Drag out the Confetti and balloons, Irre is FINALLY a part of the hottest blog in..... well...... blogging. (LOL) How awesome is it that I can add my own gay charm to blogspot?? Anyhow, enough about me..... on to ME. As everyone else is covering Rock of Love, ILNY2, and everything else regarding reality t.v., I'm taking it upon myself to keep you up to date on what ELSE is going on in the world. It'll be fun, and fabulous, and totally deliscious! I have to establish myself around here, and separate myself from the rest of the crew. So, for my preliminary post, I'm gonna cover something that's been haunting my dreams for the past two nights. Britney muhf%$@!#* Spears.

Oops.... she did it again. The acoustic assault that was Britney's opening performance at the 2007 VMA's was nothing short of atrocious. That dinner show choreograpy combined with that repellent tummy sac was God awful. Not to mention her roots. It looked like someone stapled in her extensions. (LMAO) All it took was one glance into those electric blue contact~lensed eyes of hers and it was instantly apparent that she'd rather be browsing the racks at the Goodwill than performing. Consequently, I too would rather shop at the Goodwill than watch her (attempt to) gyrate and jiggle across the stage. Many hail this as the "end" for Britney, but in my opinion (the only one that matters) her downfall has been a long time coming. It all started the moment she took off the plaid skirt and said "I do". The girl obviously wants attention. But this isn't the way to get it. That's what the F*** push~up bras are for. Basically, Britney's performance of her new single "gimme more" has me saying "I don't want it".

And as I have a forthcoming engagement, I really must be going now. Fast shouts to my new crew, and of course to my future ex husband Steups! Thanks for the oppurtunity sweetie!!


  1. Licious // 12/9/07 4:57 PM  

    OMG! I am officially in love with Irre.

    "The acoustic assault that was Britney's opening performance at the 2007 VMA's was nothing short of atrocious" ROFLMAO....

    Irre... will you be my Gay? Yes, No, or Maybe So?


  2. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ (myspace.com/fetish2006) // 12/9/07 5:06 PM  

    Oh my god are you KIDDING? Of course I'll be your gay!

    *pulls out old fashioned ticker tape calculator and puts on little green visor*

    Now if we just figure up the fee, and the bi~weekly trips to the mall......

    (LOL) Just kidding. You're gorgeous, so you can be my fag hag for absolutely muhf****** free, babe.

  3. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ (myspace.com/fetish2006) // 12/9/07 5:06 PM  

    B/T/W, just kidding. I would never be caught DEAD in a green visor.

  4. Licious // 12/9/07 5:28 PM  

    ROFLMBAO!!!!!!!! OMG... you're my favorite thing in this world... next to VOSS water and my DVR.. and my Sidekick 3.

    I need to pay YOU for allowing me to grace your presence. I LOVE YOU BITCH!

    *Daydreaming about me and Irre shopping for our FIERCE outfits for the I Love New York 2 Reunion Show taping... we're gonna be the baddest bitches there!

  5. The Q // 12/9/07 5:29 PM  

    About muthafucking time!!!

    It was a long road but you have arrived.

    ROFLMAO@ your first contribution.


  6. steups // 12/9/07 6:23 PM  

    Oh gaddoye....two more to go.

  7. steups // 12/9/07 6:25 PM  

    lmfao at "stapled in her extensions"

  8. Baby // 12/9/07 7:21 PM  

    Why do I see a suicide attempt in the near future (I hope not)? Po' baby. Another victim of really, really bad choices. She needs all kinds of professional help. Starting with a hairdresser. Her hair looked like that of a Chinese-made, recalled My Little Pony doll. She knows better--or does she?

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