A double scoop of black walnut ice cream would do wonders for my spirit. *sighs However, I don't want to leave my house in this heat. Plus I am working my finger to the born, promoting the 'I Got 32 Flavas' interview. Not the ice cream chain, 'I Got 32 Flavas' is a Flavor of Love 3 hopeful. She a cute Filipina immigrant who is looking to give Flavor Flav a cute curly haired baby. I am sure he has plenty. I am typing about his 8th, maybe even 9th one.

The ELLE Word show tonight starts @7pm Pacific Time/ 10pm Eastern Time. Click here to listen live or join us in the chat box.

A tired Qmoment!


  1. ShakazP // 19/8/07 10:31 PM  

    are the ratings for bret's show higher than flav's, Q?

  2. Bubo the Hater // 19/8/07 11:07 PM  

    imagine Weathered aka Heather's face with Magdalena voice and rodeo's (muscular, but sexy) body and lAcey's personality. I would be like, is that a man?

    Lacey is what I call New Jersey, she is almost New York, but not quite. She gets exposed next week and hopefully, Brett has a clue. She may be angling for her own show, but she seems insincere, almost too deliberate.

    How fitting that BM is called BJ Brandi. I saw the pics

    Magdalena looked pretty good in the Port-a-John, maybe I have some weird fettish.

    Mia is staying in the background, playin git conservative. Does she know Jess? They are both from Naperville, IL, 100k people, but only so many clubs.

    With Sam and Lacey, Brett must have a thing for crazy broads. I can't believe she announced to the workd (of cable) that she is on prozac. Maybe it is the one's I know, but white women (especially those over 40) take a lot of drugs (prescription, for mood issues). Not saying all people who take these drugs are crazy, but both of them are.

    Heather looks damn old and she will not age well at all.

  3. pghbeautydoll // 19/8/07 11:36 PM  

    I wonder abt the ratings as well ...I mean I think they are equal as far as entertainment but question is does anyone prefer one over the other? Me personally I really enjoy both but when york and flav was on I had to be right there front and center and could not wait for the replay but with rock of love I can catch it a few days later

  4. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 19/8/07 11:56 PM  

    darn, I missed it. Was it any good??

  5. here4beer // 20/8/07 1:43 AM  

    hey = has anyone seen Shay and Leilene in that Keyshia Cole video "Let it Go" (that's my song, too!)? They're only in there for a split second, but if you look closely they're right there.

  6. The Q // 20/8/07 3:20 AM  

    I have a massive headache. There will be no recap tonight.

  7. Gabrielle // 20/8/07 3:05 PM  

    Am I fired?

  8. here4beer // 20/8/07 4:24 PM  

    You no call no show too many days in a row or what, Gabs?

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