If T-Weed (I LoveNewYork) isn't money-rich, he's certainly ideas-rich. The self-described one-hundred million dollar man has extended his fledgling financial empire to designer jeans and jackets.
Expensive designer jeans and jackets.
Really expensive deisgner jeans and jackets. The jackets cost $4500 and the jeans range from $700-$1100. If you've bought a T-Weed jeans drop me a line will you; because that's much too costly for me.
In fact, if you've purchased any commodity from T-Weed let me know, including the "wireless visa" he will soon launch.

Don't forget, Mina G hosts the Elle Word Radio Show tonight 9pm EST (6:00pm PST)


  1. misterballer // 1/7/07 5:50 PM  

    skulls are so in.

  2. Anonymous // 1/7/07 6:00 PM  

    steups You were walking south on the west side of 7th ave. We passed, i believe, between 40th and 41st. I was walking north on the same side of 7th Ave as you. You were with your gf (i think), around 6'3", white, wearing a cap, think you have a buzzed cut and were earing a brown tee shirt. Me: 6'1", br/br, white, wearing a t-shirt and shorts and carrying a couple of shopping bags. We made eye contact as we passed and I saw you look back a few seconds after. Can't tell if u looked at me because I checked you out or if you're interested. If u are, hit me up. Would be great to meet you.

  3. misterballer // 1/7/07 6:16 PM  


  4. Anonymous // 1/7/07 6:18 PM  

    Ugly as shit.

  5. Marsha // 1/7/07 10:49 PM  

    cheap ass fabric wit cheap ass iron on patches... give it up nigga.... Go back to the pizza shack!!!!

  6. Bubo the Hater // 3/7/07 12:05 AM  

    Is there a dick hole in the back?

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