Surely you've noticed the outstanding headers and banners that now sit atop each page (keep refreshing until you've seen them all). Well, they were provided by Jeriko and dude has promised us avatar and desktop theme packs as well...FOR FREE!!!

Pretty generous of him I'd say. But he is a priest after all, so I suppose he can only charge receive donations for weddings and funerals.
Go add him to your myspace by clicking on Jeriko Priest
Incidentally, Buckwild saw her banner/header and said "I look demonic or really high" (I think she's spot on)


  1. The Q // 4/9/07 9:06 PM  

    Well I love the new banners.
    I think there should be a Whiteboy, Pumkin, Saaphyri, Real, Heat and other banners t0o.

  2. steups // 4/9/07 9:10 PM  

    keep dreaming

  3. The Q // 4/9/07 9:23 PM  

    I think Whiteboy, Pumkin, Real, Saaphyri would be excellent banners.

    Rodeo, Lacey and Heather too!

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