jumpoff of his.
    He has a hustle yal but he needed on. A few months in Hollywood and the joke couldnt handle rejection. So ILNY2 sweats him and beds and poof- the dimly lit cracked light bulb in that mega dome went off.
    Hmmm he wondered with crossed eyes and drool... ( no thought of God yet)??? If I do this show, how can I make it make me a star? More hmmm-ing.
    Well the ladies will love me, especially if I work out everyday in tight shorts and stay sweaty... And smelly I'm sure. But how can I get work after? There's no real career for me after doing reality shows. Well sh:t I'm here to get rich anyway I can! Imma do it.
    ENTER GOD- In prayer. Please let this make me rich, oh please. I'll pretend I care about other people. I'll donate....sum money. I won't use people anymore.
    Whalah! The idea was born
    and there you have it.
    This person will have his shine some more. Reruns will air and he'll think he's king again. Bookings will continue. ( altho its bull crapolah that that Demp thing was all for lil ol him. Show me a flyer. just you? Did u strip homie? Did u dip homie? Sing? Dance? Pop lock it drop it?
    what'd u get paid for? So stop lying- the world would embrace you if you first embraced some humble pie. Sh:t can I send you a few cases!
    I dislike disliking people but I can't stand this "figment of
    his own imagination" with a passion.

  34. Anonymous // 20/1/08 4:51 PM  

    I love Buddha so much!!

  35. KitBit // 20/1/08 6:56 PM  

    To Anon @ 3:39:

    You say: "...I can truly understand why a number of viewers would conclude that he is arrogant. I too believe that he does have arrogant moments, but he is not arrogant all of the time."

    Do you know Buddha personally? How do you know this to be true?? (Just curious.)

    Let me just say that in the beginning, I was one of the BIGGEST Buddha fans out there. I loved this guy and was eager to see him continue on the show. However, like many people on this blog (and I do not and CAN not speak for everyone), his obvious air of arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude quickly came to light and I never viewed him the same.

    I don't hate Buddha, and the purpose of this blog is not to hate on the man. But can you not see from his own words how he is turning off masses of people that were probably once loyal "fans"? Can you not see his MANY contradictions in his own blogs and words? That's all we're pointing out.

    I do not genuinely in my heart wish him any ill but the ignorance he spews from his mouth disgusts me on the regular. I really don't understand why anyone still describes Buddha as "intelligent" (or even "peaceful", as he does not deserve to be called 'Buddha'), and furthermore I don't get what anyone sees in him at ALL at this point! Sure, we could all turn a blind-eye and ignore him and all his garbage, but to be blunt: He's made himself a public figure BY CHOICE and we have a right to say anything negative about him so-long as he chooses to be as such.

    That's just my 50 cents! :)

  36. Bubo the Hater // 20/1/08 7:05 PM  

    I am not a Buddah fan, but I am not going to be unfair to him either.
    1. He is arrogant. Nothing is wrong with a confident person, but his confidence takes it to the next level. He made the most sense out of anyone on the show, but all that sense he made, he should have left.
    2. He is intelligent, but not brilliant. He told NY that he was not in love with her after a short time on the show and backed it up with common sense. He was smart enough to have her keep him on the show, despite him checking her and not buckling.
    3. He is stubborn/strong willed. Out of the last 3, he was the only one who would could stand up for himself and put that muppet in her place. Tailor Made was like a puppy. Punk was ...a punk.

    4. I'm serious, he is a deeply flawed individual..He needs to humble himself and get over that little anger issue. s for Africa, those mf'-ers sold me and that is how my ancestors got here and I ain't going back.

    PS. I loke Kobe cause he did anal on that Colorodo girl
    PSS Q-Merry Me!

  37. Anonymous // 20/1/08 8:43 PM  

    I'm serious, he is a deeply flawed individual..He needs to humble himself and get over that little anger issue. s for Africa, those mf'-ers sold me and that is how my ancestors got here and I ain't going back.

    PS. I loke Kobe cause he did anal on that Colorodo girl
    PSS Q-Merry Me! LOL

    (I Love your response)

  38. Disgusted // 20/1/08 9:15 PM  

    LAWD! I can't stand that BOOT FOOL! Everything he does is a stunt for attention. Did his mama not breast feed him, or was his sister the "favorite"? I mean WTF???!!!! Cant this nigga be normal, and stop flexin'? Geezz! I'm sick of him. I feel just like NY about his pretty jive azz!

  39. jorundi // 20/1/08 10:40 PM  

    This is only the 2nd Episode for ROL2 and I'm highly ticked. 2 Episodes down and 2 of 3 African American women gone. I'll be glad when this farce is over and I can watch Flava Flav.

  40. buddah tha messiah // 21/1/08 12:39 AM  

    Who da hell put out the bat signal? To all the anons giving the people who don't praise thee Buddah a tongue lashing; let's get real. He's not the Messiah, God, Mother Theresa, Desmond TuTu, Barack Obama, Yo Mama, Martin Luther King Jr., or even Jesse Jackson Jr.! He's a contestant from the ILNY 2 reality show! He did not participate on this show to become the second coming. He put himself out there, so now he has to deal with the consequences of the good the bad and the ugly. Not everyone is going to like everybody. That's life. Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one. Just because I don't care for the man, doesn't mean you have to stop. I respect everyone's point of view, but it does not color or change mine.

    I don't find the man intelligent or enlightening in the least. He's like someone who sits down with a dictionary or an Afrocentric book and just starts rambling off words and quotes without investigating the meaning or the context. I do charity and have contributed a lot to charitable causes, but I don't ring the alarm every time I do it. That's MY issue with this blog entry.

  41. Not this one! // 21/1/08 10:14 AM  

    I, too, am sick of this fool. He leads around helpless, hopeless women like sick puppies. I lost ALL respect for the "man" when he threw orange juice in Tailor Made's face over what he did to another man. I wonder...would he have done Punk, or even Wolf, like that? His defense? His mission is to take up for the lesser person. YouTube this clown and watch him on Hell Date. Ol' girl was dang near snatched off of her feet and Buddah laughed and walked away. What kind of "man" is that?

  42. Electra (trinidad) // 21/1/08 12:35 PM  

    Buddah coming to the Caribbean? I wonder which islands he will be visiting? I wonder if he is bringing Onix with him, LOL

  43. jorundi // 21/1/08 1:36 PM  

    This waaaaay off-topic, but it seems that a FoL-1 Alumnus has gotten a new life on the "Chitlin Circuit".

    Goldie is appearing in a stage play in Dallas 2/6-2/9 (a short run) titled "3 Ways to get a Husband". The play is being performed at the Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters (kind of low-brow fare for a high-brow institute, I think)

    If only she hadn't pissed off Monique, she could have been on the road to semi-fame.

    *Q-maybe this should be the subject of a post?*

  44. Thats Hot // 21/1/08 1:50 PM  

    Jorundi, why does it have to be black/white? I think it's more of a inrovert and party animal thing.

    I still can't believe Buddha thinks he's some sort of prophet. "God told me to go to the show, so I went." Bitch ain't special, LOL

  45. Anonymous // 21/1/08 2:14 PM  

    Im not too sure abt ROL2 either, maybe if I keep on hanging in it'll grow on me.

  46. Anonymous // 21/1/08 2:58 PM  

    Jorundi, there were only two black women on Rol2 The chick who left last night was indian.

    Don't even fool yourself into thinking that the black chicks on the show are nothing more then tokens.

    On which show in your recent memory has there been a non-black person choosing a mate and there have been any black chicks who have made it a long way in the show?

    Wake up and realize they are tokens. 51 Minds didn't even show what Roxy did when she was in the peep show booth, just like the black chick from last year, they kind of my them incidental in the show so that you don't really get to know them that well, or even see if they had any connection with the guy they are trying to go after.

    If Roxy lasts to the final five it will be a momentus acheivement for her.

  47. PaleBlackSheep // 21/1/08 3:20 PM  

    Well two weeks in and the media has already found a ROL2 girl who is a porn star too! Seems Angelique is a porn model according to LOL

  48. your mother // 21/1/08 5:09 PM  

    wow, who would have thought that.. angelique a porn star.. no way.. being this innocent sweetheart she is... "zees girls don't get it. stop ironing. start streeping."... there might have been a clue..


  49. your mother // 21/1/08 5:13 PM  

    oh and here's the NSFW link from the DListed- Post mentioned:

    in the third picture angelique looks like aubry.

  50. Buddah Tha Messiah // 21/1/08 7:56 PM  

    your mother, I absolutely refuse to click on that link. I can't imagine viewing Angelique in any state of further undress. She already haunts my thoughts from what I've had to view on the show. I must admit that she's one of the few saving graces on this show. That hair and obvious testosterone overload may make me cringe, but she brings the funny.

  51. Bubo the Hater // 21/1/08 9:58 PM  

    Jorundi/Anonmous, don't confuse these chicks on ROL or FOl with "African Americans", they are straight up nigg ERS! The ERS instead of the A because that is more often than not a term of endearment. Anyone who woul ddo the stuff on these shows is pretty much a disgusting individual.

    Perhaps Roxy was not interesting enough to sho wher "talent". Perhaps the 51 minds crew realized it was MLKII day and felt it was time to give us a break from the typical ignorance.

    On a related note, Bridgette Nielsen was drunk during Surreal Life...the entire time! That explains a whole helluva lot!

  52. Anonymous // 21/1/08 10:12 PM  

    hey guys what's going on with your site? for a while steups had this thing popping and then it almost seemed like there were TOO many contributors..Quanda seems to be doing a good job here regardless of whatever politics go on.. she is a talented writer and she makes the articles interesting but I suspect by the fact there is nothing new here after DAYS of checking that she is either getting tired of doing everything or has just moved on to other things...The hate spitting by anons posting has always been in full effect any time any one writes anything about anything but I will get to the point here...GET BACK TO WORK STEUPS AND WHOEVER WORKS HERE!!! (WHO MAKES THE MONEY OFF THE ADS HERE??? WHY DON"T YOU BREAK OFF SOME OF THAT MONEY AND PAY SOMEONE TO WRITE SOMETHING!!!????)

  53. Jada // 22/1/08 4:30 PM  

    Buddha is such an ass. He knows he wrote that - why try to front like you are on par with diddy and have a man servant. Maybe his man servant is pretty.... or Pootie. didn't pootie say something about being a man servant... Nevertheless, it is illiterate enough to be written by either Buddha or Pootie, so let's just call this particular personality "Bootie" and get it over with.

  54. FCKBOOTAH // 22/1/08 11:21 PM  

    Note to Buddha/Chris Johns/The Messier oops mess-I-ugh!:

    We dont care. Just go away.

  55. Anonymous // 25/1/08 1:40 PM  

    I think black women are angery because he opened up his options. LOOK HOW YOU DISS HIM! NON-BLACK all the way Buddha! Bitter souls. Why not go off on IT like that. Buddha is the Shizznet!

    You all just wait. He has BIG THINGS POPPIN! You think you are mad now. You just wait. I know this for sure but cant wait to see how you all react to whats comming up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! JUST WAIT! He is not the messiah but he is the second coming. Get you hater capes ready!

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