I'm writing the I Love New York recap tonight but until it's done and dusted you can hang at the radio-shows.
Gabrielle is recapping the Episode LIVE as you read (10:00pm EST) and will take your calls.
When that show is complete you can join Mr New York for a LIVE interview with Sister Patterson (FOL1, FOL2, I Love New York, ILNY2) at 11:00pm EST

Opened the comments box for y'all to discuss tonights execution elimination of Man-Man and Cheezy.
Oh; and thanks to the anonymous source who correctly foretold their exits.


  1. steups // 22/10/07 11:51 PM  

    1/2 th

  2. Bubo the Hater // 23/10/07 12:01 AM  

    -Tailor MAde is this season's New York.
    -Someone tell me what It did differently this week over any other week?
    -Why is Cheezy a little bitch? Poor guy, but he will be okay.
    -Looks like Mia Wise finally makes an appearance next week. It looks like TM spit on him or vice-versa. Either way, that is a classless act and whoever did it needs to go. That is my prediction.
    -Midget Mac is annoying as hell. I hope he gets 15 minutes off this show, cause they are clowning the hell out of him
    -The entertainer still looks like a serial killer. But anyone who wears a red short sleeve shirt with a tie needs to be taken for mental evaluation.
    -when does chance come back?

  3. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 23/10/07 12:31 AM  


  4. evillicioussss // 23/10/07 9:01 AM  

    Bubo said it perfectly...They are clownin The Mac...everytime he does a CARTWHEEL I have a Circus act flashback,SOMEBODY stop him!!!Entertainer is "Captain Kirk" on RedBull.... 'IT' is killin me...cant help but love those face expressions OMG!! We actually get to see Mr.Wise?? Right on!! wheres my 20 pak?/ My Wolf?? I wanna see them start steppin up...I dont have much to say bout tie wearin "Pretty",seems more like fashion week for PUNK is standing true to his ATTORNEY ROOTS "IT"!!! DID YOU SEND THOSE FLOWERS?? HOW DID U KNOW WHERE TO SEND THEM"WHEN??DID U PAY FOR THEM??? lmao I do agree with Bubo Where are peeps gettin off callin Cheezy the snitch?? I SEE A BIGGER ONE!!! He wants to KILL EVERYONE!!!! lol Time to get serious on the show....Not you "IT" I know you are serious!!My thoughts on Tailor Made?? So far he has seemed to TRULY be there for New that what all the HATE is about??? I guess we will have to keep watching to see whats really got these guys hatin sooooooo bad...

  5. Baby // 23/10/07 11:03 AM  

    Yeah, why have we not heard much from Mr. Wise? That's not a good sign...

  6. Anonymous // 24/10/07 6:55 AM  

    Cheezy would not be too bad lookin' if he would do something different with the hair or get his ears pinned back.

  7. Anonymous // 24/10/07 10:22 AM  

    I knew Man-man was going to go home. He's two men in one,LOL He look like he ate two man, and he ate the rolls too. Cheesy is way to gay. He's not funny,cute on a man. So those two deserve to go home. The next one to go should be It. It is either crazy,or stupid. Neither one is a good sign.

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