What y'all think about this "Odd Couple"?
Mr Boston must not have heard what happened to Vanilla Ice; allegedly.


  1. Anonymous // 27/6/07 12:43 AM  

    That's not Mr. Boston, that's his twin.

  2. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 27/6/07 12:52 AM  


  3. Anonymous // 27/6/07 1:03 AM  

    that looks more like his twin to me too

  4. steups // 27/6/07 1:04 AM  


  5. steups // 27/6/07 1:05 AM  

    catch y'all tomorrow

  6. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 27/6/07 1:08 AM  




  7. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 1:32 AM  

    lol nut. thats been his twin, Mr. Boston knows not to get close to sugar. Suge don't treat his friends too well... as we can see in the case with 2 Pac ;)

  8. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 1:33 AM  

    Nice recap aurelius, I'll come rap on your show when is it? I wont freestyle though

  9. Anonymous // 27/6/07 2:30 AM  

    suge fright got a blowjob that night by boston's fag brother

  10. dalgal23 // 27/6/07 2:48 AM  

    So..anyone know where Mr. New York's Body is buried b/c you know after those first comments Suge had him killed..JUST KIDDING!!! LOLOLOL

  11. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 27/6/07 2:50 AM  


  12. Electra (trinidad) // 27/6/07 7:50 AM  

    Good Morning all. :)

  13. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 10:31 AM  

    good morning hollie

  14. Anonymous // 27/6/07 11:01 AM  

    Hey, Elle. Love Ya, Girl.

  15. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:08 AM  

    aww thanks, who are u?

  16. Anonymous // 27/6/07 11:10 AM  

    If I told you I would have to kill you.

    I keep it cute with you cause you are so sweet.

    Keep doing what you do, girl.

  17. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:16 AM  

    lol thanks thats so sweet

  18. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:17 AM  

    who on earth is Bret Michaels? I thought I would know him when i saw him but after seeing him i am LOST!! Who is this guy?

  19. Anonymous // 27/6/07 11:21 AM  

    He is a Professional Wrestler, I think?

  20. Anonymous // 27/6/07 11:25 AM  

    What was Mr. New York's secret?

    He should have sex with King Vic and Irre at the same time.

    Wouldn't that be a big chocolate mess.

    Oh - throw them three bitches from Q-Gasm in there too - LOL


  21. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:27 AM  

    lol irre ain't black is he?

    he didn't have a seceret he was just telling me he wasn't gay.

    I've heard his name but he don'tlook like the wrestler bret micheals i know, the one whose brother died

  22. I need to think of a new cool name // 27/6/07 11:29 AM  

    No Bret Micheals is the lead singer of Poison, a rock group from the 80's

  23. I need to think of a new cool name // 27/6/07 11:30 AM  

    He also made a sex tape with Pamala Anderson, that came out right after the one with her and Tommy Lee came out..

  24. I need to think of a new cool name // 27/6/07 11:30 AM  

    Sorry my mind is full of useless celebrity gossip!

  25. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:31 AM  

    ooooh ok, never heard of him in that case

  26. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:32 AM  

    i really don't think i'm watching rock of love, this casting special is full of silacone and i'm not feeling the fakeness

  27. I need to think of a new cool name // 27/6/07 11:32 AM  

    he is kinda you probarly wouldn't have, not like they were a great band or anything LOL

  28. I need to think of a new cool name // 27/6/07 11:33 AM  

    Have they showed a casting special yet?

  29. I need to think of a new cool name // 27/6/07 11:34 AM  

    I can't wait until they tell us who is going to be on ILNY2 from the website, that is sooo addicting!

  30. Alma // 27/6/07 11:37 AM  

    LMAO @ Aurelis in the yard.

  31. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 11:39 AM  

    i watched the casting special for ilny2 and i'm watching bret michaels now.

  32. The Q // 27/6/07 12:03 PM  

    Huh the LOVE....

    I feel the love. I am fat, ugly, old....


    It's been my reality for so very long. And I am suppose to be insulted by an anon. No, I feel the love that I am on their mind if only for a moment.

    P.S. Jane isn't fat.

  33. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:04 PM  

    lol thats right Q. and u not fat or ugly

  34. The Q // 27/6/07 12:05 PM  

    Irre is black, Gigi.

  35. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:07 PM  

    I don't why people keep on listening to Q's rumbles. She is not Fat or Ugly.

  36. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:11 PM  

    Ok I'm going to try this one more time.

    I don't know why people are listening to Quanda aka Q's rumbles. She is not Fat or Ugly.

    Actually she got it going on.

  37. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:11 PM  

    oh he don't look black in the pic i saw, where is he at?

    shawn we all kno q looks good, she just needs the reassurance ;) and ttention

  38. The Q // 27/6/07 12:16 PM  

    Gigi and Shawn,

    Stop lying! I put on a thong the other day and I looked like Jabba the Hut (Think Star Wars 'Empire Strikes Back')

  39. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:19 PM  

    lol quanda stop playing. we have all seen u now. just cause ya booty jigglse redundantly don't mean nuthing. bet ya husband likes it

  40. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:20 PM  


    As long as your man love it and loves you that's all that matter.

  41. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:22 PM  

    thats right

  42. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:33 PM  

    {looks around}

    Dang! I walk into a room and we're talkin about 'redundantly jiggling' booty! tell me, r we talking about 'Tip Drill' numba 2?! lol

    Hey mamas! Q, Gabby, and Shawn!

  43. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:35 PM  

    Hey Shawty,

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tip Drill? Ok explain that one.

  44. Electra (trinidad) // 27/6/07 12:39 PM  

    Hey All. Wat u guys discussing? Too lazy to read.

  45. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:40 PM  

    lol hey tx, and i'm like shawn i want u to explain the tip drill

  46. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:41 PM  

    discussin how beautiful Quanda is!!

    Aww my favorite people are in here today! I'mi happy now

  47. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:41 PM  

    WAIT!! Where is here4beer? she's been MIA

  48. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:41 PM  

    We discussing Booty, Thongs, Females stuff and what is a tip drill.

    Hello Electra and Gabby.

  49. The Q // 27/6/07 12:43 PM  

    Electra close your eyes.

    FUCKFACE for Shawty.

  50. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:43 PM  

    Shawn and Gabby: I was just skimming through the convo and saw Gabby's HILARIOUS "redundant jiggle" comment and automatically thought of Nelly's nasty 'Tip Drill' video...not Q...and what's tha deal? I've seen pics of Q and home girl is GORGEOUS...

    I think she needs help off the floor cuz mama Q is str8 TRIPPIN!

    {looks down at Q on the floor}

    Get up mama, you gone get your clothes dirty!


  51. The Q // 27/6/07 12:44 PM  

    Gigi just say NO to DRUGS.

    Is Nancy Reagan still breathing?

  52. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:46 PM  

    Q: YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Hey! Yesterday a anon called mr. NY an F(*&face and I thought it was FREAKING HILARIOUS cuz I immediately thought of NV and you! lol

    Shawn: Tip Drill--> Nelly's controversial-credit card-booty swiping video-->Tip drill means a woman with a body without the face to match--> Hence the lyrics "it must be yo a*& cuz it ain't your face..."

  53. Electra (trinidad) // 27/6/07 12:47 PM  

    LOL @ Q. OK can I open them now Q?

    Hey ladies Shawn, TX, Q, Gabby I am glad to see that I am on your fav list. LOL

    Yes Q u are woman so u are fab and u know it.

    As a matter of fact a wise woman once told me when she hears the word woman she thinks about strengh, beauty etc. does dat ring a bell Q?

  54. Electra (trinidad) // 27/6/07 12:48 PM  

    Yeah TX I immediately thought of Q too. LMAO

  55. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:48 PM  

    Oh man Electra,

    That remind me of a show I was listening to friday call the Divas Motivation show and it was good.

    That blogtalkradio have some good shows on there.

  56. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:49 PM  

    Gabby: I know, right? Here was my DAWG! Last time we talked on here was abt a wk ago...she left to bake a cake...I bet that cake is darker than a Flav left in the sun too
    Nah I'm just playing, I LOVE MY CHOCOLATE BROTHAS

  57. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:50 PM  


  58. Electra (trinidad) // 27/6/07 12:51 PM  

    Yeah Shawn the funny thing is Q was the one that told me this.

  59. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:53 PM  

    LOL @ TX.

    You know I love a chocolate man from a distance. They can be the most beautiful man on earth but all it take is onething to turn me off. It normally be the feets, the teeth, or he just too damn stuck on himself.

    You ever met a man that want to share the mirror with you and tell himself how beautiful he is. Such a turn off for me.

  60. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:54 PM  

    Q: Is my traveling blog mama, she commute from Qgasm to home lol

    E: Is my spiritual healing blog mama, she gives me my spiritual nutrients and reminds me and Gabby to be good lol

    Shawn: My mama that's always just chillin in the cut like 'wassup wit it?!' lol

    Gabby: bbff BLOG BEST FRIEND FOREVER {so wack lol) and Tx Sista

  61. Electra (trinidad) // 27/6/07 12:54 PM  

    Guys now why do I have to go and do this when all of us are here together?

    I have to run (shucks) I have before me a very close friend of mines (who happens to be very handsome), anywayz.......we are going out and catch up cause its some one I have not seen in yrs.

    So I am not one to pass up free food and grey goose (I dont think I should drink that) so free non-alcoholic drink and some good convo so..... Laterz

  62. The Q // 27/6/07 12:55 PM  



  63. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 12:55 PM  

    lol girl stop

  64. The Q // 27/6/07 12:55 PM  

    I just had a brilliant idea!

  65. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:55 PM  

    Shawn: Lol...That WAS you telling me bout the men with the bad feet and the teeth that look like a grill but you discover they're his actual TEETH! EYUK!

  66. The Q // 27/6/07 12:57 PM  

    Wow @ Tip Drill information!!!

    Why do women put that up as their myspace names?


  67. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:58 PM  

    E: You always leaving me! I'm like the abandoned kid waiting outside after school for their mama and although they're well aware that she's late and probably ain't gone take em to the park like she promised, she waits and waits in the hopes that mommy will actually come through this time! lol

  68. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:58 PM  


    Here I am trying to get my groove back on. I don't know what I'm attractive to anymore. Maybe I need to find me a alien and what's up with that.


  69. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 12:59 PM  

    OK can someone explain that to the senior citzen over here in the corner.

    Thank you

  70. txshawty // 27/6/07 12:59 PM  

    Q: Yup...ppl claim stuff and they don't even know the background or what its about...that's where ignorance comes in! I would NEVER call myself a tip drill cuz that'd be me actually ADMITTING my face looks like a gorilla's hind parts! lol

  71. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 1:00 PM  

    Never mind Found it.


  72. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 1:01 PM  

    So many definitions. WOW.

  73. txshawty // 27/6/07 1:04 PM  

    Shawn: And not-uh-one definition is!

  74. txshawty // 27/6/07 1:06 PM  

    A guy can be a 'Tip-Drill' as well, tho, b/c in another part of the song a woman's voice come in, "i said it must be ya money cuz it ain't ya face, you a tip drill, n---- you a tip drill"

  75. The Q // 27/6/07 1:09 PM  

    Well I am ignant but I know I am not a Tip Drill because my body is whack too.


  76. txshawty // 27/6/07 1:14 PM  

    QQQQQQQQQ!!!!!!!! Stop it! are not a TIP Drill...Fire Drill...Drill Sgt. or ANY drills! Just stop it! lol

  77. Gabrielle // 27/6/07 1:21 PM  

    I'm an Oil Drill, and a Tip Topper but never a tip drill ;)

  78. Anonymous // 27/6/07 1:21 PM  

    Who wants to play "Tummy Sticks"?

  79. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 1:25 PM  

    You ladies are a trip. LOL

  80. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 27/6/07 1:26 PM  

    morning yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! york

  81. Luv // 27/6/07 1:27 PM  

    I am not sure if that is Mr. Boston, or his twin brother . (It look like his twin. Mr. Boston has more weight on him. ). I just hope that whoever that is , is not trying to get a record deal. I do not want to see a rapping Mr. Boston. LOL!

  82. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 1:32 PM  

    LOL. A rapping dude that piks his nose. Now that would sell millions. LOL

  83. txshawty // 27/6/07 1:39 PM  

    {looks up and idea bubble appears to picture Shawn's description of a rapping dude that picks his}

    It must be the BOOGERS cuz it ain't ya face, I needa Gold-digga a BOOGUH-gold digga...

  84. txshawty // 27/6/07 1:40 PM  

    Hey mr. NY!

  85. Anonymous // 27/6/07 1:44 PM  

    mr new york takes shaft to jaw

  86. The Q // 27/6/07 1:45 PM  

    Hello Mr. NY!

    Shawty ROFLMAO

    that my dear deserves a FUCKFACE.

  87. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 27/6/07 1:45 PM  

    hey york

  88. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 27/6/07 1:46 PM  

    lol @ TX.

    Suga Knight got Mr. Boston dress up like RunDMC. He got the kangoo hat with the fake double rope chain with the big cellphone in his pocket. Rapping about Boogah. LOL.

  89. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 27/6/07 1:46 PM  

    hey q!!!!!!! york

  90. txshawty // 27/6/07 1:59 PM  

    Q: {tears up and steps to the podium for acceptance of my award} Thank you, thank you...I'd like to thank Mr. Boston for providing his finger, myself, and many others with a habit that provides us all with joy...

    Shawn: Lol...Whatever happened to Flav's album from FOL2? lol

    EVERYONE, Steups says there's a new post up!

  91. Anonymous // 27/6/07 2:04 PM  

    TX, OMG did you see him last night. I was crying laughing.

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