Pumkin_flavor_of_love_3 *hears deep breathing It's Lord Hater a.k.a. Darth Bubo! Boy, that man has been on a roll as of late. No one is safe from his hate. *shivers with fear Remember there are always two Sith (master and his apprentice). *feels the presence of Steups Where are my Jedi Knights ... Revenge, Lareigna, Gigi, Brown Suga, Electra, Dana, Jane, ShakaZP, Meale, Beebs, PepsiGirl, Mr. New York, Hutche, Misterballer, Aurelius, MaiTye, Licious, Dorfam, Sanyo, Lady Ty, Sawyer, Shawn, Mexirican and Ponlork? Where the h@ll is Irresistable Delicious?

Recently The Q. was interviewed by Patrick Huguenin of The New York Daily Times. He wanted to interview one of the writers from this site. Ivory and Steups were his first and second choices. However, they have lives. So he was stuck with good, wrinkled up Q.! I don't remember one question he asked. Whatever, he asked he received a commentary on how the moral foundation of our society is crumbling around us. He also received my raw unedited opinions of some of the men and women of reality television. Patrick was charming. However, I do not EVER, EVER want to be interviewed again. Why did I say, "Krazy murdered herself..." ? Where do I come up with the crap I say and type? (I really need to lay off the rum & Coke.) I also mention Pumkin, Hoopz and New York. To read an interesting article & the opinions of Chris Abrego, Mark Cronin and The Q., visit The New York Daily Times . <----Yep just click it. 'Flavor of Love' and 'Rock of Love' women are the focus. Patrick and I truly need to talk about the 'I Love New York' men. (Off record of course)

Credit: NYDailyTimes.com & Patrick Huguenin

An 'I need to STFU' Qmoment!


  1. DorFam // 2/9/07 9:56 AM  

    Great interview Q kudos to you mama!!!!

  2. Baby // 2/9/07 10:24 AM  

    Why is there a picture of Pink accompanying this post?

  3. The Q // 2/9/07 12:13 PM  

    LOL. It's a picture of Pumkin. It accompanies this post because the N.Y. Daily Times Article was about 'the bad girls of reality television'.

    Pumkin is considered to be one of those women.

    Good morning Dorfam & Baby!!!

  4. "D" // 2/9/07 12:35 PM  

    Hey Q! Wow, is it me or does Pumkin look like a mixture between the pop artist 'Pink' and Brigette Nielson?

    Bad pick, Brooke!

  5. Bubo the Hater // 2/9/07 1:33 PM  

    Pumkin aka Pug the Sluttaceous kinda looks like Gwen "annoying as hell" Steffani.

    Good job Q, you handled yourself well. AS far as the other Sith, it could be Steups, it could be Jane, they could be right in your midsts. You never know who my Anakin is. You and Steups woul dhave been my first choice to interview since you two seem to be th emost prolific bloggers on this site. But, I like you all and do enjoy the site. I am so glad I finally got a Gmail account and wish I would have done it much sooner.

  6. "D" // 2/9/07 1:34 PM  

    LOL. Yes, it's a Gwen Stefani, Pink, Brigette Nielson, Pumkin, and Brooke (yes, i know its the same person), all together!

  7. here4beer // 2/9/07 2:01 PM  

    well done, Q!

  8. Bubo the Hater // 2/9/07 2:21 PM  

    I think I found a new show with a cornucopia of things/people hate....Celebrity Rap Superstar! On MTV 2. I only saw the dumbest girl from Hugh Heffner's harem, next up is Shar "Being a Professional Baby Mama is my only claim to fame" Jackson. This could be an inspirational show. The only positive thing about this show is the guy from Scary movie (who isn't really that funny and I believe Too Short is on there.

  9. ~MEALE~ // 2/9/07 2:47 PM  

    Hey Q,
    Loved the interview.
    I miss ya gurl...:)

  10. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 2/9/07 6:02 PM  

    im back(frowns)~~~mr.new york

  11. The Q // 2/9/07 6:26 PM  

    YES! We missed you!!!!

  12. Baby // 3/9/07 12:27 AM  

    Hey Q,

    I KNEW that was Pumkin because the picture emitted an slight odor reminiscent of cheese doodles, Rolets pork rinds, shame, desperation and poverty. Who else could it be?
    The Pink reference was my attempt at humor. I'll try harder next time :)

  13. here4beer // 3/9/07 4:00 PM  


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