It's Saturday. The sun is not shining. Soot is on the sidewalk. Allergies are kicking my @ss. All things considered. I'm in a good mood. It hit me today that quite a few 'reality celebs' have aspirations to be professional models. I guess it's the 'pretty syndrome'. "I am pretty therefore I can model." I don't have have this syndrome. (I have more wrinkles than a Shar-Pei pup & more cellulite than The Biggest Loser.) *sighs It's tough not being one of the 'Beautiful People'.

Chris Abrego & Mark Cronin should bite Tyra Banks and create 'Reality Television's Next Top Model'. Until then, all you invidious (& non invidious) folks enjoy a glimpse of the 'I'm too sexy crew'.

Rico a.k.a. Sandro of 'I Love New York' season one....

Smiley a.k.a. Leilene of 'Flavor of Love' season one & 'Charm School'.....

Pootie a.k.a. LaMonty of 'I Love New York' season one....

Am I the only one who misses Pootie? *wondering Later today The ELLE Word will have 'Our Favorites Show'. Hosts & callers will the discuss their favorite mansion mates of 'I Love New York 2'. Join the Chat Box now or @ 6pm Pacific Time/9pm Eastern Time.

An ANTM Qmoment!


  1. steups // 27/10/07 6:26 PM  

    Rico? Yes.
    Pootie? Please No!

  2. Groovy Noodles // 27/10/07 7:11 PM  

    Dammmmmmmmn Rico's so pretty. I miss Season One. Including Pootie.

    *sobs in the corner*

  3. Larry // 27/10/07 7:18 PM  

    where is she

  4. steups // 27/10/07 8:21 PM  

    Larry...she is in the stlaker's protection program

  5. The Q // 27/10/07 8:22 PM  

    LMAO @ Stalker's Protection Program

  6. ghettom0f0 // 27/10/07 8:33 PM  

    Buddha comes back, and I'm 99% certain. Remember when they were on the dock and New York is all, "My mom always tell the truth, even when she's lying." The camera pans over to the right and shows BUDDHA. Then New York's mom is all, "You're a liar! You're a liar!" I believe The Entertainer is still around at that time as well.

  7. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 27/10/07 9:00 PM  

    if you look closely at this upcoming episodes eliminations, Buddha is standing in them

  8. Larry // 27/10/07 9:15 PM  

    i dcan protect her from you. this way i get her all to myself i love that woman her voice make me hot adn her face makes me want to cry

  9. ghettom0f0 // 27/10/07 10:10 PM  

    Anyone else thinks Leilene looks like Pocahontas in that pic.?

  10. your mother // 28/10/07 6:50 AM  

    pocahontas is a pretty girl...

  11. Anonymous // 28/10/07 9:16 PM  


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