If you aren't aware, Nas recently told an audience that his last album, 'Hip-Hop is Dead', was originally titled 'Nigga' until Def Jam record executives forced a change. And, at a performance at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Friday, he went further to say his latest album will be titled 'Nigga', to cheers from the crowd.

Understandably, that triggered a series of condemnations (Jesse Jackson said the word is morally offensive) and denials (Def Jam saying that not only is the title untrue but Nas has no album in the pipeline).

Well, whatever the truth, there is an issue here and Quanda will pick it up on tonight's show on The Elle Word. Showtime is 9:00pm EST (6:00 PST) and the number to call is 1-646-478-5101

Tomorrow there will be two shows, the first discusses TI's gun charges and police entrapment; the second targets the issue with the noose at Columbia University.

So, hope to see you tonight at the Elle Word.



  1. "D" // 17/10/07 8:34 PM  

    You can do 2 shows a day now?

  2. The Q // 17/10/07 8:37 PM  


  3. "D" // 17/10/07 8:39 PM  


  4. Anonymous // 17/10/07 8:55 PM  

    wow steups i had know idea you were into nas or his music nas is the best i been a fan of his scene 1994 when he came out with Illmatic but he been in the game scene 1992 With the Main Source "Live at the Barbeque", was my shit

  5. Anonymous // 17/10/07 9:00 PM  

    Hip Hop Is Dead and controversy In January 2006, Nas signed a label deal with Def Jam, emphasizing collaboration over competition with former rival Jay-Z.[4] Nas' original title for his next album was Hip Hop Is Dead...The N[18] (shortened to Hip Hop Is Dead), though the UK release features a bonus track at the end called "The N." The album featured production from, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, and NBA All Star Chris Webber, as well as longtime Nas collaborators L.E.S. and Salaam Remi. A street single named "Where Y'all At" was released in June of 2006. It was produced by Salaam Remi, and contained a sample from Nas' "Made You Look," but it did not make Hip Hop Is Dead's final cut.

    The title record and first single was produced by, and contains the same melodic sample ("In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida") as Nas' 2004 single "Thief's Theme." The album debuted on Def Jam and Nas' new imprint at that label, The Jones Experience, at number one on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 355,000 copies--Nas's third number one album, along with 1996's It Was Written and 1999's I Am....[19] A music video for "Can't Forget About You" premiered on February 5, 2007. [20] "Can't Forget About You" featuring Chrisette Michele boasts a sample from Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable." Another video, Hustlers, featuring The Game, would follow. [21] Also, Nas has stated in an interview with MTV that a video for "Black Republican" featuring Jay-Z is also underway and is being directed by an unknown director. A reality series on MTV entitled Me and Mrs. Jones will feature the lives of Nas and Kelis.[22] VIBE magazine has reported that the show will premiere in 2008.[23]

    The title of the album generated controversy, as many fans and artists (particularly those of Southern origin) began to debate over the actual state of rap music's vitality. With this album Nas became kind of the leader of the "Hip Hop is Dead" movement. Ghostface Killah, on his album Fishscale seemed to agree with Nas and cited Southern crunk and snap music as the primary reasons for why hip-hop was "dead". Many Southern acts, such as rappers Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy, Dem Franchize Boyz, and D4L took offense to the title, taking it to be directed at their region in particular.[24].

    Nas worked on a song called "Shine On 'Em" for the film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, which opened in US theatres on December 8, 2006. His song "Thief's Theme" was featured in one of the scenes in the Academy Award-winning movie The Departed directed by Martin Scorsese.[25]

  6. Bubo the Hater // 17/10/07 10:40 PM  

    I can't stand negors who are pseudo-intelligent. Nas thinks he is so deep an dsmart, he forgets about the whole Nas "Escobar" Phase. I don't mind self improvement and maturity, but he is playing holier than thou when his ex girlfriends book makes him look like a lil bitch.

    A word has as much power as an individual gives it. If you get offended at the word nigga, stop acting like one..perhaps.

  7. Anonymous // 18/10/07 2:21 AM  

    For a smart man Bubo, your logic often escapes me.

  8. Bubo the Hater // 18/10/07 4:22 AM  

    Sometimes my hate consumes me, that is why I am sith. in short, Nas may be a good rapper, but I hate when these celebrity types try to get all deep and thoughtful and it really compromises their music and makes them sounddeep. He really seems to be trying a little too hard. Like when Public Enemy went from interesting (or at least Chuck D) to preachy either with Apocolypse 91, but defninetly with Muse Sic...

    In short, Nas is trying to (or at least seems to be) erase/ignore his past and make himself more important than he really is. And Nas, Hip Hop is not dead because some rapper says so.

    As for the noose incident. It is funny that COlumbia has its collective panties in a bunch over this weeks after they had Ahmadinejad spewing his hatred of Jews to happiness that there were "no gays" in Iran.

  9. buckyblends // 18/10/07 5:07 AM  

    ((CHECK IT)))
    that NY broad is a real bitch thats puts the reality of everyday in your motherfuckin life!! the other chics wanna be her just 2 fuck with all those guys & have all those choices and all of the guys wanna fuck with her because shes cute but with that boss bitch type of attitude that U know U love!!! WAS THIS WRITTEN b4 THAT FUCKIN BULLSHIT ON ?
    I think NY should come on here once & 4 all and clear this shit up by talking to tHE oNE & oNLY "Q"
    that Is, iF sTEUPs wILL PUT HiS sTAMP oN IT

  10. buckyblends // 18/10/07 5:17 AM  

    "Live at The BBQ" was the first commercial appearance by NAs..
    "mC Search" was the first well-known to shop Nas to the labels... He actually came on the set in the footsteps of Eric B & Rakim & Kool G rap as a young rap prodigy from Queens NY with outstanding verbal skills far ahead of his time.
    In my opinion Queens NY is the best borough to ever represent hip-hop music from early on until Now. more Later But Nas is the sHit for sure.

  11. Electra (trinidad) // 18/10/07 8:13 AM  

    Morning guys : )

    Well today is Thursday and as you all know (well some peeps) its my 'hump day', whole day Management meeting so if I dont chat to you guys again - Stay sweet and Laterz

  12. dominicanprincess170 // 18/10/07 9:59 AM  

    morning everyone, q sorry i didnt respond last night.electra i need a big favor from u .

  13. steups // 18/10/07 10:53 AM  

    G'mornin' all.
    I am not really a Nas fan, anon; but that doesn't mean I don't recognise dudes skills.

    I agree in some measure with Bubo, too. A lot of these guys try to hail themselves as genii, long before its proven. And in many cases it's never proven

  14. Anonymous // 18/10/07 10:53 AM  

    so i hear you dont like white people Q........

  15. steups // 18/10/07 11:25 AM  

    bursts into laughter

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