flavor-of-love-3-savanna-143I really hope this Deelishis Flavor of Love 3 profile isn't genuine because that would be mad foul...
Anyways, that's not our problem.

But this is.....Licious has abandoned her campaign to earn a place in the Flavor of Love 3 mansion! (lo siento)
I guess that means we need a new candidate to push and my first recommendation is Savanna 143. Go vote for her, you have 19 votes left.

Oh, one more thing, tomorrow is TX Shawty's birthday so go flood her MySpace with birthday wishes.

Credit: EGoings


  1. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/8/07 2:40 PM  

    until any of the FOL girls post videos about it, the only profile I believe is Buckwild (and maybe Cristal's)

  2. lafilla // 16/8/07 3:25 PM  

    I was reading your blogs and just wanted to say that i would appreciate your votes.

  3. lafilla // 16/8/07 3:26 PM  

    This is Reggiel

  4. Anonymous // 16/8/07 3:28 PM  

    Well I for one am Glad licious is out of that "competition"


  5. The Q // 16/8/07 3:30 PM  


  6. steups // 16/8/07 3:52 PM  

    What are you fuming about? I visited the site to vote for her and I saw the message.
    If anything I should be fuming because no one told me; as usual...(rolls-eyes)

    Lafilla, whats your link, I'll vote for you

  7. Savanna // 16/8/07 5:12 PM  

    I really do appreciate every single one of you and your votes. This was a very nice surprise.

  8. steups // 16/8/07 5:39 PM  

    I hope y'all are voting, people. Anyone who takes their time to comment should get your vote.

    Thanks for replying Savanna

  9. Sawyers_Stash // 16/8/07 7:08 PM  

    I think if multiple girls from other seasons of FoL keep trying to get on this show they will be less likely to do it. If they were only bending rules for one then maybe...but 3 now? hmm. Where do they draw the line?
    I did hear deelishis told him if things dont workout with his babys mama to give her a ring.
    What they should really do is just put all his ex babys momma on a show and have them duke it out.....

    In regards Brandi M's porn in the post below....
    Now SHE can write the stripper diaries.

  10. steups // 16/8/07 7:43 PM  

    Lmao at Sawyer...but seriously though, that's a good idea to have all the baby mothers on one show and maybe add Hoopz, Deelishis and, dare I say it, New York

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