Media Take Out is claiming Tiffany 'New York' Pollard was taped having sex & then provided a link to the alleged sexcapade. UNPROFESSIONAL! The Q. & Jayne both watched the clip. We assure you it is neither New York of 'I Love New York 2' nor Whiteboy a.k.a. Joshua Gallander. In MTO's defense they never said it was Whiteboy. However, those who wanted to ruffle my feathers mentioned him several times. The MTO reader who sent the the link informed them the video was taken a few months ago. A few to me is 3, if that is the accurate date of the taping of the video it is NOT New York in my opinion. TishiePoo commented & informed me I was wrong for calling MTO liars. I was wrong for not going to check out MTO for their actual story. If I think they lie on occasion or get their facts twisted that's my opinion. This post before I edited it was an untruth. I typed a lie. It was not my intentions but I did none the less. If it can happen to me I imagine it happens to MTO too. I stand by my earlier opinion based on it being taped a few months ago. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT IS NEW YORK IN THE VIDEO!!! Thanks for your comment TishiePoo. You made me go and look at MTOs actual post. Come on folks, MTO can be more proper than that! *shaking my head

For the latest news on New York..... CLICK HERE, thanks.

Credit: Jayne, & Media Take Out

A they need to really quit Qmoment!


  1. Anonymous // 13/1/08 2:35 PM  

    I'm glad you guys think that's not her. Personally I think the girl is too thin to be her and if it's from 2 months ago like those no life having liars claim then why the hell doesn't she have black hair. Oh and I think the breasts are a little small and too still to be hers anyway.

  2. ava // 13/1/08 2:44 PM  

    LMAO!!! The guy protraying Whitboy is crackin me up what a wimp!!

  3. The Q © 2007 // 13/1/08 2:57 PM  

    I am unaware of what exactly the Media Take Out story is; I didn't go.

    However, my e-mail was busy with individuals asking me about it. So I posted my opinion on it.

    If this ALLEGED sex tape happened two months ago...


    Without a timeline involved I STILL DO NOT think it's New York. And I KNOW that isn't Whiteboy. It may be a white boy or man but it's not my Swagger Man.

  4. pimpboy77 // 13/1/08 3:20 PM  

    ROTFLOL I just got through watching the video

  5. Tishiepooh // 13/1/08 3:27 PM  

    First off, MTO never said that was Whiteboy or that it was two months ago. Anybody can go on their site and see that. They said a reader sent them a video claiming he met New York at a Miami club a few months ago and taped it. They also said they weren't sure if she knew it was taping. As far as her weight goes, New Yorks weight goes up and down all the time. As far as her hair goes, anybody knows weave comes in different colors. Some people can afford to get their hair done all the time, so for you to call MTO liars is wrong.

  6. shawn // 13/1/08 3:38 PM  

    The guy is not whiteboy but if you take the music away and zoom in on the movie then you will get your answer.

    Using another movie media does wonder.

  7. Anonymous // 13/1/08 3:45 PM  


  8. Anonymous // 13/1/08 3:52 PM  

    I don't visit Mediatakeout, but wtf is their deal? Why direct all this energy, and obviously fake bullshit, towards the relationship status of a reality tv diva and her harmless bf? It's crossed the line into the realm of the utterly pathetic.

  9. Anonymous // 13/1/08 3:56 PM  

    LOL HELL TO THE NAW!!!!!!!! that not whiteboy or new york but if that is new york i wonder who taping this Sister Patterson LOL

  10. The Q © 2007 // 13/1/08 5:10 PM  

    Y'all can have your opinions. Y'all can type in circles. If the sex tape was taped a few months ago IT IS NOT NEW YORK.

    If the timeline is off I still don't think it's New York.

    TishiePoo thanks again for your comment. My post has been corrected.

  11. Anonymous // 13/1/08 5:23 PM  

    Dayum MTO, was there any real audio. I don't need a soundtrack to a sex video. The piece was kind of blurry but it looks like her. Just look at how the fake t!tties dont sag. I would have to say its her or a dayum close look alike.

    Are we really surprised? New York is a skank anyway. A real sex tape would have been Sister Patterson and the midget or Pretty having a 3some with Buddah and Punk

  12. jorundi // 13/1/08 6:03 PM  

    I don't think it's her. The video is of very bad quality, and I think that is on purpose.

    If homeboy wanted to make a tape of a famous person, it seems that he would have gotten a high quality camcorder so that he could sell it for big bucks...i.e...Ray J...LOL because you can't sell this crap anywhere.

    All you can see is a White man with a nice one, a Black woman with big boobs and weave, but that's all anyone can attest to. It's too blurry. Very poor resolution.

    It's not her.

  13. Dessiree // 13/1/08 6:12 PM  

    I viewed the video and THAT'S NOT NEW YORK! Her butt isn't nearly that

  14. IslandGyal // 13/1/08 6:30 PM  

    I have watched the tape; it NOT New York. Firstly, I went to the photos from INLY2, and New York's beasts today are waaaaaaaaaaaaay BIGGER than that woman's. Her breast in ILNY were natural, smaller and spaced farther apart, and that's woman's breasts are clearly implants. I looked for and slowed down the image, there in NO tattoo on that woman's left breast. The woman's features are not even as pronounced as New York's.

    New York has had the LARGE implants before January 2007. Supposedly, this tape is within the last few (3-4) months. Those breast in that sex tape are not New York's pre or post FoL, FoL2, ILNY & ILNY2.

    "January 17, 2007 in Breast Implants, Celebrity Plastic Surgery | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

    Technorati Tags: flav, i love new york, miss new york, reality tv, vh1 "

    I did notice that the tape the MTO's version suspiciously ends when the person is about to turn, where you would be able to say definitely if it were her, IF we had seen the princess tattoo. I also looked for her ankles, which also has a tattoo, that was also out the shot in his version. Wouldn't it have been wiser to get a longer, or at least an edited version, with all her identifying marks, so that there wouldn't be any reason for us to doubt the legitimacy of the identity of the person in the video?

    But, to be fair to her, even IF it were her, we don’t know when this tape was made. The ILNY2 filmed in mid-July. The tape doesn’t have a date stamp. So, if it is her, and it was before that, who gives a “flip”? Maybe it would do for her, what tapes have done to Ray J & Kim, Pam Anderson, etc.

    I know it's not New York within the last "few" 3-4 months, since she was heavier, even in the Recap episode (11) of ILNY2 and for the red carpet walk for "This Christmas" premier.

  15. buddah tha messiah // 13/1/08 6:37 PM  

    I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. Something told me not to click that link, but I'm nosey. That is not....I repeat....not NY! Whomever the guy is that leaked that tape should be ashamed. He shouldn't be so proud to have people witnessing his lack of skills. SMH.

    Shawn what are we supposed to be zooming in on to get our answer? Could you just tell us, because I'm not trying to be Sherlock Holmes looking at that hot mess again. Oh, Btw anon @ 5:23pm. Ewww, just ewww.

  16. RockstarDani // 13/1/08 7:04 PM  

    LMAO! What will MTO come up with next?

  17. Cael // 13/1/08 8:07 PM  

    That is not New York.

    It is no coincidence that as the lady's face is about be clearly shown as she turns that it ends.

    Why did MTO add the music? We've heard New York's moans and yells on ILNY and FoL. That would def. prove it was her but they added the music. Some more proof that they are trying to hide that its not her.

    Don't forget that MTO lied about Wolf and countless other crap like New York and TM not being together anymore.

  18. Anonymous // 13/1/08 8:27 PM  

    I don't know if its her or not but, that was a weak fuck, yo.

  19. Luv // 13/1/08 8:31 PM  

    It's not her. New York has a tattoo on her left breast. The girl in the video do not have a tattoo on her left breast.
    It seem like ever since New York start dating Tailor Made, everyone wants to find fault in their relationship.

  20. Anonymous // 13/1/08 8:32 PM  

    dude is foul for releasing this. It ain't like he tearing $h!t down.

  21. Canadianguy15 // 13/1/08 9:10 PM  

    it doesnt seem too Far-Fetched.

  22. KitBit // 13/1/08 9:48 PM  

    Oh, boooo! That is SOOO not her!!!

  23. Anonymous // 13/1/08 10:01 PM  

    at the end you can clearly see both the breasts and you can tell she doesn't have a tat. also the guy seems to have a military cut.

  24. Jessica P. Wallin // 13/1/08 10:02 PM  

    Thanks for this! I referenced y'all for the sex tape story and the Rock of Love Premiere recap:

    Thanks so much, I love y'all!!

  25. The Q © 2007 // 13/1/08 11:19 PM  


    I'll visit your blog after my recap is done. LOL! I don't want my opinion tainted. LOL!

    Thanks for all the love!

  26. gam // 13/1/08 11:57 PM  

    tishiepooh must work for

    MTO are not only liars, but horrible spellers as well. Their acutal articles may steer away from blantly lying, however their headlines often assert the lies.

    MTO is just what the site says it is. Junk blogging. That is clearly not NY. That's another tranny.

  27. Anonymous // 14/1/08 12:05 AM  

    Thats not her. First of all MediaTakeout posts fake stuff all the time just to get hits. Like:

    1. They posted some huge story about New York being some stripper from New Jersey named Kenya Simmons, and Sister Patterson being named Leslie Bibbs and not really her mom. That story has never checked out true or been reported anywhere else but, its obviously bull.
    2. Beyonce's shirt flying up during tour was fake, they posted that blurry video and all along she had a skin colored bra on. Bull again.

    Much more fake crap from MediaTakeout I don't remember. But back to that video. Thats not her, its some white guy, definitely not Tailor Made, and that barely looks like her and when she does start to turn her head the video fades out... What a coincidence! Plus its all blurry like the rest of MediaTakeout's videos. Also the sound is removed. We would've recognized if it was her by the noises/voices and yet the audio is conveniently removed? needs to be shut down. They're not reputable at all.

  28. Anonymous // 14/1/08 12:47 AM  

    Are you serious? MTO is so unprofessional. Common sense, and a healthy brain should know that this is not New York. Didn't watch the video - don't have to. Why the fuck does people even visit MTO? Their shit is all for attention.

  29. Anonymous // 14/1/08 1:27 AM  

    ...Wow, the least the chick could have done was TRY to sound like her.
    That could never pass for NY or Taylor Made-I doubt he's 'kinky' enough to do her from behind.

  30. Babygirl~Pebbles // 14/1/08 6:24 AM  



  31. Anonymous // 14/1/08 6:28 AM  


  32. Katsgoturtongue // 14/1/08 8:45 AM  

    Q, I keep telling you that you're a better person than me. LOL!

    TishiePoo, I'm calling MEDIAFAKEOUT a liar. Nothing they EVER print is the truth. The owner of the sit all but admitted in an interview with Radioscope/EURWeb owner Lee Bailey that they stories are sent in by unnamed sources and that publicist do not deal with MEDIAFAKEOUT.COM...this is the same site that reported that New York was pregnant by Buddha.

    Stop reading and believing the GARBAGE from that SITE!

  33. Katsgoturtongue // 14/1/08 8:50 AM  

    Oh where are my manners?

    Good Morning EVERYONE!!!

    BTW, I did see FIRST SUNDAY over the for New York's acting...well Tiffany needs a few acting lessons...but she was funny nevertheless. (-:

    Have a great day all...don't sweat the small is too short. (-:

  34. your mother // 14/1/08 12:26 PM  

    oooh, i have seen the first episode of rock of love and there is no recap on the blogspot... this is the first time i was faster here in my cold germany... yay..

    and why should new york do a sex tape with whiteboy? she could do better...

    happy new week :)

  35. Anonymous // 14/1/08 12:42 PM  

    You are sooooooooo RIGHT! In saying that, rather you "think" this is or is not New York (is your opinion)!

    In my OPINION it’s clearly her. I'm unsure where the "White Boy" reference came into play but, that is New York. If you have the chance to view the video in its entirety, please do so. (I would say if you have the pleasure, but the actions taken in the video don't appear to PLEASE her so...go figure)

    New York had an initial breast enhancement after fol2 and then after her paycheck from ILNY1 <-

    went back and received further augmentation.

    She also admits to buttocks enhancement etc.

    As far as her hair being black and her being too thin.

    Please remember that these reality shows are taped at least 6 months in advance (in some cases).

    New York had an initial breast enhancement and then after ILNY1 <- paycheck.. went back and received further augmentation. As far as the color of her hair.. the clip that they are showing you may lead you to think that her WEAVE is a lighter color.. BUT keyword being weave.. she changes her hair like she changes her underwear (I hope she changes her underwear often) so to claim thats not her because of her hair color.. isn’t logical.

    also a lot of people criticize MTO for mis-information and then when mainstream media reports or confirms MTO's stories they don’t give credit where its due. They have some stories with questionable credibility but, for the most part, I consider them a dependable site for black celebrity gossip.

    If you come across the video and are able to see it from the beginning, you may change your mind. Also watching with audio.. may assist you in developing a final decision.

    Thanks for allowing me to voice MY OPINION


  36. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 14/1/08 1:13 PM  

    If I was this fool, I really would have thought twice before releasing this video--he really needs to be highly embarassed for a whole slew of reasons. One reason especially. So sad...

  37. New York Moanin // 14/1/08 1:22 PM  

    Its a Fake. If you really want to know what NY sounds like having sex. Check this vid out from flaoflove2. Its f-ckin gross. VH1 has it posted. Flavor of Love 2 Extras and afters shows- Scene NY Hospitality:Last call. If you wanna know how she sounds...vh1 stands outside of the door and records Flav making her have an Orgasm. NO joke. See for yourself. Talk about exploitation..and funny thing is Flav sounded like he putting it down.- Als0 no one discussing Buddhas new blog. Side crackin laughs...he has miillons of fans and he is Large...LMAO! What a joke. Check out the vh1 vid for real.

  38. The Q © 2007 // 14/1/08 1:31 PM  

    Anon @ 8:32PM ROFLMAO my favorite comment in this thread.

    Anon @ 12:42PM Your welcome.

    I keep getting confused by the hair issue on this one. One of New York's closest associates made it clear to this blog (ages ago) that New York primarily wears wigs. So the hairstyle or color truly should not be part of the equation when we decide for ourselves whether we believe it's New York a.k.a. Tiffany Pollard or not.

    Based on MTO's own information stating that this sexual tape was taped few (3) months ago. I believe it is not New York. I have seen pictures of New York throughout the last several months.

    I see no Princess tattoo on her left breast. Red Flag.

    Did she have the tattoo removed a few months ago? And then replaced it back?

    Also I hear moans & talk. It doesn't sound anything like New York to me. Red Flag.

    I've read MTO posts on occasion. Some of the titles of the posts are misleading or lies. They've even posted nudes of Leilene of 'Flavor of Love' & 'Charm School' that are photoshop (as in they post the same nudes before with a different head attached to the body). Hell if they want actually have pictures of Leilene I would've gladly sent them to MTO to help them out.


    I am sure New York is entertained and flattered that even after her show is wrapped up. We are still blogging about her.

    Eveyone have a great day.

    Hello Kit, Rockstar, Kats, Luv, Your Mother, Buddah, Desirree, Gam & ALL...

  39. The Q © 2007 // 14/1/08 1:46 PM  


    Baby you going to make me pass out. I am off the computer for awhile.

  40. Anonymous // 14/1/08 2:01 PM  


  41. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 14/1/08 5:58 PM  


    Now you know dayum well this fool needs to be sued for malpractice...

  42. buckyblends // 15/1/08 1:11 AM  

    Tif wanted me to get on here and personally thank you for your support Quanda!!! though some of our initial encounters were rocky,(that's sooo far in the past now!) we continue to come here for the very best up to date news.
    To see you guys standing up for her meant a lot to us..She made a statement to the new york post today that will be on page 6 tommorrow. IT'S NOT HER!!!

  43. The Q © 2007 // 15/1/08 12:40 PM  

    Your welcome. Hope all is well w/ you both.

  44. buddah tha messiah // 15/1/08 1:48 PM  

    The New York Post article is already out.

  45. buckyblends // 15/1/08 2:40 PM  

    New York Post today page 75 the
    "tv tuesday section" is where New York addresses the sexfake clip

  46. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 15/1/08 10:25 PM  

    I hope someone finds the guy in the video so that we can collectively point and him and laugh. Such a subpar performance and equally subpar equipment. I'm just sayin...

  47. Anonymous // 19/1/08 9:09 PM  

    boring as hell sex! Shit, my husband and I been together for 12 yrs and we still get down better than that! I didnt see no hip movement from either one!

  48. Anonymous // 21/1/08 5:56 PM  

    This show has set the black community WAAAYYY back. She is sleeping around. She is swapping spit with all these men and has no idea where ther mouths have been and she probably does not care. Her mother applauds her behavior and is all about how much money her daughter gives her. Black people need to wake up and boycott these shows because these shows are teaching our youth extremely bad manners and habits. I know that discipline starts at home but you are a fool if you think these shows have no influence on our black youth. And then her mom took the show into a church! That speaks for itself. Tiffany is looking for good ratings and more money, Not love. I guarantee their will be another show. Anybody who believes otherwise is truly lost in life. Tiffany showed her %%~ on national TV numerous times and her momma laughed at it. They are immature and a bad influence on our young black culture. Our black youth need positive role models more than ever but this show is what 80% percent of them are watching. Come on people it is truly not funny anymore. It’s martin Luther King Day. I know for a fact that he would not approve of this show. He would be saddened of how the world portrayed us after watching this show. Vh1 does not care about how this affects our youth or culture. They care about ratings and how fat their wallets are getting. I’m all about freedom of speech that’s why I know we are the only ones who can make a difference. Those who care about our children need to boycott these shows. Life is too short for ignorant folks like these to be influencing our precious children’s lives. Wake up black people! It’s MLK day and he is turning over in his grave.

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