Gabrielle_T_talks_to_Larissa's_ex-friendsNot sure if I heard it but someone said something about 'New York' at the Charm School Finale on The Elle Word Radio Show last night.
Or, it might have been the Charm School Reunion Show.

Anyways, I can't recall with certainty because the show was 2 hours long. There was just so much information that I simply cannot summarize for you.
I can tell you there is a potential spoiler for the Charm School Reunion so be forewarned.
But much of the show was devoted to Larissa's ex-friends.

There was some confusion as to their credibility but as you listen you'd come to the general conclusion that they definitely know Larissa.
And if you want to know why they are her ex-friends, I urge you to download the entire podcast but maybe it has something to do with Larissa calling the LAPD over text-messages; allegedly.
Listen to the podcast.

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  1. Bubo the Hater // 30/6/07 12:01 PM  

    New York's ignorant ass needed to be a "student" in Charm well as her Trekkie looking mother.

  2. Anonymous // 30/6/07 12:25 PM  

    steups you sound sooo cute
    Send me a picture please I emaild you

  3. Anonymous // 30/6/07 12:26 PM  

    someone needs some Pro-Activ and her initials are GABBY! LMAO

  4. Anonymous // 30/6/07 12:29 PM  

    steups, bubo the hater and gabrielle are the same person.

  5. Anonymous // 30/6/07 12:33 PM  

    dont beg that beyoch to stay. let it go. come on in Mina and take over

  6. Anonymous // 30/6/07 12:49 PM  

    haha, sounds like to me that Larissa hung up, called the show from another number and posed as her own ex-friend. Perhaps it was one of her real friends or relatives posing as her ex-friend.

    Larissa has a very specific annunciation/diction; you're not going to find that in any old place in California. That person, the one doing the most talking is closer to her than let put on. They are helping promote her image and the controversy around it.

    Hype, all hype.

    The radio show is petty, so they used that stupidity to their benefit.

  7. Anonymous // 30/6/07 12:53 PM  

    never under estimate a person's intelligence.


  8. buckyblends // 30/6/07 1:09 PM  

    I told stups that NY was not there
    (I'm SOO Done here!)

  9. Anonymous // 30/6/07 1:11 PM  

    LOL anonyouse @12:26 this picture of Gabs shows very bad acne

  10. Anonymous // 30/6/07 1:59 PM  

    what was the potential spoiler for the charm school reunion? i really dont want to listen to the whole thing to find it.

  11. buckyblends // 30/6/07 2:06 PM  

    Only a worthless piece of shit sits behind their computer and tries to criticize little things about people. Get out into the world and start accepting people for who and what they are. The more you can work with different people, races and views the more successful you will be in life.
    You sit there and talk shit because you hate yourself. You feel that your'e a big nothing so it makes you feel good being nasty to others and bringing them down.
    You can change that...I work with all different types and I really love the differences in people..
    Some of you envy these people on tv and wish you could be famous, but you will never be in the industry if you are thinking these ignorant homophobic things I keep seeing here.

  12. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 30/6/07 2:25 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  13. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 30/6/07 2:26 PM  

    bucky, did you know that most homophobs are suppressed homosexuals

    LMAO I learned that on Law and Order: SVU yesterday

  14. Miesha // 30/6/07 3:23 PM  

    Wow, what going on aroung here? Why are people messing with Gabby? Gabby is a very pretty classy girl anon's.

    What do you look like?

  15. Miesha // 30/6/07 3:33 PM  

    Oh yeah Gabby....I LOVE YOUR THEME SONG!!!!!!

    I am just listening to the radio show, and Steups were you really mean to Gabby?

  16. misterballer // 30/6/07 3:36 PM  

    steups do you get paid, for having advertisements like HBO.

  17. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 30/6/07 3:48 PM  

    Have anyone seen the preview of rock of love preview yet? LOL. From the preview they look like they got the FOL 1 and 2 girls beat.

  18. misterballer // 30/6/07 4:05 PM  

    I did, lol yeah it seems interesting

  19. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 30/6/07 4:29 PM  

    damn no new york at the reunion noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! york

  20. Anonymous // 30/6/07 5:05 PM  

    no mr new york but her dick will be LOL

  21. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 30/6/07 5:07 PM  

    lmao lol hahahahaha 4.4million viewers is all im york

  22. Anonymous // 30/6/07 5:29 PM  


  23. Anonymous // 30/6/07 6:08 PM  

    yes 4.4million losers who don't have a life or job LMFAO

  24. Anonymous // 30/6/07 6:28 PM  

    yes, well that describes you and this page as well!

  25. Anonymous // 30/6/07 7:12 PM  

    This is where I officially stop reading this blog

  26. Anonymous // 30/6/07 7:52 PM  

    promises, promises

  27. Bubo the Hater // 30/6/07 8:09 PM  

    So I am Purple Haze, Meups/weups and Gabrielle? Ay other personalities that I share on here?

  28. Anonymous // 30/6/07 8:34 PM  

    Anyway, I was out in the neighborhood trying to find any girl that I could find that would get naked and didn't have any luck at all. I was even getting desperate enough to approach women that were walking with their boyfriends. That's the only way that I was able to find this girl.......Out on the streets, she uses the name "Lucky". And believe me, Lucky and her boyfriend doesn't give a damn about anything except the loot. That's why I call her "Lucky Loot-tiano".....

    I saw lucky and her boyfriend standing on the corner with some wasted looking crackheads and Lucky was lighting up a cigarette...I drove by and waved at her...she waved back so I turned around the corner to meet up with them. When she got to my car, I told her what I wanted to do and she said cool but she wanted her "brother" to ride with us...Now let me describe this nigga to you. He was black as tar with bloodshot mean looking eyes, and a long fresh scar from the bridge of his nose to the tip of his nose. I almost told her no but I had to make a judge of character and let him ride with us.

  29. dalgal23 // 30/6/07 9:36 PM  

    bubo..are you Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, me, Cinderella, Bigfoot, and did you just save 15% of your car insurance by switching to Geico????

  30. dalgal23 // 30/6/07 9:40 PM  

    As for all the comments about New York...there are going to be people who love her and people who hate her, but people are gonna talk about her. She is just one of those type of people that people are gonna watch. I happen to enjoy watching her. I will admit she is amusing as hell, especially when she is done with someone.

  31. Anonymous // 30/6/07 9:49 PM  


  32. Anonymous // 30/6/07 9:57 PM  

    i'm taking a shit right now bitch ass

  33. Anonymous // 1/7/07 12:01 AM  

    foofie sounds like a country ignorant bitch she insulted my race

  34. Anonymous // 1/7/07 1:09 AM  

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  35. Anonymous // 1/7/07 1:24 AM  

    elle or gabrielle were are you

  36. Anonymous // 1/7/07 2:25 AM  


  37. Anonymous // 1/7/07 2:54 AM  

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  38. Anonymous // 1/7/07 3:06 AM  

    Recently, New York has been quoted as saying that STEUPS has a 2-inch dick. If you would've won the YODELING COMPETITION, would she have been able to say that about you, JoHNNY?
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  39. Anonymous // 1/7/07 5:24 AM  

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  40. RichBoi88 // 1/7/07 11:35 PM

    check it out

  41. Chris // 2/7/07 12:26 AM  

    Wow thats crazy. I guess Larissa aint really likable she just cute. Could you guys do me a favor and help a brotha get on the next season of the real world by taking 2 seconds to register n vote for me?

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