I know I promised a recap of Episode 8 and believe me, I'll do it. But; not before I recap Episode 9.
This week someone whose name has a vowel in it, was eliminated. If you don't mind knowing who, click here to learn who got the dramatic boot on Rock of Love Episode 9

I strongly advise you to NOT read the comments if you do not want to know the contestant eliminated.


  1. Laura // 9/9/07 12:34 PM  

    Pardon me, but what was up with the editing of the ending of this episode? Bret obviously sheepishly apologizes to heather when he gives her the badge, and then grabs her before she can walk away, and she holding it in such a way that we can't see what it says. A second later, there is another edited clip where he's saying something to the girls that's not audioed, again, like he's apologizing. Do you think he was actually planning to keep BrandiM and send Heather home? Brandi essentially sent herself home, leaving Heather there, so Bret had to give her the pass, whosever's name on it nonwithstanding.

  2. steups // 9/9/07 12:39 PM  

    I thought that at first Laura, but wow at how detailed you described it. Wtf?

    Your brain must have TIVO.

    I doubt it, though, because Heather didn't seem to have the look of someone who dodged a bullet and why would they edit it when it would make for better tv if what you described actually happened.

  3. Dana - W for Whatever // 9/9/07 12:40 PM  

    Poor Brandi, at least she has a lucrative career to fall back on.

    Can't wait for the recap

    Hurry Up!

  4. steups // 9/9/07 12:46 PM  

    Dana, isn't thins like notyour time to be here?
    Sunday evening?

  5. steups // 9/9/07 12:47 PM  

    One more thing,is there anyone out there eating Pop Tarts cold?

    Like straight out the rapper to your mouth? I love that shit.

  6. Dana - W for Whatever // 9/9/07 12:49 PM  

    Did you just spell "wrapper" r-a-p-p-e-r? Are you on mind altering stimulants?

    And what is it exactly that you think I should be doing now?

    You should be honoured that I have decided to grace the blog with my presence

  7. The Q // 9/9/07 12:49 PM  

    Yes, I am.

    Freaky that you wrote that... innit?

  8. Dana - W for Whatever // 9/9/07 12:52 PM  

    Hey Q!!!!!! Happy Sunday

    Hmmmm...at similarities b/ween you and Steups...

  9. The Q // 9/9/07 12:58 PM  


    Happy Sunday to you too!!!

    LOL, I got the rapper part but we all make typos (with the exception of you).


    Steups and I similiar? We both read and write. We irritate one another, weekly.

    We eat pop tarts along with millions of others. He's arrogant. I am humble.

    Not too many similarities if you ask me. But you didn't....

  10. steups // 9/9/07 12:59 PM  

    that missing w is for whatever.

  11. Dana - W for Whatever // 9/9/07 1:01 PM  

    Fine, but then how do you explain the "thins like notyour" from the comment below that one?

  12. Dana - W for Whatever // 9/9/07 1:03 PM  

    Q I make loooooads of typos I just like to point out all of the English major's though. It gives me great pleasure because I know deep down that it rattles him. It helps me get some of my own back since he rattles me inordinately.

  13. HAG // 9/9/07 1:18 PM  

    LMAO! @ Dana

    I imagine it does.

  14. steups // 9/9/07 1:20 PM  

    A hag?
    I'm off to see a man about a dog.

  15. The Q // 9/9/07 1:22 PM  

    Are you mature enough to take care of a pet?

    They need love and care.

  16. Dana - W for Whatever // 9/9/07 1:22 PM  

    You should not be off anywhere. You should sit by your PC and type up my recap...

  17. The Q // 9/9/07 1:39 PM  

    Dana HUSH!

    Recap is a four letter word around here.

    I need to rinse this dye out of my head. And watch 'Rock of Love'. It comes on in 20 minutes.

  18. Anonymous // 9/9/07 1:41 PM  



  19. steups // 9/9/07 2:07 PM  

    Back again.
    Recap time!

  20. Bubo the Hater // 9/9/07 3:37 PM  

    I want to see next week with the parents. 666 is exposed for the phony that I have predicted her to be. Pure and simple, she is ratings gold, that is why she has been on the show. The tru efinal will be between Heather and Jess as Lacey is there to garner viewers, not that Bret would really pick her//would he?

  21. Sawyers_Stash // 9/9/07 4:31 PM  

    My predicitons have all been right. Brandi, then Lacey then I think Jes...ahh.
    I think Heather wins because she rocks the plastic shirt in every ho-fessional.

    Which is crappy because I am not that into Heather but I am excited to see her talk crap to Lacey.

    I have been pretty resiliant to the devil rays poruing out of my tv but this week... Maybe it's because I didn't get much sleep, maybe it's because I'm on hydrocodone for my toothache, either way I was like nauseated wanting to puke when I saw and heard Lacey on screen.

    I was appalled when she kept touching Brandi. I was sad for the bartender when she was crawling across the table. I would so have been jes there "You need to get off the table"
    She answers with "or what?" At that point i'd have shoved her off, but I have a bad temper....bad bad temper.

    Everytime I heard her vocal rythem as she said "He sees me for who I really am." i feel like she sat at home months before and practised this line and the "I'm not here to make friends"

    Also seeing Bret kiss Jes vs seeing him kiss Lacey...either lacey is just the most craptastic kisser or she's fake. There are no other options.

    Next week looks exciting.

    2 things. Is Heather going to wear her hair up from now on so the tattoo will be visable at all times? Thats so tacky. Just when you thought tattoos weren't just for bikers and whores anymore...

    and 2, I never toast pop tarts I like them all cold.

  22. steups // 9/9/07 4:33 PM  

    Ok peeps, I'm really gonna get that recap done now, because I know (sings) somewhere out there (ends singing), someone wants to read it...

    Y'all better get 50's album this Tuesday because it's mad wicked. Grab Kanye's too, if you can afford it...

  23. steups // 9/9/07 4:35 PM  

    A cold pop-tart is the new caviar

  24. Sawyers_Stash // 9/9/07 4:43 PM  

    So the way I understand it we will be getting this weeks recap, and then last weeks?
    Alrite...I'll be waiting here eating caviar and sippin on Champagne (or Sham-Pag-Na Ala Brandi C)and by champagne I mean teguila and by tequila i mean a bottle of Corona with tape over the lable.

  25. Jeff Loves New York // 9/9/07 5:08 PM  

    wait so did Brandi M get eliminated..... If she did then all i have to say is HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! ( did i spell that correct)

  26. steups // 9/9/07 5:18 PM  

    You did Jeff, and with 'difficult' it's one of the difficult words to spell in our language.

    casts a curious eye at Sawyer

  27. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 9/9/07 6:08 PM  

    damn, Brandi M was pick to win.

  28. steups // 9/9/07 6:43 PM  

    60% complete.
    If anyone nabbed pictures from V-SPOT of today's Episode, email it to me , please

  29. The Q // 9/9/07 7:13 PM  

    Hell, I can stop writing my recap for The Elle Word show tonight.

  30. Jeff Loves New York // 9/9/07 7:15 PM  


  31. steups // 9/9/07 7:18 PM  

    what are you saying Q?
    I don't get it.

  32. Bubo the Hater // 9/9/07 7:29 PM  

    Lacey is crazy like Hottie, bitchy like NY and a drunk like Toastee. She should have gone home..again. She is also lucky like Leilene. Brandi is stupid for confiding in the two worst people in the house this season, she deserves to be gone for being stupid.

    I wonder i fBig John got Lil John taken care of by a drunk Lacey?

  33. The Q // 9/9/07 7:36 PM  

    Bubo you are a very, very bad man.


  34. steups // 9/9/07 7:45 PM  

    damn Bubo, are you reading my goddamn recap in the Dashboard?
    This is what I wrote...

    (why am I thinking if it weren't for cameras, John would have taken an age to return)

  35. Bubo the Hater // 9/9/07 8:22 PM  

    Well Meups/Weups, we are the same person, just different personalities. I won't say anything else until the recap is posted.

  36. steups // 9/9/07 8:55 PM  

    It's finished!
    Let me know the errors you find and I'll correct them.
    Off to find pictures....

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