The Entertainer a.k.a. Frank and his MOM (Susan) of 'I Love New York 2' will be on The ELLE Word tonight @ 7PM Pacific/ 10PM Eastern.

Elle and I have no problem asking The Entertainer & Mrs. Susan tons of questions. Let's face it we are not mind readers. So how about you LISTEN IN LIVE and ask them the questions you want the answers to. They don't appear to hold their tongues back for anyone including Sister Patterson. So call in and introduce yourself and ask your question @ (646) 478-5101.

Tomorrow night on The ELLE Word, we have PUNK a.k.a. David of 'I Love New York 2'. Solace and her staff get to freakin' work. Y'all have work to do.

An Italian Qmoment!


  1. Anonymous // 10/12/07 4:47 PM  

    ewww but good interview

  2. Anonymous // 10/12/07 4:51 PM  

    This should be interesting... Too bad I won't be home yet. Will this be in archives later on tonight? I'm mad that I can't call in to the Punk interview either! Ugghh!

  3. Anonymous // 10/12/07 4:53 PM  

    ok elle why are you interview this loser who still live with his mama at age 29 what a bum and dam were is steups we need him

  4. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 10/12/07 4:53 PM  

    Q is this the interview that's goin' on tonight? Girl, of COURSE I'll co host. ten 'o clock my time, as usual?

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/12/07 4:55 PM  

    wow, I have to remember to call in and congratulate that woman. i don't really have anything to say to entertainer

  6. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 4:55 PM  

    Anon, I'm not sure if you are the same person form the other post...
    I wouldn't even bother to comment on his blog...I'm not needy enough to get approved AND I'm plus sized! lol You seem way too articulate for him to approve your posts. ; )

  7. Anonymous // 10/12/07 4:55 PM  

    were steups irre did he quit Becoming of q

  8. Anonymous // 10/12/07 4:58 PM  

    mysty what post are you talking about

  9. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:01 PM  

    Awww, thanks Misty. I just like to mess with Buddhas head. Let him know that not all black women are approving of his behaviour. I can't understand what he has against plus sized women. My sister is plus sized and beautiful. That's just another weakness that he has showed. How would he feel if people discriminated against people with little teeth? His arrogance rides the line of ignorance all the time.

  10. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 5:08 PM  

    Anon 4:58...Buddha's post that Anon 5:01 tried to comment on.

    I don't really care what Buddha has against plus sized women or men with money and/or "credentials". Buddha's rantings show his own insecurities, hostility, and bitterness. Rather than BEING a life coach he should GET one. I only value the opinions of people I respect and he's not on that list.

  11. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:10 PM  

    mysty were is steups today

  12. The Q © 2007 // 10/12/07 5:13 PM  

    Steups is the owner of this blog. He isn't going to give it up due to one of the bloggers here.

    We are interviewing him because this is The Blogspot. We cover the 'Flavor of Love' show, spin offs and cast. Therefore whatever your opinion of The Entertainer it is relevant to interview him.

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments today.

  13. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 5:14 PM  

    LOL Anon 5:10, he's not with ME, so I don't know...

  14. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:20 PM  

    and q you have to get to the bottom of why rock of love will premiere on Sunday, January 13, 2008! ... and not flavor of love 3

  15. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/12/07 5:23 PM  

    hey anon above me, is that true????

  16. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:24 PM  

    mysty do you Believe flavor of love don't have a date yet but rock of love do flavor of love did Their casting before rock of love did

  17. Gabrielle // 10/12/07 5:25 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  18. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:26 PM  

    aurelius it's true

  19. Gabrielle // 10/12/07 5:26 PM  

    Lol Q, these anons be wanting us to be top flight secret investigators....

    Anon the reason they are airing previews for ROL2 is because ROL1 was wack and they need as much promotion as possible. Flavor of Love on the Other hand is the ORIGINATOR, and trust me, if it's first airing was tomorrow night and word didn't get out until tomorrow morning, they would still get more views then ROL1 and ROL2.

    They promoted ILNY2 like they are doing ROL2...... they really just wanna hype it up cause it really needs to be hyped.

  20. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:31 PM  

    gabrielle that's true ROL1 was wack but what happen to flavor of love 3 was it Cancel how are you gabrielle

  21. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/12/07 5:32 PM  

    wow that is pretty stupid. just cause of the writers strike. now rol 2 is gonna suck cause it was rushed. I have a feeling they'll be some dumb twist to it

  22. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 5:32 PM  

    lol @ Gabby and top flight secret investigators!
    Anon, I have no clue about vh1's promotion policies. Are you the same anon that asked me about steups? lmao

  23. Gabrielle // 10/12/07 5:34 PM  

    I'm great. Thanks for asking.

    I don't think the writers strike affected vh1's reality shows. I heard that now the reality shows are going to be better and they will create many more because of the strike actually.

    oh lol HEY AUNT MYSTY!!!!

  24. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 5:39 PM  

    Hey Niece! I like the new picture, I didn't notice it before! You better not be driving while you took that. At least say you were stopped at the light! lol

  25. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:41 PM  

    gabrielle i don't know why they doing a rock of love 2 that show was not Intertainment for me i did not Watch the First Season did you

  26. Gabrielle // 10/12/07 5:45 PM  

    Um Auntie M.... well my hair is kinda flying in the pic but don't let that fool ya I was stopped :)


    Um anon yes I did because it was a show discussed on the elle word, but ummmmmm season 2..... hmmmm.

  27. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:47 PM  

    ok who doing Nightly Recap. tonight Sense steups is missing in acting mysty gabrielle q are you Recapping tonight

  28. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 5:49 PM  

    ::Clears Throat:: I noticed ur hair but I CHOSE not to comment on it because I'm SURE u realize it's dangerous to drive and shoot! End of lecture lol
    I wonder if Bret will get new wigs for ROL2, that's all I'm interested in!

  29. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 5:53 PM  

    Umm Anon, I'm not a blogspot writer or host, so I won't be recapping.

  30. Anonymous // 10/12/07 5:54 PM  

    do anybody know were i can get hold of the Producers for flavor of love and i love new york

  31. The Q © 2007 // 10/12/07 6:02 PM  

    Did someone type RECAP and Q. in the same sentence?

    That is BLASPHEMY!

    People be trying to work us ELLE!!!

  32. danny // 10/12/07 6:12 PM  

    Anonymous Don't Worry About steups he is with me in a Sexual Way

  33. karlene // 10/12/07 6:27 PM  

    yeah we do need a recap show tho... i just love ths shows so i'll think of extra work for ya'll

  34. Sawyers_Stash // 10/12/07 7:00 PM  

    Hey I was mentioned in the post below. Neat.
    i liked the entertainer. I liked his comment about being happy no matter what his job is. It can fill up his day and not his heart and I like that. Although dude was probably nuts, it's cool we all are a little.
    So Tailor Made won? Is this the jist of public opinion?
    Buddha did talk alllllot of crap on his blog this season. However alot of season 2 guys are into pranking so maybe he and New York think this is really funny.

    Also if New York liked Flav so much and how domineering he is..Why wouldn't she like that on Buddha?
    I must say the editiors played games with my heads. am i meant to liek Tailor Made or not? Well I kinda do in that he really seemked to genuinely like her crazy ass.

    Is it weird that I'm missing Larissa? Scratch that. give me some Sapphyri. know midget mac. Is Bret Michaels next? Or Flav? It seems like it should be flavs turn...

    Is there going to be a clip show next week? bleh...
    Alright thats all.

  35. Baby // 10/12/07 7:17 PM  

    **waves to dayum near everyone**

    I like Tailor (obviously), so if the editors were trying to make him unlikeable, it most certainly didn't take with me, lol!

  36. The Q © 2007 // 10/12/07 7:24 PM  

    It sure in the hell didn't take with you.


  37. Mysty™ // 10/12/07 7:38 PM  

    Baby, you've been a pod person since week two! lol I wonder about you sometimes...

  38. Baby // 10/12/07 9:12 PM  

    Hey girl(s)!

    If being a pod person means being able to see someone's sexiness and sincerity, a pod person I'll be.

    And in watching this episode, I realised that Tailor and I like the same drink. (smiles)

  39. Anonymous // 11/12/07 12:09 AM  

    Gabby you're wrong ROL was 1 of the highest rated shows in VH1 history. They're promoting ROL 2 because it's the show that's NEXT. When FOL 2 was about to air, it was advertised EVERYWHERE, and they even had a countdown on the network.

  40. Aurelius // 11/12/07 12:09 AM  

    dam gabrielle look like she on drugs in that pic

  41. Buddah Tha Messiah // 11/12/07 12:15 AM  

    I'm sure this post from VH-1 message boards is total "hyperbole" (as TM would say), but I couldn't resist posting it. This is even too far fetched for the Weekly Wordly News readers to believe.



    December 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am
    As a Big Screw You to Management at Vh1

    NY choses Tailor Made. Hot 97 blew the lid on this one. E-mails were intercepted from NY to Tailor who were at the time spending time apart until the Reunion Show. And despite the denial…NY is actually pregnant and Get this …….the Lil’ Apple is Bhudda’s. This is revealed on the recently filmed reunion show when New York shows up with a new enlarged part… her belly.
    Tailor Made feels betrayed and leaves NY. Bhudda swears he wore a condom, but NY says its his. ( I think an appearance on Maury Povich is in the works).

    She is about to Give Birth to the biggest cash cow ever: I LOVE NEW YORK 3.

    VH1 wants to keep NY’s Pregnancy under wraps until the reunion show to ensure ratings.
    If these +@^& kers would pay me more I wouldnt have to Leak. So who got the last laugh VH f-ing 1? WHOS YOUR DADDY?

    Insider at the Reunion Show Production Team.

  42. Baby // 11/12/07 11:21 AM  

    OMG. This Momma Entertainer and son interview is so effing funny. This may be the best radio show you've ever done. I am literally crying at my desk! OMFG. This family needs their own show. No question about it...

  43. Baby // 11/12/07 12:43 PM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  44. Anonymous // 11/12/07 6:01 PM  

    aurelius? at 12:09AM, LOL, I was thinking the same thing

  45. Anonymous // 18/7/09 12:28 PM  

    Am stupid + gay.
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