If you had to choose between dating Samantha or Erin from 'Rock of Love' based off the first two episodes, who would you date?

The writer/bartender Sam (tattoos) or Miss Hooters of Illinois (gummy bear boobs)..... *wonders; Are there really gummy bears implanted in her breasts? (Steups:They both had nose jobs I think)


  1. steups // 26/7/07 3:18 PM  

    Considering I'd never marry either of them; it's be Erin because she's more fuckable.

    But if they were my type and I was into relationships, I'd opt for Sammie

  2. The Q // 26/7/07 3:24 PM  


  3. steups // 26/7/07 3:38 PM  

    Changed my mind. It's all Erin

  4. The Q // 26/7/07 3:46 PM  


  5. Alisha // 26/7/07 4:17 PM  

    samantha, totally. she's definitely more my type. she's someone who i'd want to hang out with.

  6. steups // 26/7/07 4:37 PM  

    Alisha, it's hard enough fooling beautiful women without other women trying to compete with us.

    Q, Erin's body is just too much to resist if I were into that type of woman.
    Sammie is IVY League extra, but she wastes that goodwill with all of those useless tattoos.

    Erin, no ass excepted, has a wicked body and a pretty face

  7. The Q // 26/7/07 4:40 PM  


    LOL @ Alisha

  8. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 27/7/07 3:16 PM  

    I'm torn. I might suffocate on Erin's brests but they could be a nice pillow for me to lie on. Who doesn't love boobies.

    Sam seems cool and like personality wise we might interact better (she is less plastic) but the tattoos are a turn off.

    Let's go with Erin (see how much better I comment when I've actually seen the shows and know what I'm talking about)

  9. Baby // 28/7/07 10:04 AM  

    I'm glad to see Sam got rid of the Ann Jillian haircut.

  10. Anonymous // 28/7/07 4:12 PM  


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