Mo'Nique is still doing big things and here she is looking Photoshopped naked and sexy in Ebony magazine; drinking whiskey and shit.

Earlier today on Rayz-Comedy, Serious called her a "hypocrite" whilst confessing she didn't walk the ramp on Charm School because it may have affected her ability to work as a model, later on.
Didn't make much sense to me; but 'I ain't no model, am I?' (although I sure do look like one, on occasion)

Well, that's about it. I apologize, again, for Larissa non-appearance but we can only do so much.
Hopefully , y'all return tomorrow and commiserate with Kelly (Rock of Love) as she speaks about her elimination in the parking lot.

So, until then; here's that picture of Mo'Nique in body-paint that's been all over the Internet. (I got mine from Just Jared)

Click for a picture as big as Mo'Nique's arms


Ebony mag picture credit: Sandra Rose


  1. Anonymous // 16/7/07 11:46 PM  

    She called Brooke 'the whore of Charm School', so what does this make Mo?

  2. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 16/7/07 11:47 PM  

    sexy picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! york

  3. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/7/07 11:47 PM  

    a fatass whore

  4. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 16/7/07 11:48 PM  

    WOW HARSH!!!!!!!!~~~MR.NEW YORK

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/7/07 11:56 PM  

    hey, she is proud of being fat, isn't she??

  6. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 16/7/07 11:57 PM  


  7. Bubo the Hater // 17/7/07 1:00 AM  

    These are disgustingly classy. These could be classified as art. COmparing her to Brooke is out of place. Doing some pictures is totally different than all the whorish crap Brook did.

  8. Gabrielle // 17/7/07 1:16 AM  

    The breast were a bit much. I feel like they could have worn bras that were painted over for the outfit. the hands over the breast took away from the point. What was the point? I know it's a big girl theme (big girls can be art models too? maybe)
    It's cool for what it is.

  9. Gabrielle // 17/7/07 1:18 AM  

    Oh by the way, Lairssa actually did call in 4 times, but there were tech. difficulties on the show and we may be shut down tomorrow after Larissa's lawyer gets ahold to black rican lol. stay tuned for "as the elle word turns" lol

  10. Gabrielle // 17/7/07 1:19 AM  

    lol lil momma in the front an mo said "y'all ain't putting that paint on my face and in my hair, i break out too easy"

  11. I [HEART] BOOTZ // 17/7/07 1:23 AM  

    aurelius, that cristal interview was the shit. hah. shes very real and honest. and im glad someone FINALLY told the truth about larissa. shes real. now everyone can shut the fuck up saying shes trying to be the next new york. =)

  12. steups // 17/7/07 1:38 AM  

    uhmmm, are we in trouble for interviewing the weird guy?

  13. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 17/7/07 1:45 AM  


  14. Gabrielle // 17/7/07 2:06 AM  

    i believe so. i don't think we were supposed to

  15. Miss All Sunday // 17/7/07 2:15 AM  

    that picture is...interesting.

  16. Gabrielle // 17/7/07 3:05 AM  

    does anyone notice that the lady with the jungle safari hat looks like new york in the face in the smaller version of the picture?

  17. Anonymous // 17/7/07 5:33 AM  

    Thanks Gabrielle now I'm scarred for life. lol

  18. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 17/7/07 6:22 AM  

    Are all the other models bigger to make Mo look smaller?

    I'm just saying.

    Very creative though. I love the faces. The other bits and bobs aren't a turn on for me tho - just being honest. I never really wanted to see that much that close but I'm like Alice in Wonderland and if something says click you could bet your last £ I'm going to click it

  19. Bubo the Hater // 17/7/07 8:03 AM  

    In the words of Kevin Garnet...tastefully done. In the words of Count Blah...Blah! I guess it is all about big girl empowerment. Just because you are not a size 2, does ot mean you can't be sexy.

  20. "D" // 17/7/07 10:26 AM  

    Wow. That's alot of

    - D

  21. April // 17/7/07 11:08 AM  

    i don't have anything to say.

  22. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/7/07 11:59 AM  

    I love those pics. Actually I am a big fan of body paint. He he he. I'm glad that Mo is comfortable within herself that she is showing just because you are big and large that you don't have to hide as long as you are respectable within yourself. I hope that sound right.

    Sorry I disagree about Mo being a Whore. To me that is ART. A human body is art.

    Hey these are my opinion.

  23. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/7/07 12:00 PM  

    Oh yeah I forgot GM everyone.

    Smiles and Kisses.

  24. steups // 17/7/07 12:14 PM  

    The lady, far-right, can get it. The others will have to make me fall in love

  25. Anonymous // 17/7/07 12:21 PM  

    Mo'Nique gets props from ME, shoot, I ain't a big girl, but you STILL wouldn't get to peel THIS candy's wrapper in front of no camera lol...Get it!

  26. Anonymous // 17/7/07 12:22 PM  

    But i'm kinda feelin it...

  27. ~MEALE~ // 17/7/07 12:24 PM  

    Good afternoon everyone.
    I love the pic, and as far as Mo being a ho that's a bunch of crap.

    She's posing in body paint, not being felt up and kissed on by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  28. ~MEALE~ // 17/7/07 12:25 PM  

    Hi TxShawty, how've you been girl.

  29. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/7/07 12:29 PM  

    Hey TX and Meale.

    Hey Steups.

    What if they have that sheer type jumpshoot on. Did I spell that right?

    I'm going to watch this show and see what type of response they will get over in Paris. Actually this show came about in a good sort of timing with Paris and another country talking about they don't skinny skinny chicks and young girls to do the runways. If she can get a major fashion designer to place a BBW in a runway show that will be fashion history.

  30. ~MEALE~ // 17/7/07 12:30 PM  

    Hey Shawn!
    How are you? It's been a while.

  31. steups // 17/7/07 12:32 PM  

    It's not what they have on, Shawn. I'd just rather not encounter all that flesh when it's just a itty bitty triangle I'm after

  32. Anonymous // 17/7/07 12:35 PM  

    Meale! Hey ma-ma! I've been good, how have you been?

    Hey SHAWN! How are you today?

    Steups: You so lazy.

  33. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/7/07 1:00 PM  

    Hey Ladies,

    yes it been awhile Meale. Are you still doing your videos?

    Tx, I am great and yourself.

    So steups are you saying you will never date or deal with a female that is a BBW?

  34. Anonymous // 17/7/07 1:11 PM  

    Shawn: I'm cold. lol

  35. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/7/07 1:28 PM  

    Well it feel like a Sauna to me. Maybe we can switch places.

    Ok hold out your hands and repeat

    Chocolate Icecream 3 times with your eyes close.



  36. steups // 17/7/07 1:37 PM  


  37. Coffey0072 // 17/7/07 3:58 PM  

    These pics hardly make Mo'nique a whore. Let's compare... Brooke sucked on an ice sculpture,let strange men (one an ex jail bird) grope her pancake ass while she acted as the rancid lunch meat in a sloppy man-wich, flashed her flapjack titties gratuitously (not in an artistic way), and played tonsil hockey with any and everybody.
    She's stank. Straight up, and THAT is why she was christened the WHORE of Charm School. Let's not forget her appearance some MTV dating show, where she chose BOTH suitors to take home with her, yelling, "THAT'S HOW PUMKIN GETS DOWN!!"

    I rest my case.

  38. Mz.Proud BBW Kandie // 29/7/09 5:52 PM  

    I think Mo looks good with and with out the weight. At least we still have some BBW's thats happy with how they look! Just cause she took a picture like this does not make her a whore. Its ART!

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