Say it ain't so.... I've just been probing media take out and several other sites all over the net, trying to piece together one big story. These are some pretty harsh accusations i'm about to throw out here, but I'm not afraid. Either this is some hardcore truth or udder b/s. But I'll let you all decide. Okay, so I've broken down all the information into simple terms, and I'm gonna try to explain this simply.

First of all, as I'm sure you've all heard, apparently Tiffany "New York" Pollard is actually Kendra Simmons, the exotic dancer from Newark, New Jersey who has been on MANY reality tv auditions and who (ironically) was rejected three times as a "Bachelor" cast member. And Sister Patterson is NOT Kendra Simmons' mother. Apparently the two didn't even know each other until they met @ a BET casting call a couple years back. As a matter of fact, Sister Patterson isn't even Sister Patterson. She's supposedley an actress by the name of Leslie Bibbs. (She DOES look like a Leslie, doesn't she?) Anywayz, long story short, the story is that "Kendra" and "Leslie" aren't related @ all. It's hard to believe this because they both have that god forsaken forhead, but if you look @ them for more than the standard split second frame.... they really DON'T look THAT much alike, do they? But lemme continue on with the story. Flavor of Love was (allegedley) a sham. Briggette Nielsen refused to do another season of "Strange Love" so the big wigs decided to throw an acting competition under the guise of a reality dating show. There were some genuine cast members (Think boring contestants like "apples") but the majority of them were actors who signed a contract. The objective was to create a charecter that would best suit Flav and that would keep her on the show till' the end. (Think "Rain", "Hottie", and "New York".) Since Flav was and IS such an eccentric, the more outrageous the charecter the better. The winner was guaranteed a "strangelove~esque" spinoff. But when they saw what Kendra came up with, they knew they had gold. So they arranged for her to be ditched TWICE, giving her enough exposure to make a successful spinoff, so that she was a brand name that WASN'T attached to Flav. So if the story is true, it was ALL scripted, and still continues to be. If you think about, it makes a lot of sense. Even the little things. For instance, what are the odds of Flav watching an episode of blind date with Hottie in it, WHILE she was in the house? Sounds a little sketchy to me. I've never seen that episode @ all, to be honest. But anywayz, back to what I was saying:

Kendra, Tiffany, New York.... whateva you choose to call her.... is she real or is she fake? Help me figure this out, bitches!


  1. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 3:18 PM  


  2. Anonymous // 17/10/07 3:21 PM  

    Princess luv it's all fake. Now let's all sit back for a moment. If the ROL is a sham and the producers of that show already pick the winner what make you think the the ILny show is not a sham too.

    So have you guys heard who the winner is? Actually it's funny but shocking. You would never guess.

  3. The Q // 17/10/07 3:22 PM  


    I've communicated with individuals who allegedly went to school with Tiffany.

    I sought them out. And they confirmed she was Tiffany.

    Lawd have mercy!!!

  4. The Q // 17/10/07 3:23 PM  

    We don't want to know. But you can e-mail Steups with your information.

  5. Rico // 17/10/07 3:23 PM  

    OMG, I hope this isn't at all true. But then again if it is, they still make good TV! I love New York regardless

  6. Anonymous // 17/10/07 3:28 PM  

    1. The info is fake.

    2. If it's true, what difference does it make? Who cares?

  7. Anonymous // 17/10/07 3:28 PM  

    SHe a actress right? So maybe this Kendra Simmons is one of her stage now.

  8. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 17/10/07 3:36 PM  

    please don't call New York an actress. She isn't good enough to be called something like that

  9. Anonymous // 17/10/07 3:41 PM  

    Well she was a inspiring actress before she got hook into this type of stuff.

    Princess luv she did a interview where she mention her mom called her about this and they laugh about it. So maybe you want to check that out.

  10. steups // 17/10/07 3:45 PM  

    who's that guy who was asleep for 40 years and woke up suddenly?

  11. Anonymous // 17/10/07 3:49 PM  

    This is fake...first of all Media Take Out is not a credible source and known for making up outlandish stories just to be heard..

  12. Licious // 17/10/07 3:51 PM  

    WTF with the random Tourettes @ Steups?!

    I dont believe that shes lying about who she is. As popular as she got overnight, they wouldve come up with this info A LOOOOONG time ago. I vote its not true. Tiffany is Tiffany.

  13. Anonymous // 17/10/07 3:54 PM  


  14. steups // 17/10/07 3:58 PM  

    what anon said....

  15. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:02 PM  

    WOw. People People Princess luv is doing what any reporter do. Since the Rol has been called a sham, he wants to know your opinions on things.

  16. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 4:04 PM  

    anon, I would DEFINITELY LIKE TO KNOW! My email is tell me now, PLEASE!

  17. The Q // 17/10/07 4:07 PM  

    Media Take Out would get on my nerves if I read it.


    I don't believe anything that comes from Media Take Out.


  18. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:08 PM  

    Funny how Anon 3:54 types like BUCKYBLENDS hahahaha It's all fraudulent!!!

  19. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 4:13 PM  

    hmmmm i don't know WHAT TO THINK. But don't shoot the messenger, dayum. Alls I know is, the story I posted is VERY elaborate. Who the hell could come up with something so detailed? And why THOSE names? Kendra Simmons and Leslie Bibbs? There has to be some significance, because those are some hella busted names. And secondly, who (and WHY) would (someone) come up with all of this? What could he or she possibly gain? It's not like anyone would stop watching because of this, so what other motives are there?

  20. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:14 PM  

    Deliscious Oh, please go to realityremix were she did a interview and they talk about mediaFakeout It's Not True Deliscious the interview is call new york in love

  21. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:14 PM  

    I wasn't going to say anything at all. Atleast I'm not the only one that notice it.

    Hey Buckey,

    Where you wifey at since you always up her butt? She makes you look like a idiot for real.

  22. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:16 PM  

    Deliscious Oh, please go to realityremix were she did a interview and they talk about mediaFakeout It's Not True Deliscious the interview is call new york in love

  23. The Q // 17/10/07 4:17 PM  

    G*D D@MN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We don't know if that is DJ Bucky Blends.

    Can we leave the anon alone?

  24. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 4:30 PM  

    ANON!!! Email me the winner! Where the HELL did you go? I think the winner is the missing link, and will tie up ALL the loose ends. If it is who I think it is, then it'll prove whether or not the show is fake or not...

  25. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 4:35 PM  

    Check out WHAT blog, Brina? I defintitely wanna see this... LMAO and what race exactly is she racist against? Probably those DAMNED Swedes, with their wooden shoes and funny little hats and pink cheeks. Damn them all!!!

  26. The Q // 17/10/07 4:37 PM  

    LMAO! @ IRRE

  27. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:38 PM  

    Deliscious what Do You Mean? were did i go

  28. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 4:40 PM  

    anon @ 4:38 you're not the same one. There's an anon lurking around who claims to know who the winner is, and I gave him my email hoping he would share the wealth, but alas, he/she/IT dissappeared.

  29. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:44 PM  

    This is old. Someone tried posting this during ILNY1. It's so sad and fake, they didn't even change the story. Don't bother listening to it.

    -Dave @

  30. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:46 PM  


  31. Anonymous // 17/10/07 4:48 PM  

    Deliscious i'm talking about MediaTakeOut fake ass story about new york and for the Anonymous he don't know shit about who the Winner Is know body knows

  32. Anonymous // 17/10/07 5:00 PM  

    irresistible deliscious didn't know. he hasn't been a writer on here for that long. give him some slack

  33. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 5:11 PM  

    Poor Dave. You're such a bitter, lonely little person. With an obvious vendetta. If you've been reading the blog for so long, anonymously, why the HELL did you come out of hiding just to spread some shade on my post? If you'd already heard it, I'm sure you figured that out by the third sentence, so that's your stupidity for reading it all over again. So you can go shave your back now, Dave. Be out!

  34. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 5:13 PM  

    In other news, my hatred for Midget Mac has sunk to a new.... LOW. (LOL Pun intended.) I was watching "VSpot" and he said the "F". NO, not that one. The OTHER "f" word... the on that's deragatory and involves gay. His exact drunken banter was, "I believe that when the background checks come back, it's gonna show that most of these niggaz is faggots". In the words of the great Stephanie Tanner, How WUDE!

  35. Anonymous // 17/10/07 5:22 PM  

    I believe Tiffany is Tiffany and Sis Patterson is Sis Patterson, BUT, I ALSO believe that alot of these shows are rigged. I believe NY being dumped twice was planned as a segue for her to get her own show. I also believe Rock of Love was rigged too, so there would be a sequel. 51 Minds knows what they are doing and they know they have struck gold w/ all these shows, so they definetly ain't gonna let it end anytime soon. I won't be surprised if there is an I LUV NY and Rock of Love Part 3!!!!

  36. dominicanprincess170 // 17/10/07 5:22 PM  

    Irre mi amor how r u?

  37. Khicago // 17/10/07 5:23 PM  

    Oh please, we know this isen't true, if it was and "Kendra" was such a good actress, why is it she have been rejected so many times when it come to reality show audiotions? Why didn't we see "Kendra" on a number of other reality shows, why didn't we see a New York on the real world if Kendra is such a talented actress? Its made up garbadge. Media Take out or who ever got this scoop is on crack. come on. The reason why we had so many crazy bitches on FOL is because they all are seeking their 15 min of fame just like anyone else who does reality tv.

  38. dominicanprincess170 // 17/10/07 5:24 PM  

    As far as ny being an actress i can believe that but i think that is her mom i mean seriously those 5heads have to be related.

  39. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 5:27 PM  

    Because, Khicago you dumb ass, perhaps when Kendra went on all those auditioned she was rejected simply because Kendra was BORING as hell. But Tiffany Pollard would be a totally different person, more exciting, more vamped up, more dramatic. It's the difference between, "Hi, I'm kendra, let me be on your show" and "Listen BITCH, I'm Tiffany Muthafuckin Pollard and you need to cast me because I'm the Head Bitch in Charge!" Do you get it now?

  40. dominicanprincess170 // 17/10/07 5:28 PM  

    Im sorry where are my manners, Hi q, steups and all the anons.

  41. Anonymous // 17/10/07 5:32 PM

    Can someone explain this on budda interview he said something about the mother suppose to be a Voodoo High Priestess. I thought she was into Church.

    Read Budda interview.

  42. Anonymous // 17/10/07 5:34 PM  

    Now this is good.

    Were Sister Patterson and NY the same in front of the camera as off?
    Priestess Patterson is ALWAYS the same. Tiffany and New York are two COMPLETELY different people. Polar opposites actually.

  43. Anonymous // 17/10/07 5:38 PM  

    Umm...Leslie Bibbs? There actually is an actress named that. She was the white chick in Talladega Nights. Emphasis on WHITE.

  44. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 17/10/07 5:38 PM  

    anon @ 5:34, you are totally right. Because TIFFANY is the one that comes out when she does interviews. She's so calm and collected. But New York is another story. If "New York" can be turned on and off so easily, then who's to say that KENDRA could have a secret "on" switch. Maybe Kendra is totally different from Tiffany, who is TOTALLLY different from New York. Ooooh I swear this is makin' my head hurt...

  45. The Q // 17/10/07 5:42 PM  

    ***waves @ Dominican Princess***

  46. Anonymous // 17/10/07 5:43 PM  

    There are alot of stars especially back in the days when they would used alias name in the entertainment field.

    Her school friend knew her as Tiffany and maybe when she went to these studios and realize that Tiffany wasn't working for her then she used another name just to get her in the door. A new name with a different color wig.

    It can happen.

  47. AaliyahsBabyDaddy // 17/10/07 5:46 PM  

    If it's not fake, then why do the winners never end up with them. For example, flav never spent more than a few appearances with hoopz or deelishus. New York and Tango were never spotted together. But you'd see flav with his baby mom's all over the place, during and after both shows. Here's something else that puzzles me, when flav and "sister patterson" had their first falling out, he kept calling her "mrs. rothchild", and the father was this al green looking dude. A few shows later she was "sister patterson", and the father was a totally different dude on ILNY.WTF?

  48. *Drama Queen* // 17/10/07 5:54 PM  

    Buckey looks Great! Shay looks like she lost weight and now her heads too big, kinds like the look Trina's sporting, what happened to her body, bye bye! Deelishus, what can I say, hot mess, she looks like someone's mama, that do ages her, and what's up with her legs, they look extremely outta shape like she has no business showing them, unless it was the lighting???

  49. Anonymous // 17/10/07 6:07 PM  

    Anon, WE want to know who the alleged winner of ILNY2 is, please elude!

  50. Khicago // 17/10/07 6:13 PM  

    Excuse me princess, but that is all total bullshit.

  51. Khicago // 17/10/07 6:13 PM  

    Excuse me princess, but that is all total bullshit.

  52. Khicago // 17/10/07 6:23 PM  

    Shay and Larissa are really trying to show off their newly reconsiled "friendship". I want to know when we will see them on vh1 again.

  53. *drama queen* // 17/10/07 6:25 PM  

    oh, oh, it's about to be a girl fight

  54. *drama queen* // 17/10/07 6:26 PM  

    yeah, they need a name, you know ala Barbie Twiins? any suggestions?

  55. Anonymous // 17/10/07 6:29 PM  

    Irre your dumbass says that why would someone take the time to make up such a detailed story so then my question to you is WHY WOULD NEW YORK MAKE THIS UP FOR HER LIFE? think about it for real..

  56. Khicago // 17/10/07 6:36 PM  

    lol drama queen, how about "Hood Twins", or the "Hood Sisters",lol, idk.

  57. Khicago // 17/10/07 6:39 PM  

    All i do know is that media-take-out is C-R-A-P, they the ones that started the shit about Shay and Larissa having a fist fight at a night club back when CS was airing.

  58. Larry // 17/10/07 6:42 PM  

    babykins? wherre r u? i miss \u

  59. Larry // 17/10/07 6:44 PM  

    u r the perfect woman.

  60. Larry // 17/10/07 6:46 PM  

    ill wait 4 u then.

  61. Larry // 17/10/07 6:49 PM  

    u busy with steups? i get jealous. i dont like when u choose him over me. i told u i dont like u talking to him, ok? u are forbideen from that

  62. Larry // 17/10/07 6:51 PM  

    understand? he likes dudes get with a real man. me.

  63. The Q // 17/10/07 6:53 PM  


    Babykin is not around. And when I call her to tell her you are... she won't be.


  64. Anonymous // 17/10/07 6:58 PM  

    Larry, can't you find someone off the street to spit game at? Why waste everybodies time here?

  65. Anonymous // 17/10/07 7:15 PM  

    r we gettin an ilny2 episode 2 video recap??

  66. *drama queen* // 17/10/07 7:29 PM  

    ur late, look back at OLDER POSTS, dated Mon 10/15 done by Groovy Noodles.

  67. steups // 17/10/07 7:39 PM  

    Larry, I have not said a single word to her since you asked me to.
    Not a single word

  68. steups // 17/10/07 7:43 PM  

    asked me not to, makes better sense

  69. Bubo the Hater // 17/10/07 7:52 PM  

    We all knew it was fake, but to what extent is the question. I know these chick's didn't like (in a sexual way) Flav. I know he kept many of them on for ratings. So on and so forth.

  70. Anonymous // 17/10/07 7:54 PM  

    i said VIDEO recap. maybe you should read carefully

  71. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 17/10/07 8:19 PM  

    oh anon, someone cares!! lol

    it'll be finished for tomorrow.

  72. Anonymous // 17/10/07 8:32 PM  

    lol yes aurelius i do care, i LOVE your videos

  73. Larry // 17/10/07 9:11 PM  

    u thikn she likes me steups? or u
    cuz i need 2 no

  74. MaiTye // 17/10/07 9:28 PM  

    Once I read "MEDIA TAKEOUT"...that was it. That website is KNOWN for makin' shit up on the regular, and the only other sites I saw this BS story on were QUOTING the above mentioned MEDIA TAKEOUT.

    Now, we all know there is limited reality in reality TV...but this story is ridiculous and undeserving of this blogs attention.

  75. Anonymous // 17/10/07 11:07 PM  

    She may in fact not be fake but its some what scripted. I put my profile on the FOL casting website and one of there casting producers called me wanting me to do a casting interview. I had to drive 10 hours all the way to another state. Pay for the gas $100 out of my own pocket. Then they didnt have the respect to call me back and at least say hey thanks anyways. I mean they have 1000's of girls going to the casting auditions but they called me they could have just found someone there.

  76. QueenStina // 17/10/07 11:16 PM  

    Even if its fake, i would watch every season that came out of ilny or fol because its just so much fun to watch. i watch it religiously and all the blogs and v-spots and on demand. its just interesting to watch these crazy personalities its like a new aged soap opera. its fantastic and it gives us things to talk about and do because apparently we got nothing better to do myself included. id rather watch i love new york than hearing over and over again how much life sucks watching the news or something.

  77. Anonymous // 17/10/07 11:58 PM  


  78. Anonymous // 18/10/07 12:31 AM  

    first of all i cant believe yall r still printing this story it is so old and not true now the show might be fake but they r mother and daughter how i know cuz u can go on her myspace page and her brothers myspace page and they have pictures of them with sister patterson on there when they were little kids and u can tell its her and thats her mom cuz they r some way back in the day pictures so stop posting this lie. the show might be fake but im still gonna watch it

  79. teddy // 18/10/07 12:48 AM  


  80. bronwyn // 18/10/07 1:52 AM  

    This story has been told so many times, so long ago, I don't know why it keeps being brought up. There's not a doubt in my mind that Tiffany is Tiffany.

    I'm sure some more LEGITIMATE and FACTUAL evidence would have surfaced at this point from old classmates, those who know her, etc. calling out her identity as Kendra Simmons or whatever the fuck.

    At the same time, she still is somewhat of a mystery. I don't see anything from old classmates or those who knew her identifying her as Tiffany as well. Just random posters, bloggers, and whoevers saying they know 'this' and they know 'that.'

    I'd like to see some cold hard facts on either side.

    Someone who went to HS with NY is living. And watches her show.

    It's all so fucking wierd.

  81. your mother // 18/10/07 2:40 AM  

    what is a "deelishus"? ^^

    i agree with those who don't understand all the drama. all this reality stuff is great entertainment b*llsh*t that makes the sun rise on a rainy day.. i really don't wanna know, what is scripted and what is real.. i just wanna enjoy.

  82. buckyblends // 18/10/07 5:05 AM  

    ((CHECK IT)))
    that NY broad is a real bitch thats puts the reality of everyday in your motherfuckin life!! the other chics wanna be her just 2 fuck with all those guys & have all those choices and all of the guys wanna fuck with her because shes cute but with that boss bitch type of attitude that U know U love!!! WAS THIS WRITTEN b4 THAT FUCKIN BULLSHIT ON ?
    I think NY should come on here once & 4 all and clear this shit up by talking to tHE oNE & oNLY "Q"

  83. Baby // 18/10/07 7:50 AM  

    Since you planted the MediaTakeOut story, it would make sense that you would want to refute it for more publicity. I just wish you had been more clever about it BB. My girl deserves better.

  84. Electra (trinidad) // 18/10/07 8:12 AM  

    You know what guys, who cares? Its reality TV and all of us know that most of reality TV is not real (LOL)

  85. Anonymous // 18/10/07 9:07 AM  

    I just saw Leslie Bibbs and I just don't see the resemblence to Tiffany Pollard,%20Leslie

  86. Anonymous // 18/10/07 9:23 AM  

    I also want to add that Kendra Simmons was also a name linked to Sister Patterson just last year.

  87. Anonymous // 18/10/07 9:41 AM  

    Kudos to Bucky for being honest
    "...all of the guys wanna fuck with her"

    That's true they just want to fuck her, say the did it and then move to fuck on.

    But love her? That's a whole other story

  88. Anonymous // 18/10/07 10:24 AM  

    I agree. This isn't breaking news. And just b/c the story is so detailed, doesn't make it true. It's not unreasonable to think that some people have nothing better to do w/their lives than to make up stories about others to try to steal their shine, but I guess that's for another post.

  89. Anonymous // 18/10/07 12:29 PM  

    wow. i read about that on, it seems true. you have a point. But also look at this too. You notice on ilny2 chance is coming back to help and ends up being a contestant just like she was to flav. maybe he ends up having a reality show too? hmm. then flav has a flavor of love 3. he has a baby mama who he is in pics with all hugged up and happy. but he still looking for love? i wonder.

  90. Khicago // 18/10/07 5:01 PM  

    I just think we need to quit postin shit from Media Crap out, all of their shit is untrue. If we keep postin their bullshit this blog might lose its credability and become just like media take out.

  91. Khicago // 18/10/07 5:05 PM  

    to the poster above me, i agree, chance coming back is very suspicous, though we all deep down knew he would, Heather better not come back on ROL2, if so then we know its fake. But you never know, Chance may night be back as a contestant, maybe she was talking about bringing back a contestant who was eliminated earlier THIS season, i doubt vh1 would let us know that chance is back so quick. So even though it looks like he's the one thats "returning", lets not jump our guns.

  92. Jenny // 18/10/07 5:57 PM  

    Why would you even believe that shit? That whole damn lie, was made by a VH1 member (that claimed to work with Vh1, but they fired "him". Lmfao - yeah right. HE probably a bitch), and a blogger managed to took that comment into consideration.

    He blogged about it on his website, and argued with his "visitors" when they defended Ms. New York (the website is expired now). Ever since then, this shit has explode into a rumor.

    There is no way this is scripted. The interview on the show may be, but not Flav, New York, etc., themselves. No way...

  93. Anonymous // 18/10/07 11:39 PM  


  94. morgan // 19/10/07 7:47 PM  

    Kendra Simmons

    Kendra Simmons (973) 624-7453 250 Georgia King Vlg,Newark, NJ 07107

    is this her, lol ? who's going to call and find out!

  95. Anonymous // 26/10/07 12:33 PM  

    I used to work for a Post production studio in NY and alot of voice over actors and regular actors would come in all the time and they would tell me how they had auditions for reality shows. they said that half the people on the shows are real and half are actors cause they need to have people make problems and make the show more interesting. They do that for a lot of shows even a big show like survivor. He said his friends went to castings for shows like that where they were looking for Actors not real people off the streets.

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