That's US dollars and not yen; just so you know.Here is the media release/myspace post:

I am selling for $4.5 million dollars (price includes all code, databases , Administration tools, site management and exclusive online video blogging & video sharing technologies). is me and my branding team's exclusively programmed and movie download service and products.
The site can be yours overnight, test it out it's a great solution for any company or entrepreneur eager to advance 10 years into the video sharing world today. has undergone a full Q/a and it has been developed and load tested for the past year.

Serious buyers or bidders only can comment on this site or email me at I Am a writer, Creative Director and a South side of Chicago bred Poplocker and Brand Engineer.

Did you know of the 840 Writers working on the 95 Prime Time Tv shows only 55 are African American? Also, did you know a lot of Urban American designers and programmers from my generation have significantly shaped the web and that alone has allowed a lot of companys to reap billions of dollars worth of analytical value in reach, empirical and demographic data from consumers on the web every day?

Now im offering a solution to the consumer that is usually reseved for BIG COMPANIES. In my personal opinion can deliver immediate return on investement to any entreperneur or large corporation who has any idea about what a leading video transmission site is worth. Imagine you can own your very own customized version of a videoblogging site for a fraction of what it costs to develop and architect. Its like buying someone elses A paper and extensive computer science research assignment

I'm just gonna leave this for Bubo to deal with and not interfere.

Credit: Angel


  1. The Q // 4/9/07 8:41 PM  


  2. Bubo the Hater // 4/9/07 9:27 PM  

    While there is not really any need for brand engineering, writing, creative directors, we are definitely experiencing a shortage of pop lockers...especially with bad perms, tendencies to exagerate and bad credit.

    Lose the music. Actually, the site is not that bad, a little confusing on what it wants to be when it grows up. Aside from the annoying sound effects, it is not a bad...whatever type of site it is.
    It seems like an combonation of everything from Youtube, to yahoo, to myspace, drudge, etc.

    Honestly, there is not much hate being generated from this site.
    $4.5 million? Did the perm give his brain a chemical burn? For someone who is computer savvy, this site is not that hard to compose, I'd imagine. Like I am going to spend my $4500 on this It may look like he put a lot of hard work into this, but $.5 mil? please! Anyone who buys this looking for an immediate return on investment needs their asses kicked. He may get a sports star who i snew to money, but no one with a lick of business sense.

    TO be honest, he is about 5-10 years too late. Th einternet hustle went pop in 2000, the mortgage hustle is going pop now. Good luck with this. At least he is trying to parlay his 3 minutes of fame into something using his mind and not a sinnging/rapping/modeling attempt. He may actually get a little paid off this...unless someone pays someone else to develop their own site or Bill Gates just ganks the code from him and threatens him to sue.

  3. don the PIMP // 4/9/07 9:29 PM  

    LOL t-weed Broke-ass

  4. The Q // 4/9/07 9:32 PM  

    ***splashes holy water***

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