Unless you've had a relationship with London 'Deelishis' Charles, you may not have seen her like this before. Or like this...

More pictures, later in the day.


  1. Anonymous // 22/7/07 3:50 PM  


  2. Anonymous // 22/7/07 3:59 PM  

    I've never een that tattoo before when she wore stuff

  3. Bubo the Hater // 22/7/07 4:41 PM  

    fake pics? why is she not howing off her best assett? gotta be fake.

  4. yankee // 22/7/07 6:19 PM  

    i didnt know deelishis takes nude pics

  5. blackpress // 23/7/07 2:12 AM  

    Actually, Deelishis speaks about these photos during her podcast interview with It may be best to at least be given the chance to explain what she was thinking and why she did what she did. To listen to the interview, visit

  6. Can_U_C // 23/7/07 10:03 AM  

    I knew it was only a matter of time before she started taking all her clothes off.

  7. Anonymous // 23/7/07 11:45 AM  

    During an interview she said the pics are 7 years old.

    But these pics look newer than her other nekkid pictures. Anyone know when these pics were taken?

  8. amber // 23/7/07 1:07 PM  

    I wouldn't take pictures like that if MY boobs were that saggy. Yuck.

  9. Anonymous // 23/7/07 7:06 PM  

    Those nipples bigger than my face!

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