I am stunned. Just as the Harry Potter movies I knew a time would come where it would be difficult to justify the PG rating, but not so soon...
This Charm School recap is just bananas. Filmed off-site, the recap includes some of the most daring visuals ever recorded on camera; including a strip-scene from Aurelius, Misterballer in haute couture and, and, and ***tears falling***, a touching scene with Aurelius and 'Baller on a toilet bowl (I cry each time I see it)

I know you want to see it so, look down and click something...


  1. Aisha // 14/7/07 8:51 PM  

    this is was very entertaining.

  2. misterballer // 14/7/07 10:54 PM  


  3. The Q // 15/7/07 12:10 AM  

    Good job Misterballer and Bhatti.

  4. SpeaKnTrutH // 15/7/07 2:14 AM  

    keep up the good work guys
    I can't wait for your "Rock of Love" recaps (that's the only way i'll watch/see the show)

  5. Beebs // 15/7/07 8:17 AM  

    bhatti, I usually love your recaps, but this one was messier than schatars wig. It was missing it's usual creativity, and the potty mouth was dissapointing as well.

  6. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 15/7/07 10:40 AM  

    I did not edit this one

  7. steups // 15/7/07 1:00 PM  


  8. misterballer // 15/7/07 2:00 PM  

    well, you didnt edit this,one. But I asked you many times to look at it,and make it how you wanted. Cause I didnt know how you would like it.

  9. misterballer // 15/7/07 2:00 PM  

    I'm suprised you would use that as an excuse to beebs.

  10. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 15/7/07 4:00 PM  

    Come, come boys don't argue. I enjoyed it very much (potty mouth and all). I thought it was funny as hell I especially loved your reenactments (esp the one in the bathroom and the one of Schatar stealing the wig.

    I can see the work that went into it and you should both be proud and congratulating each other and defending your work against the naysayers.

    Not everyone will like what you do and you have to get to the point where you say "Who vex lorse" (or in other words "If you don't like it that's your business". You can even throw in a "I'd like to see you do better"

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