For some reason I can't stand Jes; that's all I am sayin'.
But I like Mia, so if you haven't yet visited the site of the clothing company Jes and her boyfriend Quade own, here's a tease for you.

Jess and Mia for Chii Clothing

Jess_and_Mia_The_Rock_of_Love Jess_and_Mia_The_Rock_of_Love


  1. Baby // 21/10/07 9:26 PM  

    Nice spray-on tan...

  2. Hollykins :)~ // 21/10/07 9:27 PM  

    .... *vomits*

  3. steups // 21/10/07 9:46 PM  

    I thought, or rather I hoped, you two were the same person.

  4. Baby // 21/10/07 9:49 PM  


  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 21/10/07 9:53 PM  

    god they are sexy, but the chii clothing is a little tacky. then again, what do i know

  6. Baby // 21/10/07 9:56 PM  

    Jes needs to eat a little something.

  7. Baby // 21/10/07 10:01 PM  

    Tailor Made's photo gallery is the second most viewed gallery on I'll point this out to Licious when she gets here...

  8. steups // 21/10/07 10:02 PM  

    Baby, who's Larry?
    Forget that...lemme ask this; you think I am Larry, don't you?

  9. Anonymous // 21/10/07 10:08 PM  

    They look orange. Especially Jes.

  10. Baby // 21/10/07 10:09 PM  

    Check ur email.

  11. Anonymous // 21/10/07 10:10 PM  

    Jess ugly as a bitch and them shirts is so bootleg

  12. Bron // 21/10/07 10:13 PM  

    It's cute as in something 15 year olds buy at Urban Outfitters. Lame as something to wear in your mid (or even early) 20's. This looks more like Jes's style, as she has none.

  13. Baby // 21/10/07 10:15 PM  

    These shirts are sad at any age.

  14. Baby // 21/10/07 10:16 PM  

    Isn't Jes' last name Rickleff?

  15. steups // 21/10/07 10:28 PM  

    it's Rickleff, I thought it was Ricklett?
    Lemme go check my email

  16. Jeff Loves New York // 21/10/07 10:35 PM  

    ewwww they both look so ugly

  17. Bubo the Hater // 22/10/07 12:18 AM  

    That shit is worse than T-Weed's clothing line! Who is Mia, should I know her? Is she the one with some chin issues? I know she has one, but from the front, it does not look so.

    What awful clothing? Looks like something a 5 year old did.

  18. Licious // 22/10/07 1:12 AM  

    These are THE WORST pictures Ive ever seen in life. Shoot the photographer IMMEDIATELY!

  19. elisau // 22/10/07 2:55 AM  

    Steups you're the one whos aid you liked jess and that she looked good..loll

  20. The Q // 22/10/07 6:30 AM  

    The modeling doesn't entice me to buy a tank top.

    The tanks don't entice me to buy the tanks.

    Why do they look like a pre-school craft project gone terribly wrong?

    Also is 'girl on girl' action suppose to make me run out and buy one of those HORRID tanks?

    Oh and before I forget...

    RMBAOTFLMIAC @ "Who's Larry?"

  21. Baby // 22/10/07 10:39 AM  

    "...pre-school craft project gone terribly wrong?.."


    I love it!


    Mrs. T.M. (as you would say).

  22. Anonymous // 22/10/07 4:11 PM  

    She looks like hell. Quade's been real good for her.... Bitch.

  23. Anonymous // 22/10/07 4:13 PM  

    And another thing, nice to see she's still using ROL to promote her and her boyfriend's stuff. Loser.

  24. "drama queen" // 22/10/07 5:07 PM  

    umm, why do these females appear to be neon?

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