My vacation seems to be not ending is it?
Well; I am not complaining and judging by the lack of interest in my whereabouts, so too are you.

Thank you Q, for writing 17 posts in my absence; that's a lot, you must love me or somethin'. And just so you know, among that lot was the 1000th post recorded on this blog. Technically 'twas the 999th because we had to retract an article, but we'll re-publish that to make this the 1000th post. (scratches eyebrow)


  1. The Q // 10/8/07 1:19 PM  

    I take a great umbrage to any reference of loving you.

  2. Electra (trinidad) // 10/8/07 1:28 PM  

    Hey hey Steups dont try dat I emailed you and u did not answer plus you did not want to tell me where u were going in the first place. (folds arms)

  3. Bubo the Hater // 10/8/07 10:25 PM  

    Welcome back Meups, I missed me!

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