Got word from a source very close to Erin who set me straight on my guess that she had some sort of plastic surgery on her nose. She was "born with that nose" I was told.
Lucky for her she grew into it, because it must have been uncomfortable when she was just a baby.

Anyways, here's Erin and a bunch of other girls from 'Rock of Love'; some of whose names I remember and others I don't.

Only Erin and Lacey matter on the show anyway. But; I know you're probably chomping at the bit to give me the information so here are the people I know and you can list the rest.

I think that's Faith at the far left nestled closely to Sammie. Don't know the girl with the black nail-polish but I see Magdalena and, and, uhhhh...Mia?
And of course there's Erin assaulting that poor dress.
It's your turn.


  1. Joe // 28/7/07 12:03 AM  

    It's Jes, the only girl with pink hair.. i think

  2. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 28/7/07 12:11 AM  

    I just have one question can someone else or find out what bidding that Erin used?

  3. steups // 28/7/07 1:43 AM  

    what's that Shawn?
    If I knew you and Joe were here I would have spared Q and come harass y'all

  4. Bubo the Hater // 28/7/07 8:08 AM  

    I am always respectful. I tell people what they need to know.

  5. SpeaKnTrutH // 28/7/07 3:34 PM  

    ^^ ha ha ha

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