*stands on soap box* You know, some people really lack vision. Dang. I mean, throw me a f****** BONE here. Why are so many people tryna rip me a new one lately? Even.... *sniff sniff*........ my friend Liscious?? I mean , everyone says I need to grow up, but if I'm an evil BITCH, then I'm just an evil BITCH. So maybe other people should grow up and accept the fact that not everyone is going to be a nice, cookies and cream, kind person. I am who I am, and I don't apologize for that. Nor will I ever. Some people are just.... SUCH haters, you know? I type one friggin' sentence and I just become, like, a human dartboard. And this is why I'm such a nightmare bitch to everyone. I'm reciprocating the B/S that's thrown @ me. (LMAO)


On to my post, which is, totally and completely, UNRELATED to Rock of Love or ILNY2. (But entertaining nonetheless, if you'll just read it.)

This is Traci Bingham:

winner and star of Vh1's reality series, " The Surreal Life fame games". Every bit as flawless as she was in her "Baywatch" heyday (minus the ratty extensions), Ms. Traci has been living the life of an "A" lister since winning the show.

And THIS is Kevin Federline:

Loser extrodinaire, a vomitrocious rapper, a passable dancer, and, oh, ex husband and baby daddy to both Shar Jackson and Britney Spears. This guy hit rock bottom when he released the worst song ever, "popo zao". ( Which roughly translates to "booty").

Now, you may ask, apart from being completely riduculous, WHAT do these two people have in common??? And the answer, darlings, is EVERYTHING. Credible Sources say that the two were seen (quote unquote) "bumping and grinding" to MIMS' "this is why I'm hot" at the Vice nightclub last night. Later on as the two were canoodling, she (Traci) was spotted giving a kiss on the cheek. And now I ask YOU..... what has the world come to when Baywatch meets Baby Daddy? Are they friends? Are they more? Are they screwin' around?? One thing is for sure, I'll give U more on this as the story develops.


  1. Licious // 14/9/07 2:28 PM  

    Awwwwwww... Irre!! NO WAY! I wasn't slamming you. It is your bitchiness that I ADORE!!!!! You mis-read my post. It wasnt a bash or a slam. It was the PRO side to your CON. I thought you'd love it! *sniffles*. Im devestated that My Gay called me a hater and is trying to break up with me when I was only trying strengten our FABULOSITY BOND!!! LORD TAKE ME NOW! Come on My Gay... show me love. I wasnt hatin. Do you forgive me???? Yes, No, Maybe So??

  2. Gabrielle // 14/9/07 2:35 PM  

    new post up... lol (said as though their were alot of people commenting)

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