Kelly Munroe was one of the first of the 'Rock of Love' women to return my messages. She is a pleasure to talk on the phone. She's unguarded and extremely pleasant. My only wish is I wanted to see more of her on the 'Rock of Love'. Beggars can't be chosey. I have to watch the 21 women VH-1 wanted me to see. Thank God Kelly doesn't talk remotely like the Barbie Twins a.k.a. Brandi C. & Kristia.

Where were you born and raised?
Chicago, Illinois.

Wow, you are a tough woman surviving all those winters. What's your favorite childhood memory?
Yes, the winters are rough. I've been saving up to move. My favorite childhood memory would be, eating whatever I want. As an adult, I have to watch what I eat to maintain my weight. (I watch what I eat too. Right before I shovel it down my throat, as if it's my last meal.)

Are you a natural blond?
I was born a blond. When I was around 5 or 6 year old, my hair started to get darker. So, I became a brunette.

Do you believe blonds have more fun?
Definitely, blonds have more fun. I've been a brunette and redhead. *laughs Blonds have a lot more fun.

What's your idea of fun?
I enjoy going to clubs and dancing. I am up for most stimulating activities. I like bike rides and long walks.

Do you exercise to maintain your figure?
I'll do sit ups. I am not big on exercise. I'll do pilates but I am not consistent. (She doesn't regularly exercise and can work a red bikini! I should kill this beezy.)

Share with our readers what your experience was like during the 'Rock of Love' casting.
It was fun. I have to say it was my best audition ever. The casting team asked questions that were funny and made you feel so comfortable. I only knew it was a rock star from the 90s. When I saw Bret Michaels I was surprised and happy.

How did you feel when you arrived at the 'Rock of Love' mansion?
I felt good. I also was not feeling my best. I wanted to change my outfit. It's uncomfortabe to know someone may be looking you up and down and you are not feeling your best. First impressions are important.

What did you think when you saw Bret Michaels?
Bret Michaels is so sexy. I was thinking, 'OMG, I want you so bad!' *We both laugh.

Were the other women nice or standoffish?
They seemed very friendly and genuine.

rock-of-love-kelly-munroeWas there a particular female who was extra friendly?
Heather was really cool. Of course I was there to hopefully connect with the rock star. It would've been also nice to make new friends with some of the women.

When you were asked to stay behind what were you thinking?
I had a bad feeling. My stomach started to turn. You know it was a new experience to me. I didn't want to be singled out so early. I just felt something was not right.

What were you thinking when Big John announced your tour had ended?
I was shocked and hurt. I couldn't believe it. I was already feeling a little insecure. It was just not a good experience. I was happy to see Bret because I've had a crush on him since I was 8 years old. I wish I had an opportunity to see if we had a chemistry, a connection.

Have you watched the 'Rock of Love' sneak peek on VH-1's V-Spot?
Yes. I missed out on the chance to meet a great guy and have lots of fun.

What women are you liking that made it into the 'Rock of Love' mansion?
Heather of course, we sat next to one another. She is really a nice woman. Also I like Cindy a.k.a. Rodeo. She is beautiful. She seems like she's going to be the voice of reason in the 'Rock of Love' mansion.

How do you feel about Tiffany begging her way into the 'Rock of Love' mansion?
It was definitely a smart move. She took a chance and it worked. She's in the house. I would've loved to be in the house. However, I have a different personality and don't see myself doing what she did. I also signed a contract and had concerns.

What's your opinion of her questionable behavior after receiving Big John's mercy?
Wow, he gave her a second chance. She could very well be a nice person. On the show she is a train wreck. Tiffany comes off as obnoxious and rude. I don't know maybe she is behaving in that manner for shock value. If I had gotten a second chance I'd be on my best behavior. *laughs Maybe that's why I went home. I was too boring for reality television.

Do you wish you had knocked on the door and begged for entrance into the mansion?
Kind of, I have mixed emotions. That's a hard question. I've could've tried harder to stay but I didn't think I had an option.

How do you pay your bills?kelly-vh1-the-rock-of-love
Trade shows, promotional, runway and print modeling pays a lot of my bills. I am also a receptionist part time.

What are your future goals and dreams?
Professionally, I would love to pursue acting. I am also considering going to college and majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Personally I'd like to meet my soul mate. *giggles And have my fairy tale wedding.

Tell me what you would want in a soul mate.
Of course I want a man who shares my sense of humor. A guy who can make me laugh. He would have to be goal oriented. He'd have to have the ability to maintain his own lifestyle and a car. Definitely a guy who is down to earth and not full of himself. I would like him to appreciate and respect me. (D@mn, appreciation and respect ... how lovely!)

Well Kelly we are done, anything else you want the readers to know?
Well I was highly disappointed not making it into the house. I imagine it wasn't meant to be for me this time. I am alright and moving forward. VH-1 could've done things differently. However, if they had, I would've never made it on the first episode. So with that said, I am thankful to VH-1 and 51 Minds for giving me a chance. The good far outweighed the bad. Everyone keep on watching 'Rock of Love'. I know I will be watching to see all of the good times and drama I missed out on. *We both laugh.

A refreshing Qmoment!


  1. steups // 17/7/07 6:33 PM  

    she's too sweet, I would have cussed VH1 and Big Jerk

  2. 3pm // 17/7/07 6:35 PM  

    who is she

  3. The Q // 17/7/07 6:36 PM  

    That interview with another one is in the works.

  4. The Q // 17/7/07 6:36 PM  

    OMG, 3pm!

    I've missed you!!!!

  5. 3pm // 17/7/07 6:40 PM  

    my true love quanda what been going on

  6. The Q // 17/7/07 6:50 PM  

    Life, 3pm, life .... and man it's rough but I am hanging.

    What's been going on with you?

  7. po-mike // 17/7/07 7:09 PM  

    hey quanda maybe you can help me out i'm trying to change my email on myspace to customer service but they don't respond what should i do

  8. The Q // 17/7/07 7:11 PM  

    Po-Mike, MAN!!!

    I haven't a clue. I know a few who have complained about not being able to for some reason.

    All I can type is good luck and keep contacting customer service until they respond.

  9. Gabrielle // 17/7/07 9:22 PM  

    Q thanks for doing that for me today. I'm going through some Elle Word setbacks :( lol. Sorry Kelly fans

  10. Licious // 17/7/07 9:24 PM  

    What it do People People?

    Hope all is well with everyone. Just rolled thru to read my Twins interview. Good job, Q. Its HOT as usual. I feel sorry her!

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