I won't lie, this site is damn good and Aurelius' video recaps make it even better than good (which is 'best', I am told)

I almost pissed my silk Gucci boxers when Aurelius described Tiffany as Toasteee and Nibblz combined. But I'll eliminate Aurelius for a fucking saltine if he keeps spending all our money on his wardrobe, just saying.
That damn jacket looks like it'd cost $2000 at 'Out of the Closet'
Anyways, here it is...


  1. Anonymous // 19/7/07 6:28 PM  


  2. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 19/7/07 6:56 PM  

    Howdy Folks,

    Very nice recap. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous // 19/7/07 7:00 PM  

    This show was funny but it will never replace Flavor of Love!!!! It's fun but I did not get the same kinda feel as FOL. FOL is my favorite trainwreck since Hickney(Brittney Spears) and this kinda felt like a cheap knock off. I remember New York in Season 1 and how much I hated her ass! I didn't get that with this show! They are all just a bunch of whore's. BRING BACK FLAVOR OF LOVE VH1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please god please!!!!!!! It was like watching a car crash with no deaths or injuries and the driver look's like a complete idiot and was so funny!! Ohh memories. I will protest outside of VH1 studios until the bring back FOL! Anyone with me??????? No???? FINE!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous // 19/7/07 7:13 PM  


  5. steups // 19/7/07 7:13 PM  

    Anon, I thought it was corny...and I am pretty certain the numbers are 40% fewer than FOL'S

    But they need new women for a Charm School 2 so they had to find them somewhere.

    Anon at 7...I am with you; but I suspect it's rally New York you're missing because she is the one constant in all four hit shows

  6. Anonymous // 19/7/07 7:24 PM  

    steups do flava flav get pay for all this Spin-Offs show if not he Should be suing VH1 and the Producers

  7. Anonymous // 19/7/07 7:31 PM  

    steups why should i miss new york that bitch already, have a Season Two in the works As We Speak

  8. steups // 19/7/07 7:32 PM  

    I know he's getting paid but is he getting paid enough. His show pulls 4mil a week and it's obviously produced on the cheap

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