I am still laughing at Mo'Nique saying you are the first winner of Charm School (you ain't broke Mo'Nique, so why are you begging for a second season?)

Anyways, Saaphyri is blowing up all over Al Gore's Internet and here's another interview. As Aisha said, "the Essence interview was good, but VH1's is a bit more detailed"
Here's an extract....

During the Flavor of Love 2 reunion, you talked about anger-management class. Was that really helpful?

Yes! At the time, I didn't think it was that important. I figured I'd go and it wouldn't really work. But yes! It actually does work. You learn to remove yourself from a situation and just realize that everything isn't negative. Anger management helps a lot. Especially in the situation with me and Darra.

You were really angry at her. Do you regret acting out?

No. I stand by it. The reason I went off on her was because I knew she was playing it up for camera. She offered me two luggages full of stuff. It's like, if you have all this stuff left over, why wouldn't you give it to the charity? If you didn't give it to the charity and you're trying to give it to me, something's not adding up to. It means you didn't really do it from your heart, you're doing it from a fake place

Saaphyri interview at VH1


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  2. Electra (trinidad) // 2/7/07 4:07 PM  

    STEUUUUUUUUUUPS Y are u hogging the first spot? Huh? LMAO

  3. Electra (trinidad) // 2/7/07 4:09 PM  

    You know Saaphyri makes a lot of sense with that Darra thing.LOL

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    Anon: I did?! I'm sorry, I haven't added anybody lately, I've not been on much at all, and when I DO get on, I just check msgs. What's your name on myspace? I'll be sure to add u the next time I get on...

    E: 'Seabiscuit' was a movie and the name of the race horse IN the movie lol

    Steups: I ain't no Sucker, SUCKAH!

  6. Electra (trinidad) // 2/7/07 4:19 PM  

    Oh so........Look TX I dont know if to feel honoured or offended. LMAO. Thanks

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  11. txshawty // 2/7/07 4:29 PM  

    Steups: Well I don't appreciate being called a 'SUCKER' when you're not gaining the first spot fair n'square, b/c you've written the article so of COURSE you're gonna be the first know when it's done...we'll only know if we refresh every 2 seconds, and even THEN we won't know until the MASTER STEUPS informs us of a new post...lest we stumble upon it ourselves by accident

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    Anon @ 4:26: I got you! YAY! lol

    Steups: Can we not do the accents at this moment? Thank you.

    E: Need a co-owner of that blog?! lol Shoooooot

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    Bye mama E!

    Anon: Lol...Have you seen Steups?

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    Anon @ 4:41: who are you advertising for? Steups? I don't think he has any ahem..um..'lips' besides those on his face...at least I don't THINK so lol

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  36. steups // 2/7/07 5:47 PM  

    Da hell?
    New Post.

  37. Jada // 3/7/07 7:51 AM  

    And why did Saaphyri win again? I'm confused. She says she needs the money, but she has money to buy $800 weave and Ugg boots, but supposedly couldn't pay her rent. I pay where I stay before I buy hair and shoes. She didn't need a check, she needed a money management class. She went there more for the money than to learn anything because the second to the last episode she was back to her old arguing, combative ways - not to mention her temper tantrum in the thrift store... Man, I'm off her. I like her personality, but I got tired of her whining all the time... If it was a "pick who you'd hand out with" show, I would have definitely picked her, but to pick her as the winner of Charm School? Nah, I ain't feelin' it.

  38. Tiana // 3/7/07 7:55 AM  

    Jada is 110% correct! We were thinking the same thing. She spent all that money trying to be cute, she neglected to take care of her basic needs like a roof over her head. I never feel sorry for people like that. That's the choice that she as a grown woman made: to have ugg boots instead of a home. I wouldn't have given that stupid bitch the money.

  39. Bubo the Hater // 3/7/07 6:14 PM  

    Jada, this is the woman who got kicked off the FOL2 before they could give nicknames. She is far from perfect (we all are), but she made tremendous improvements from the first day we saw her. She did give those boots p, just wanted more moeny. She gave all she had and that is maturing if anything is.

    I agree with the money for boots but not for rent. Despite this being a show, it is a contest and is succeptable to human mistakes. Shay got screwed out of the winnings due to them ganging up on her.

    Leilene has three kids and is an idiot.

    Buckwild is a phony.

    Who else should have won?

  40. Jada // 3/7/07 6:48 PM  

    Leilene should have won - she made the most improvement. This wasn't the "put the roof over the homeless girl's head" show, this was Charm School - and she wasn't charming. They should have given Saaphyri her own show because she is entertaining to listen to when she doesn't have the waterworks turned on... Crying because you can't pay your rent, but buying $800 hair and some fuzzy boots that are too hot to even wear in California - yeah, real smart..... and you call Leilene an idiot.

  41. Bubo the Hater // 5/7/07 12:47 AM  

    Leilene shoul dhave been gone after that grilled cheese sandwich incident. If they all didn't embarass themselves at the prom, her dumb ass fell in love with the first guy. Stupid ain't cute.

  42. Jada // 5/7/07 7:52 AM  

    HA!! You know what, you have a point - I forgot about that weak ass grilled cheese. She was wrong for that.

    Saaphyri still threw 5 too many temper tantrums..

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