He no longer needs an introduction.
It's Aurelius with another one of his funny (and serious at times) video recaps of an Episode of Charm School.

You know what would be funny? If one of the Charm School ladies were to suddenly walk in on his recaps and curse the hell out of Aurelius.
Who knows? Maybe it happened in this weeks video recap....

Hope you enjoy. (next week Misterballer returns)


  1. steups // 3/5/07 5:13 PM  

    Dude, I cannot wait for your next recap. This shit is getting better and better and better

  2. misterballer // 3/5/07 5:20 PM  

    haha, yes I was supposed to be in this episode caz im seeing him tomm but I dont want to delay the episode.

  3. misterballer // 3/5/07 5:21 PM  

    also aurelius becareful with the videos. Or your get deleted for noncopyright material

  4. Danger Zone // 3/5/07 5:29 PM  

    Another FUNNY recap Bhatti!

    Misterballer...when are we going to see you in one to these recaps?

  5. Anonymous // 3/5/07 5:30 PM  


    this recap was real funny

  6. Mexi-rican Mama (The new Ms. Latin) // 3/5/07 5:40 PM  

    I'm lovin' it Bhatti! And love the chicken shots

  7. Negrolicious // 3/5/07 5:40 PM  

    Aurelius, your video recaps are getting better and better. You are freakin hilarious. But why you gotta be dissin the big girlz?!?! LOL. Good job sweetie!

  8. Negrolicious // 3/5/07 5:43 PM  

    Im in love with a stripper playing in the background? CTFU! OMG, hilarious!

  9. steups // 3/5/07 5:43 PM  

    Anon, for whatever reason, I can't surf to that site from home.

    I used to read those Mexico recaps but I can't get down with insulting people for kicks.
    That aint funny to me

  10. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 3/5/07 5:51 PM  

    lol thanks for all of the love!!

    This episode may have seemed dull because I thought this episode was a bit dull

  11. misterballer // 3/5/07 6:05 PM  

    oh quanda, I'm in it next episode with clear camera. ( i was using the bad one on episode 2). Were both going to be togethor so itll be sweet. Its going to look diffrent because were using a diffrent perspective this time. You'll see it.

  12. lil_redhead // 3/5/07 7:25 PM  

    omg!! aurelius u crack my shit up! all u need is big boobs! lol! guess im set for life then...

    saaphyryi crack me up too...

  13. MAVERICKS WIN BABY.. AIN'T NO GOLDEN STATE Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 3/5/07 8:32 PM  

    Steups it's workin on IE7 I have it on my desktop comp and everything is copestetic

  14. ~MEALE~ // 3/5/07 8:56 PM  

    Great job Aurelius, I loved your video.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. misterballer // 3/5/07 9:31 PM  

    hey gab, today is the day for dallas to step up.

  16. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 3/5/07 9:39 PM  

    I really wanted to save "I'm in Love With A Stripper" for Smiley cause the song has a "sexy" ring to it and she is sexy, but I couldn't find a song for Toast

  17. Noemi // 3/5/07 10:25 PM  

    hook a nigga up:

    ^one of my best friends

  18. Shauntay *vote danesio* (ilovenewyork2.com/people/danesio831) // 4/5/07 12:34 AM  

    GAWD!... I'm actually starting to like these things! Not being too over dramatic is helping a lot. Good job Aurelius.

  19. steups // 4/5/07 12:43 AM  


  20. Shauntay *vote danesio* (ilovenewyork2.com/people/danesio831) // 4/5/07 1:01 AM  


  21. Noemi // 4/5/07 1:26 AM  


  22. Anonymous // 4/5/07 8:47 AM  



  23. Electra (trinidad) // 4/5/07 9:16 AM  

    Morning All. I missed u guys. NOw I am off to the dentist.


  24. *Gabrielle* Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 4/5/07 11:30 AM  

    Good mernin

  25. steups // 4/5/07 12:22 PM  

    We need to get these guys more publicity.
    Come on y'all watch the videos

  26. *Gabrielle* Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 4/5/07 12:30 PM  

    what videos? who has a good video?

  27. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 4/5/07 3:08 PM  

    lol gabrielle...me!!!

  28. Anonymous // 4/5/07 5:59 PM  

    Please guys remember to vote for:


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