The Preacher’s Son

As I sit here trying to compose myself, Madonna’s Human Nature playing in the background, I must admit, the man that we all know as Onix has me a bit…anxious to say the least.

When I found out that I had an opportunity to interview him, my devil horns started twitching. I mean when I think of him, I get a little lightheaded and weak. You know, the man is just…I’m mean he’s…he’s just so good that it makes you forget yourself. (I cant forget too much or Mr. R will have me in shackles).

I dialed his number, anticipation giving me butterflies and when he picked up, my smile reached from ear to ear. This man’s voice is sexy! Yet, his whole demeanor was so laid back and easy. A couple of giggles at the beginning of the conversation was all I needed to calm down and really find out what makes this preacher’s son the catch of the century.

So here we go ladies, a look inside the man:

First and Foremost:
He’s single. “I Love New York’s” most eligible bachelor believes even in love at first sight and has this to say about love
“I mean, I have my beliefs and disbeliefs about love, sometimes its hard to recognize real love…ive been in a situation where I was more in love with someone than they were with me. But you know when I was younger I didn’t believe in a lot of things, now after everything ive been through, I do believe in love, even love at first sight…it’s all about finding a balance.”

Yummy. I asked him what his type of woman would be (preferably a rough around the edges smart mouthed puertorican girl from Brooklyn). The first thing that gets his attention is…presence.
“a woman’s presence gets me everytime, the way she carries herself you know? Confidence and presence will definitely capture my attention…that and a nice pair of legs.”

I purreddddddddd when he said that and asked him “oh really? Tell me more, sexy man.”

A quick laugh and he admitted that not only is he a “leg man” but that he has a shoe fetish. (I have to remember to breathe when im writing this ::sigh::) Now ladies and gentlemen is where I perked up…a fetish is something in my mind that should be not only encouraged but thoroughly explored. Ladies, get yourselves a nice pair of four inch heels and work it! In the background plays “Justify My Love” again by, Madonna and I eye my peek-a-boo toe black stilettos with a faraway look in my eyes. (FOCUS, revenge, FOCUS)


I inquired about our lovely man’s “statistics”…before you guys lose your minds, I wasn’t able to fully explore the meaning I had originally intended for we know what a good man Onix is… he did divulge that he works out regularly and
“I can lift enough weight to get down to business”

Interpret that as you see fit. Cause I know how I envisioned it. Heh.

Yet I have to put away my devil’s horns for a moment. This is a preacher’s son and although I can try and weave my spells and seduce him to the dark side, in all truth his beliefs are truly important to him. We talked about that briefly and he said,
“spirituality is very important to me, its about being able to have peace of mind…I mean, I respect religion as a whole although I’m a Christian, I believe that all religion is about having a unified collective for a common good. I grew up in a home where that was so important, you know, my dad’s a minister and so is my little brother. Everyone has their own relationship with God, and that’s where we get our spirituality from…it encompasses every living creature on earth.”

Wow. See? I told you this would be good.

And here is the pinnacle girls…the man can sing. Although very hesitant to talk about his aspirations as a vocalist, Onix talked very passionately about his influences beginning with Gospel and growing up listening to the choirs to getting down with Miles Davis and Etta James.
“I crumble when I think about how I didn’t embrace it as I was growing up…you know I was the preacher’s kid who couldn’t break from that realm of the church, scared of pursuing music outside of the choir…but I listen to jazz and I’m drawn into it, I get inspired.”

His aspirations lie in what draws him in….unlike most contestants who already have backgrounds in entertainment…our white collar man has only recently become interested in the spotlight, (we need you in that spotlight gorgeous!) really interested in being a host or television personality, perhaps something in fitness?

Onix and I spoke a lot and the more I spoke to him, the more I found myself thinking how surprised I am. I never expected for him to be so down to earth or so irresistibly likeable…like you cant help but crush on him. Its no wonder that he is our chosen one, our favorite eligible bachelor.


And we cant forget his dedication to supporting…so if you can…go check out the website, find out what’s going on and help spread awareness!

Aye Onix, you have the brain, the body, the smile, and the heart! Its no wonder why we love you!

So here is my dedication songs for Onix, “You Give Me Fever” by Peggy Lee and “I Like It” by, Moby. All for you.

::wink:: now im off to go take a cold shower.


  1. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 1:38 PM  

    Excellent job Revenge! Onix popped your cherry lucky lass.


  2. revenge // 5/4/07 1:44 PM  



    i cant even...aye dios mio.

    i need a drink.

  3. HALF PANAMANIAN HALF BLACK [best of both] // 5/4/07 1:44 PM  

    good afternoon quanda

  4. SpeaknTrutH // 5/4/07 1:50 PM  

    Good Afternoon all

    revenge ... nice job on the interview
    i think this interview should help push him right into that winner spot.^_^
    Quanda how's the mr.fine 2007 looking?

  5. revenge // 5/4/07 1:52 PM  

    thank you speak.

    where's TX when you need her?

  6. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 1:58 PM  

    Hey y'all. Pretty bummed about the interview so I'll just speak and leave. Have a blessed day

  7. revenge // 5/4/07 2:00 PM  



  8. Shawn // 5/4/07 2:16 PM  

    Alright I brought back my band just for Revenge.

    Go Revenge get your boogie on.
    Drop it like it hot Revenge.


    This is the reply we got back "I'm OK. Can someone call bengay for me."

    Now the party can continue.


  9. Lady Ty // 5/4/07 2:23 PM  

    Nice interview Rev...I enjoyed it thoroughly

    Quanda when are we gonna post Tango up as winner of the Mr.Fine 2007.

    I wish someone would get ahold of him(Tango ) and do an interview for our blog exclusively...maybe i will track him down in Tampa.

  10. Shawn // 5/4/07 2:26 PM  

    You know ONix remind me of that song Candyman by Christina Aguilera

  11. steups // 5/4/07 2:33 PM  

    Oh shit, I didn't see this here at all...let me go read

  12. steups // 5/4/07 2:38 PM  

    Did Onix speak Aramaic during this interview, lmao?

    Oh hell man...this shit makes me look bad.

    Bubooooooooooooooooooo, I need you Bubo!

  13. Shawn // 5/4/07 2:39 PM  

    You know I hate talking in codes.

    Hey Steups did you notice anything on the article you post?

  14. steups // 5/4/07 2:41 PM  

    You mean the link to this blog?

  15. Shawn // 5/4/07 2:44 PM  


    Look again. You might have to Zoom in real good.

    So where is it?

    Why dude look like he have a cone head for real. You all remember the cone head movie with dan something from saturday night live.

  16. steups // 5/4/07 2:50 PM  

    Shawn...get outta here, lol.
    There's something freaky about Whiteboy's head too. Someone mentioned it to me but I won't call her name

  17. steups // 5/4/07 2:51 PM  

    Good interview Revenge...but why do I feel you kept certain parts of the interview to yourself?

  18. revenge // 5/4/07 2:52 PM  

    thank you sure do know how to cheer a woman up.

    thanks guys!!


    hmph, you are the devil i swear.

  19. Shawn // 5/4/07 2:53 PM  

    No Serious Steups,

    Go and look at the pic and tell me where it at?

    I hope you know I hate talking in codes. I like to make jokes and I promise i would be good.

  20. ~MEALE~ // 5/4/07 2:59 PM  

    Great job on the interview Revenge.:)
    Thank you and Onix for sharing part of himself with us.

    Hello to everyone here.

  21. revenge // 5/4/07 3:02 PM  

    thanks meale.

    but all i did was type the damn thing up...the man has charm.

    onix for MR. F.I.N.E. 2007!

  22. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 3:05 PM  

    What up Meale?

  23. ~MEALE~ // 5/4/07 3:12 PM  

    You're welcome Revenge, you did much more than that.
    I read between the lines and needed a cold shower myself...lmao

    Hey Danger how's it going?

  24. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 3:14 PM  

    All I have to say on Onix is his voice is as sexy as he looks.

    But I wasn't moved. Now Whiteboy is a whole different thing. I need to call him. Bye.

  25. ~MEALE~ // 5/4/07 3:17 PM  

    Lmao @ Danger
    How's the voting going btw?

  26. Shawn // 5/4/07 3:19 PM  

    Hey Meale,

    I feel like I know a superstar. Did you know your tribute to tango was seen on another blog?

  27. Anonymous // 5/4/07 3:19 PM  

    excuse me, did not tango say he was making his last public statement about whiteboy months ago until the reunion yet he still keep running the mouth ...he not even a man of his word. he is a bitch ass excuse of a man.

    steups great site man

  28. WHere the ring Man // 5/4/07 3:22 PM  

    now that is so funny.

  29. steups // 5/4/07 3:24 PM  


  30. ~MEALE~ // 5/4/07 3:24 PM  

    Hi Shawn,
    How are you today?
    No I haven't seen it. What site?

  31. steups // 5/4/07 3:25 PM  

    Thanks anon...but I like to think he's reiterating and not making another statement.

    One thing we are certain about....


  32. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 3:27 PM  

    What's up, ya'll? Danger Zone, you sound like you in love with Onix or something. lol.

  33. Shawn // 5/4/07 3:31 PM  

    Hey Meale,

    I'm great. You have mail Meale.

  34. ~MEALE~ // 5/4/07 3:38 PM  

    Thanks Shawn,
    I saw it.
    What they wrote about the cousins or some random woman was just too funny.

  35. Anonymous // 5/4/07 3:39 PM  

    reiterating is still making a public may be the same statement on repeat plus he's been on radio stations talking about whiteboy and i said he is a propose to a woman who choses you and then wants to kiss another man in front of you.then you propose toher. and after the whole thing is aired you still talking crap.but the bitch fronted you and told the world you got a little dick the size of a tango is a bitchass man and his fans may be blinded my his man titties but im not she should have kept wood and called it a day.and as far as his wacked ass hater post that I read about haters=people who have nothing good to say about some ever. man you on reality tv.peoplegoing to have their opinions.he got jacked up skin but he treated his moms well.he can get some clean and clear.i give credit were credit is and his rapping is wack.he just a man!so i don't need him to acknowledge me as long as god has my back.wack statement,if he don't acknowledge someone they don't exist.full of himself.

  36. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 3:47 PM  

    damn, anomymous... well everybody has their own opinion. Tango is like New York now, either you really love her or you really hate her. lol. in this case, you really hate Tango.

  37. Anonymous // 5/4/07 3:51 PM  

    tlb,i dont hate no man.i just read and hear alot of contradictions coming out of dudes mouth.alot of hot air,excuses and nonsense imo.but hey alot of people feel the guy.i did for a minute but it went downhill fast.i don't know patrick, but tango on tv= wack.his fans deserve more.

  38. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 3:56 PM  

    It is kinda of embarrasing when your girl says that you have a small dick that's just embarrassing. Why would she say that anyway, thaT's dont sound like New York. Where did you hear about that?

  39. steups // 5/4/07 4:04 PM  

    Refresh your browsers, people.
    There is a video below the Onix interview i'd like y'all to watch

  40. Anonymous // 5/4/07 4:07 PM  

    its in king york did a interview and posed for some shots.and radio stations and other blogs been talking about it.i read it for myself.she said the winner had a 2inch dick.she trying to work with what god blessed him with.she showed his moms and tango no respect.he said something about what he represent a lack of backbone and dignity.

    steups why you and your crew ain't posted about the little dick situation?yall pro tango or what?

  41. Shawn // 5/4/07 4:09 PM  

    Damn Damn

  42. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:10 PM  

    that's the same reaction I had too, Meale. I just knew she was gonna pick Chance. LOL.

  43. Shawn // 5/4/07 4:10 PM  


    At this current time we are doing some research about something.

    Stay Tuned ok.

  44. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 4:10 PM  


    I am so glad someone sees tango for the cornball bitch that he is.

  45. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 4:11 PM  

    Hey Shawn

  46. steups // 5/4/07 4:12 PM  

    Anon, we are pro-good people.

    Now, had she said that about Whiteboy or Chance? I would have had video and recreations of a disappointed woman leaving their bedrooms and shit, lmao.

    By the way, if any girl out there produces a video like that; let me know and I'll put it up.

  47. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:14 PM  

    ya'll gone do some research on that Vibe Magazine interview?

  48. Shawn // 5/4/07 4:17 PM  

    Hey Jane?

    how are you today?

  49. Shawn // 5/4/07 4:17 PM  

    What's in the VIBe magazine?

    Also welcome to the blog TLB

  50. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:20 PM  

    Anomymous said that New York says in Vibe magazine that that Tango has a 2inch dick and she's tryna work with it and that everybody's been talking about it since.

  51. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 4:20 PM  

    I'm good Shawn

    Who's the "dog"

  52. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:20 PM  

    oh my bad it's King magazine. lol

  53. Anonymous // 5/4/07 4:25 PM  

    tib are you new on hear

  54. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:27 PM  

    oh yeah. I just started my own blog. it's pretty cool. but i've been coming to this blog for a minute since last year i never really made any comments i just visited alot cause they always know whats goin on.

  55. Anonymous // 5/4/07 4:28 PM  

    steups,i love your blog.i been around for getting better and better.that q honey is fire.i think i seen her before but she got a different name.she use to be my boys wifey.but i aint for sure.if its her she stuck up for real.but she funny on here.ask her what she know about russian jewels.if she who i think she is.she will know.she didnt approved my friends request and now i cant find her page no on the pro good people thing. you all be slipping and you be hating on whiteboy hard.i dont know if he real or not didnt grow up with him.but he running with the marleys and that aint shabby.onix seem like he got his shit of reaction was york should have walked away from both of them and started OVER!

  56. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 4:38 PM  


  57. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:39 PM  

    Yeah, Steups, do it up for real.

  58. Shawn // 5/4/07 4:40 PM  


    New York Dog Her magesty. I hope I spell it right.

  59. Anonymous // 5/4/07 4:41 PM  

    who gay grbrielle

  60. steups // 5/4/07 4:47 PM  

    refresh your browsers again, please. Another YouTube below the Onix interview

  61. steups // 5/4/07 4:49 PM  

    anon...that's a curious comment.
    I'ma have to let Q address that one...but thanks for the compliment.

  62. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:52 PM  

    OH shit LOL. Ya'll ARE Crazy. LOl New York really hurt them boys. lol who made these.

  63. revenge // 5/4/07 4:53 PM  

    am i the only person not to hear of this two inch comment?

    someone link me por favor.

  64. steups // 5/4/07 4:55 PM  

    We all know why the girl in the video liked Chance, don't we?

  65. steups // 5/4/07 4:55 PM  

    t-l-b...that shit is bananas....
    Those boys were caged, fed and let loose to fend for themselves.

  66. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:56 PM  

    why? lol

  67. steups // 5/4/07 4:57 PM  

    Rev, NY said the winner has a two inch penis; allegedly.
    But it's not on the site; you need to buy King.

    Q has the mag but she's an undercover TANGO FAN!
    So don't expect to see it here

  68. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 4:58 PM  

    LOL. Chance was whining like a bitter bitch, he was mad as hell. Damn, New York must got some bomb ass. She must have put it on him for real.

  69. steups // 5/4/07 4:59 PM  

    Chance and Real know damn well they were whipped. And whipped fine as if she put their shit in a blender.

    They are just trying to save face now.
    At least Real's ex showed some interest. Chance is probably smoking Whiteboy's blunt, lmfao

  70. revenge // 5/4/07 4:59 PM  

    umm so i saw the interview and i dont see where she says that the winner has a two inch anything...

    someone enlighten me!

  71. Shawn // 5/4/07 4:59 PM  


    You need to be quiet before Jane and Quanda jump again.

  72. revenge // 5/4/07 5:00 PM  

    ahh too late steups you already have.

    and for the record, i cant stand tango.

    i think i just made myself sick to my stomach.

  73. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 5:01 PM  

    no one is gay. i'm just sad anon for obvious reasons

  74. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:03 PM  

    New York's mom had me on the floor dying laughin. "didn't I tell you take the money. look at you now, you're just a big loser." that is one funny ass lady she's a trip. lol.

  75. Mexirican Mama // 5/4/07 5:03 PM  

    Tango having a little dick does explain why he acts like a little bitch

  76. steups // 5/4/07 5:04 PM  

    why does he make you sick...rev.

    You heard what he said about Whiteboy...fake like New York's weave.

  77. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:04 PM  


    Just think if her momma wasn't outside I bet you NY would had ran outside for Chance regardless if she choose Tango.

  78. steups // 5/4/07 5:05 PM  

    tlb...and then she dropped the "hasta la vista" on his ass

  79. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:07 PM  

    Anon, what's good? You are running your gums about me why? I am stuck up. Naw bitch, I wasn't one of you alls groupies! I was in a relationship with G.A....what I turned you down? LMAO this is Blog Life not Real Life. He and I were what we were and that's long behind me. If you still in contact with him. Tell him I said, 'I forgive him.' Russian jewels, yes I know a lot about them ...they shining in the jewelry armoire. Keep your comments off of me. Thanks. (pre-vi-et-cock-di-lah) My bad...I don't know how to write in Russian so I tried to deliver it phonetically.

  80. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:08 PM  

    I knew those were some rumors don't even sound like New York. But shawn, New York was fakin that shit when she was cryin for chance. that was fake and i don't care what nobody. I love new york but she was tryna make her cry for the cameras. lol.

  81. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:09 PM  

    mexirican mama i don't know if tango have a little dick but i do know that steups have a baby dick

  82. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:13 PM  

    Hey can I get a hook up on a Russian Mink Coat?

    I can reccommend Fendi if you like.

    Hell if you guys going to talk about Jewerly do you guys got a underground dealer you can reccommend?

  83. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:15 PM  

    What I want to know is it me ...or was anyone else pleasantly surprise by Onix's shoe fetish or leg fetish?

  84. steups // 5/4/07 5:15 PM  

    Revenge; what's your next article?

  85. the thrill is gone // 5/4/07 5:16 PM  

    bull crap

  86. steups // 5/4/07 5:16 PM  

    Reads Quanda's response and pretends I didn't read Quanda's response.

  87. the thrill is gone // 5/4/07 5:17 PM  

    no wasn't surprised by nothing onix said cause that was my interview. Q he can call somebody else, he don't have to call me no more.

  88. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:18 PM  

    Mine was from the family's jewelry boutique. LOL, I never got a mink.

    I wish Onix was around. I want to ask him an important question.

  89. steups // 5/4/07 5:18 PM  

    You're right though...Damian Marley is on fire these days so he must be doing something right; to be hanging with that cat.

  90. steups // 5/4/07 5:19 PM  

    the thrill is gone?
    Who are you? Were you?

  91. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:19 PM  

    Gigi, what the hell is wrong with you? I had told you ...he had already agreed to do it with someone else. Don't be like that!

  92. Quanda is a cool and down to earth female // 5/4/07 5:19 PM  


    Quanda is a down to earth female. If she was a stuck up female she would not get along with any other females on here. So do us a favor don't bring her business all up in here for we don't care.

    Maybe it's a reason she don't want to be bother with your friends. Could it be she move on and got something better.

  93. the thrill is gone // 5/4/07 5:22 PM  

    I know, but it still don't change the depression that hit once i read it.

    steups, i'm the baddest chick on this blog, when i'm not depressed, u know me

  94. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:22 PM  


    Can I have a burger king whopper and slurpee on the side? Make sure you hold the cheese.

  95. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:22 PM  

    Shawn, go the BX, Brooklyn, or any hood in New York. They have a lot of underground deal. My cousin Angie has about 2 very real pair of shades from Versace. You can get anything underground in New York.

  96. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:22 PM  

    wow!!!!!!!!!! today is truely a busy day but how are you guys

  97. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:23 PM  

    Oh come on Gabby,

    The next time he call you get him to do a interview with you. You can ask all the good stuff.

  98. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:23 PM  

    tib are you from bk

  99. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:23 PM  

    TLB you are so right about that one.

  100. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 5:24 PM  

    Shawn you voted for NY's dog

  101. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:26 PM  

    No I'm from Virginia but I have a lot of family in New York, I got up there every year. Last time I went, I got too much for too cheap. You can really get some good deals, plus there's no tax on anything. New York is bomb. It's nice to visit but it's too crazy to live there. I was gonna go to school there until I got accepted in to ACA in LA.

  102. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:29 PM  

    whts sup york

  103. Why Am I Doing This // 5/4/07 5:29 PM  

    damn it Gabby! do i have to come here just to cheer you up?! snap out of it. i wasn't even going to come here today becuz i didn't want to seem like an attention whore. but you need to buck up. don't be down. there's plenty of love to go around. :) Peace! I'm out. See you after the reunion show!

  104. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:30 PM  

    The contest is going to end when I stop getting votes or Tuesday night whichever comes sooner.

    Onix is in the lead for Screwable

    Whiteboy is in the lead for Congeniality and Believable.

    Real fans are making a play for the top spots but they have a long way to go. Tango fans are sleeping. Rico is starting to get some action. And someone is really digging Real. 12 Pack is also getting some love in Screwable.

  105. the thrill is gone // 5/4/07 5:31 PM  

    shawn u are so inspirational. don't mean nothing if quada gives the interview away again though.

  106. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:32 PM  

    Onix love... if I sand blast my feet, will you suck them and pretend you're Whiteboy?

  107. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:33 PM  

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i feel ignored lol york

  108. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:33 PM  

    TLB did you hear 50cent he going to retire fom hip hop real soon

  109. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:36 PM  

    Gigi,it wasn't my interview to assign. Onix sought Revenge out. He wanted no part of Q (Jane corrupted me.) Now the man, out of the kindness of his fine ass self has told you to cheer up. Get it together!

  110. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:37 PM  

    Gabby we share the love around here.

    See I didn't know Onix has a shoe fetish. Is that with heels on? Stockings on?

    Wonder if he pour hotsause on my toes and suck on them like that wanyan brother did on that movie with the chick that had all of those kids.

  111. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:37 PM  

    what? I'm not surprise G-Unit's record sales aren't doin good. 50's makin alot of money anyway so he don't even need to rap no more.

  112. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:38 PM  

    good danger quanda zone no whiteboy comment

  113. the thrill is coming back // 5/4/07 5:38 PM  

    When did he say that Q?

  114. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:39 PM  

    Hey TLB

    He was on top model last night promoting his water and he kick a girl in the pool.

  115. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:42 PM  

    ummmmmmm steups? york

  116. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:42 PM  


    Had it been you would've surely read 3 or more comments about Whiteboy.

  117. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:43 PM  

    yeah TLB hip hop is just about dead rappers in the game suck

  118. the thrill is fading again // 5/4/07 5:43 PM  

    shawn i saw that too on top model, 50 cent a punk for push a girl but she was acting a nut.

  119. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:43 PM  

    damn it Gabby! do i have to come here just to cheer you up?! snap out of it. i wasn't even going to come here today becuz i didn't want to seem like an attention whore. but you need to buck up. don't be down. there's plenty of love to go around. :) Peace! I'm out. See you after the reunion show!

    5/4/07 5:29 PM

  120. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:45 PM  

    I am gone for awhile!

  121. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:45 PM  

    quanda are you going to the reunion show? york

  122. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:46 PM  

    Yeah, I was weak as hell damn. He just toss Jael in the pool cause she wouldn't get away from him. that was crazy.

  123. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:46 PM  

    shawn do you agree with me that hip hop is dead

  124. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:47 PM  

    He do stuff like that.

  125. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:49 PM  

    Well anon

    I'm going to agree or disagree with you. You got hiphop out here that you can really party too.

    I'm not a fan of hardcore rap.

    Hell I even listen to the black dude that rap western. Now he is a funny dude.

  126. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 5:50 PM  

    I wasn't able to get a ticket.

  127. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:50 PM  

    shawn do i send my podcast to york

  128. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:51 PM  

    damn why you ain't ask whiteboy to buy you a york

  129. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:53 PM  

    I probably could've gotten a ticket if I would've kept my ass in LA. Somebody here gonna get a ticket though. I hope they do. I don't wanna wait until the reunion to find out what happened.

  130. bhattipimpin88 // 5/4/07 5:54 PM  

    oh you tried to get tickets??

    that's sweet

  131. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:55 PM  

    i would rather not go i might jump from the audience to kick chances york

  132. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 5:56 PM  

    Mr. Ny

    are you mad at chance for his comments in the limo?

  133. the thrill is gone again and so is Quanda for a while :( // 5/4/07 5:56 PM  

    Quanda it ain't as easy as it seems. What if you had the chance to meet whiteboy in person to have a lunch date but instead he requested steupz?

  134. Shawn // 5/4/07 5:58 PM  

    Yes MNY send it to me.

    correction his name is cowboy bill.

    Jane I voted for everybody mostly real.

    Q can I do my roaches they want to get down. lol

  135. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 5:59 PM  

    I don't even think you have to worry bout Chance, Mr. Ny cause New York gon be all over that ass at Reunion she gon slaughter his ass.

  136. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 5:59 PM  


    Something tells me that wouldn't happen LOL

  137. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 5:59 PM  

    im mad at the comments from the interview wit kennedy hes a fake so to keep the reunion ticket from turning into a jail ticket i would rather not york

  138. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:00 PM  

    I don't think so tlb. I think she going to tried to get back with him.

    now what i want to see if real, chance and wb against tango.

    that's going to be funny.

  139. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:01 PM  

    i hope so t-l-b are you a new york fan york

  140. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:02 PM  


    come on now we all have to accept it some of those guys had sex in the house.

    if not with new york then with someone else in the house.

    there always been another female in the house beside her.

    ha ha found that out today.

  141. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:02 PM  

    i think tango would crack all there york

  142. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:03 PM  

    I'm in love wit dat girl. New York's my boo. LOL.

  143. the thrill is gone // 5/4/07 6:04 PM  

    i know, shawn thats hust how it feels.

  144. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:04 PM  

    shawn i don't want to touch on that subject lol~~~MR.NEW YORK

  145. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 6:05 PM  


    What female?

  146. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:05 PM  

    MNy did you read his blog today.

    What's up with that?

    we all know he told you something and you want to spill it don't you but can't all because you promise.

  147. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:06 PM  

    There always been another female in the house with her.

  148. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 6:07 PM  

    Gigi, I would know that Whiteboy was going to whoop Steups ass for all his hating. Initially I'd be crushed. Honestly Onix is a busy man and he doesn't read all of the comments. And Revenge has been around for a long time and the two have built a rapport with one another.

    The man addressed you earlier he sees you and cares. You will chat with him next week.

    Whiteboy tried for me and so did several others. I am content with watching on April 15 with most of the 'I Love New York Fans'

  149. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:07 PM  


  150. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:08 PM  

    Aight fine. I guess I'll just be a sit in the stand fans. I'm good.

  151. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 6:09 PM  

    *worried about Gigi

    So I am working on a project and checking back to see about her.

  152. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:09 PM  


  153. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 6:12 PM  


    Left a question for you on myspace.

  154. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 6:13 PM  


    do you need me to spam you again, or can I back off now

  155. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:13 PM  

    Naw, that's my baby. LOL. You may be Mr. New York but I'm New York's H.N.I.C. we both Capricorns. that's my boo. LOL. I would drink her pee though that's just looney as hell. I wonder who it was that asked her to do that for them?

  156. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:15 PM  

    Hold on Jane

    Going to Myspace now.

  157. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 6:15 PM  

    It wouldn't be fair. Do what you think is best. I want to be fair to the others.

  158. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:16 PM  


  159. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:16 PM  


  160. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:16 PM  

    Hey how do you get the picture on here beside your comment?

    Quanda, I'm cool, well I'll at least fake my way to the time.

  161. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:18 PM  

    fake my way to the top that is

  162. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 6:19 PM  

    Mr. New York don't play with me or after I finish this project ...I will do a post especially for you and give you credit.

    How would you like that?!

  163. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:20 PM  


  164. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:20 PM  

    ya'll watchin the marathon?

  165. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:22 PM  


  166. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:22 PM  

    Lol T-L-B we get it ;)

  167. revenge // 5/4/07 6:24 PM starting to feel a little bothered by your comments and i dont like the way the shit feels.

    im gonna eat it for now because you are part of our little blog family and i love the fact that we have been getting along

    but please be easy.

  168. Anonymous // 5/4/07 6:24 PM  

    TLB new york final show did not do so well in the ratings like flavor of love 2 did new york only pull out 4.8 million viewers but flavor of love 2 got 7.5 million viewers wow

  169. Jane (Whiteboy is Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007) // 5/4/07 6:26 PM  


    does he need the votes because if he's slipping then I'll spam the hell out you LOL

  170. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:27 PM  

    lol my crazy ass pushed the comment box too many times lol. them fools in the message boards are goin crazy. They're cussing each out and everything. They're really mad Chance lost. The Tango fans fussin with the Chance fans.

  171. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:27 PM  


  172. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:28 PM  


  173. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:28 PM  

    Which MB are you on TLB?

  174. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:29 PM  

    If it's the main one then it's been like that for awhile.

  175. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:29 PM  

    Revenge what u talkin' about? I ain't said nothing bad against you. I ain't mad at you. This honestly don't have nothing to do with you, don't think i'm mad at you. Just let me sulk over Onix, trust me it'll be over tomorrow. Don't take offense to it.

  176. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:30 PM  

    Quanda are you on myspace? i been lookin for yo page.

  177. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:31 PM  

    I love New york would've done exactly the same if not more if they played that episode sunday. Some of those people where watching The Bachelor, Girlfriends and other stuff. Monday is a bad spot to put show in. So I Love New York was a success if not a bigger success than Flavor of Love. New York brought all 7.5 million of those viewers to the episode with her craziness. And I think the reunion's rating are gonna be way higher than the finales.

  178. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:32 PM  

    Oh on the Vh1 message boards.

  179. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:33 PM  

    Ok I know that would be the one.

    THEY ARE talking about Ny so bad.

  180. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:35 PM  


  181. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:36 PM  


  182. Anonymous // 5/4/07 6:36 PM  

    LMAO @ ANONYMOUS 6:34pm

  183. Anonymous // 5/4/07 6:37 PM  



  184. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:37 PM  

    Anonymous that is very uncalled for. You shouldn't say stuff like that, this is all out of fun.

  185. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:40 PM  

    Yeah, damn, that was crazy. What did Quan do to you?

  186. revenge // 5/4/07 6:42 PM  



    yay for me!!!!! i have my first official "hater"

    i dont know how much of a hater you can be when you go on as anonymous but hey ::shrugs::

    ill take it

    thanks! and i am learning how to interview...want to give some tips, you goddamn asshole?

  187. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:42 PM  

    Dat Hottie is still crazy, giving Monique an apple? What is Monique gon do with a apple? I'm still crackin up when she cooked that chicken and said she's looked Beyonce. LOL

  188. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:45 PM  


  189. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:45 PM  

    Revenge and Quanda don't reply to that, they anonymous, once they make a name for theyself, then take it seriosuly, but as for now, they anonymous, don't waste your time.

    Hey... EVERYBODY add me on myspace since the blogspot's myspace page didn't include me

  190. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 6:45 PM  

    How am I a punk ass? You the one coming in here as an anon.

    Why do I bother you so? What is it that I have that you covet?

    Best wishes to you, I hope you reach all your dreams.

  191. Anonymous // 5/4/07 6:46 PM  

    anonymous @ 6:34pm shut the fuck up and get a life before you get shot up

  192. Gabrielle // 5/4/07 6:48 PM  

    lol anon 6:46 how u gone shoot another anon person? ;) lol

  193. Shawn // 5/4/07 6:50 PM  


  194. Danger Zone // 5/4/07 6:50 PM  

    LMAO @ Gigi

  195. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:51 PM  

    Oh, I accepted it already.

  196. revenge // 5/4/07 6:51 PM  

    madd caps...anon are we sexual frustrated?

    a closeted homosexual?

    a frustrated angst-ridden pimply faced teenager?

    or a fat ugly dumb broad whose eating her way through her own disgusting jealous?


  197. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:52 PM  


  198. Anonymous // 5/4/07 6:53 PM  

    gabrielle i was just saying that just to shut up anonymous @ 6:34pm this is the good anonymous

  199. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 5/4/07 6:54 PM  


  200. T-L-B. // 5/4/07 6:55 PM  

    Gabi, you really making sure you don't make friends wit no perverts. I don't blame you. But how do I send the request in what's your last name or email?

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