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  1. Anonymous // 21/7/07 8:00 PM  

    sup steups "Thank God you don't say Mate No More

  2. steups // 21/7/07 8:04 PM  


  3. revenge // 21/7/07 8:06 PM  

    thats because hes an imposter.

    the real steups is somewhere re-reading harry potter.

  4. steups // 21/7/07 8:47 PM  

    I'm on page 140. I haven't had time to read it all. Although Dana has and his harassing me

  5. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 21/7/07 9:00 PM york

  6. Miss All Sunday // 21/7/07 9:14 PM  

    i read harry potter nonstop, and finished late this morning. it was undoubtedly the best book in the series, but i can't say it's my favorite book in general.

  7. misterballer // 21/7/07 9:15 PM  

    steups im on page 160!

  8. harry potter // 21/7/07 9:23 PM  

    steups Turn The Page to 155 i will be naked

  9. steups // 21/7/07 9:45 PM  

    liar, you were naked when the seven Potters were changing and that was early in the book.

  10. Miss All Sunday // 21/7/07 9:49 PM  

    ohhh whatcha gotta say to that harry?

  11. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 22/7/07 1:11 AM  

    Hello Everyone,

    What exactly do you want to know about the phone?

    Do anyone watch MTV? You all remember the movie Friday right? Why do they have a animated cartoon of Friday on MTV and have Connie Rice (the president secretary) on there that got feel up by a perv that suppose to be a police.

  12. Anonymous // 22/7/07 1:13 AM  

    LOL like that pic shawn

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