Wolf_of_I_Love_New_York_2 FIRST...... Media Fake Out reported that New York was Kenya Simmons and Ms. Patterson was not her mother. Now THIS..... Wolf is my FAVORITE from ILNY2. Maybe because he's from Texas or maybe just because he looks the best to (being of an average build). But just as I ALWAYS took up for Onix (My real MAN), I'm going to take up for my Wolf. If you click HERE or on the picture, you will see a man who favors Wolf with his lil cockadoodle-do out. Media Fake out goes so far to try to bring some one down. Do you think that is Wolf?

I contacted WOLF and this is what he said
Blockquotehey lil lady, no that is not me in the picture on mediatakeout. I am glad you messaged me because you are my favorite girl in the whole wide word.Blockquote
*Ok maybe i made the last part up, but whatever, a girl can dream*

(On a side note, for those who listened to the T.I show on the Elle Word Last night, T.I is now free and happy about that)

Tonights Elle Word will be hosted by The Q about The Lessening of Black Women Tailor_Made_of_I_Love_New_Yorkand how Women of color are taken for granted. On Sunday Elle will discuss what people think about "Pastors Being Paid" Should they live in Multi Million Dollar homes and own Private Jets based on salaries coming from church members? Tune in tonight at 7:00 pacific, 9 central/10est for the show on Black Women. Sunday at 2:00pm pacific, 4pmCentral/5EST for "Should the Preacher be Paid".

Next Monday the ILNY2 Recap Show on The Elle Word

Tuesday the WOLF interview at 7pm pacific 9pm central/10pm ESTand

Wed (time to be posted soon) The TAILOR MADE interview (this one is for you Babykins)

To get to the Elle Word Click HERE

Check out Aurelius's video recap below before it gets "reported" and comment on the lower post (sorry steups didn't see u posting)

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