tango-i-love-new-york-winnerI know some of you have been throwing up that green stuff (envy vomit) all night speculating and praying for a quick end to the Tango-New York love affair.
Well guess what, it ain't gonna happen...

When you, New York and your mothers went out to lunch, New York was pretty disrespectful to your mother…

(Laughs) To say the least. That was the first time that New York went too far for me. New York was saying things that I'd never say around my mom. But I just sort of sat back to let my mom take it in. My mom needs no defending whatsoever. She's a very strong woman. She knew what was going on. So I kept cool to let my mom see how New York really is, to see what she would possibly have to deal with. But at the same time, I saw a side of New York that I did not like. She knows that and she's apologized for it. She knows that that's something that just isn't going to work. I was appalled and disgusted by the comments New York and her mother made during the show that I only found out about after, when it aired. But she apologized for that, too. People make mistakes, so I'm cool with that. My mother works with families that need assistance and she deals with outrageous people on a regular basis. So what she saw was nothing. Plus, when I was a kid, she always taught me about sticks and stones, so that situation was reversed: if someone says something about you, big deal. Especially if it's not true.

Read the rest of the Tango interview at the Celebreality blog

I owe a Gianto watch and diamond engagement ring to: Meale


  1. ~MEALE~ // 3/4/07 1:22 AM  

    What a man!
    That's why we love you Tango!
    A gentleman with a forgiving spirit and heart.

  2. ~MEALE~ // 3/4/07 1:23 AM  

    Oh yeah! 1st

  3. Danger Zone // 3/4/07 1:25 AM  

    Well I have to say that as far as his behavior towards New York ...he appears to be a sincere fellow. I mean ...I was like damn New York has really lucked out. This guy is truly feeling her. I didn't think he was a sucker for asking her. I thought it was incredible that he did. I was a little disappointed with her reaction.

    I will say this ...Tango deserves the type of love he is willing to give in return. Hopefully she'll give it to him and if not...well he'll find someone who will.

  4. ~MEALE~ // 3/4/07 1:27 AM  

    I hope she does too!

  5. Anonymous // 3/4/07 1:31 AM  

    tango is a cool guy

  6. steups // 3/4/07 2:13 AM  

    I'll say New York's reaction is that of a woman who cannot believe how lucky she is

    If Sade Baderinwa asked me to marry her I might say "are you sure? Like sure, sure, sure?"

  7. Anonymous // 3/4/07 2:28 AM  

    but steups who gets marry after three weeks from doing reality shows

  8. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 3/4/07 2:33 AM  

    Tango is a mess. Nothing he says matters to me anymore. He asked "NEW YORK" to marry him. The boy is a mess... Something's wrong with him.

  9. steups // 3/4/07 2:51 AM  

    Tango and New York, anonymous. TANGO AND NEW YORK!

  10. on pause for onix // 3/4/07 3:21 AM  

    I REALLLY don't want to hate because i'm so happy with the way it ended up. I know I kept saying that Chance would win, but after hearing his comments in the limo ride home, it was worth me being wrong. I underestimated chance, he so much funnier than what I thought he was, and when he said "she gets around" my water broke and I ain't even pregnant ;) Oh I'm done. Wait til this reunion. It's gone be time for me to come of pause for my baby Onix and let it out.

    Honestly, I thought the engagement was a bit much, they both got her jewelrey so that was something vh1 concocted, Tango just took it to that level that he felt a finale about love should go like Joe Millionaire or the bachelor or something. Smooth move. Everything about Tango's game is smooth, except that Lumpy shoulder and that fragile facial skin

  11. Gabrielle // 3/4/07 3:36 AM  

    Y'all know what I have percieved from this proposal, Tango watched Flavor of Love 1 and 2 and saw hoopz leave flav and then flav leave deelishis so he was gone double his 15 minutes and make it 30 by seeing if Vh1 would bite the bait of him and new york having a series about getting or being married. I think i'm pretty right about this one, I was wrong about Chance, but right about Deelishis so I think I'm going in a pattern.

  12. Danger Zone // 3/4/07 3:57 AM  

    LMAO@ Gigi

  13. pauline // 3/4/07 5:24 AM  

    i can't believe ny slept with the both of them in 48hours. wow she is truly nasty. a hoe indeed..and this is the woman tango wants to marry?

  14. Anonymous // 3/4/07 6:44 AM  

    Bingo. Tango is desperate that's all I have to say.

    Ok so she apologize for the way she was acting at lunch but the shit her and her momma said on TV about his mom that was uncalled for. SO did she apologize for that too.

  15. steups // 3/4/07 7:04 AM  

    Sprays comment-box with anti-hater repellent

  16. Lady Ty // 3/4/07 9:24 AM  

    I am happy that Tango won and the rest of yall need to stop hating she wouldn't have been happy w/ chance ....shit chance wouldn't have been happy New York

    Tango see's what New York can be to him and he was man enough to take the challenge...and that little tap that ass comment that chance made he didn't have to real man don't kiss and tell and i bet he didn't say she get around when he was all up on that...what did he miss when she made out w/ whiteboy, tango, boston, real, 12 pack, and anyone else i forgot she swapped spit w/ not to mention the way she "chunked it up w/ Flav". (breathes according to real and chance the producers saw there website and asked them to be on the show and they had an understanding they weren't there for love yeah right...You lost take it like a man and bounce his brother real was classier.

  17. The Purple Mist // 3/4/07 10:35 AM  

    Good morning all! I like this interview, and I'm glad she chose Tango. I forget who said it(either DZ or Electra), but it's true...when it comes down to it, we women want stability in a man. Tango was stable from all angles IMO, and this interview proves that he can handle NY. There's no way Chance would've been able to handle her, and like I said before, his aggression had the possibility into exploding into something more negative and violent. Tango has proven that he can handle her temper tantrums. And he's just obviously more mature...he's older, more financially stable(remember in the Omarosa episode where he said he's involved in real estate, which is great money with the right amount of hustle, so rapping isn't his only source of income), and is cool under pressure. Chance has none of this, no idea what he wants out of his future other than being a "Stallionare"(how does that look on a resume?) and is just...a mess, I'm sorry to the Chance fans out there. He's looks like fun to chill with and laugh with, but husband material? No. Maybe he'll grow out of it because he is really young(he's only 20 I think?), and that stuff is cute when you are younger. But as much fun as NY had with him, I think she was looking for someone she could have longevity with, and Tango was it. So call me a turtle fan if you want , but I think she made the right choice. Looking forward to seeing the reunion, whatever it may entail!

  18. Anonymous // 3/4/07 11:43 AM  

    Tango ain't nothin but a fake ass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pepperoni faced reject. Most of America thought Chance should've won but the truth is I'm GLAD he lost because he doesn't have to end up with some hot ho-ish shyt named New York. Goldie was so right when she said Chance was the real winner because this probably just got him his own TV show. I just wish he had left with that cash that witch offered him! MONEY OVA HOEZ!!!!

  19. Anonymous // 3/4/07 11:43 AM  

    Tango ain't nothin but a fake ass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pepperoni faced reject. Most of America thought Chance should've won but the truth is I'm GLAD he lost because he doesn't have to end up with some hot ho-ish shyt named New York. Goldie was so right when she said Chance was the real winner because this probably just got him his own TV show. I just wish he had left with that cash that witch offered him! MONEY OVA HOEZ!!!!

  20. blax // 3/4/07 1:57 PM  

    god, hes a moron. just look at how he wears his hat...

  21. Tempts // 3/4/07 4:53 PM  

    Yeah they will get married... Flav will be the best man... Deelishis the maid of honor... Krazy will sing at the reception... instead of rice pumpkin will spit as they leave the chapel.. and dumbass Tango will wear his trademark falling off hat... folks this is scripted reality TV... entertaining yes... but not real

  22. Anonymous // 3/4/07 6:27 PM  

    Everybody's talking about how immature Chance is, what about NY? A grown woman don't throw temper tantrums. As far as Chance not being able to handle NY, I don't think NY would be able to handle Chance. The bottom line, Chance wouldn't kiss NY ass. NY should now, understand why Flava didn't choose her, the same reason she didn't choose Chance. Tango needs to check her for disrespecting his mom.

  23. prettyparker // 3/4/07 7:36 PM  

    Somewhere in VA you hear a loud wailing....

    I fell in love with Tango while he was on this show and as much as I am a fan of New York, I was hoping she would choose Chance so that I could find a way to meet and get to know Tango myself!

    Well, I have much respect for Tiffany - she's a smart woman and she knows how to work the reality show media. And Tango was a real brotha on that show - he wasn't fronting for the camera. So if New York chose him, she chose the best.

    Chance was a thug and his final moments in the limo proved he wasn't worth crap. Too bad. Real and their mother were decent, likable people. But Chance was so immature.

  24. Tempts // 3/4/07 7:41 PM  

    His moments in the Limo were as crappy as her's... remember F$ck Flav!!!! Chance is immature that much is true but she is the same they are two of a kind Chance was the NY of the show...

  25. Sharon // 3/4/07 10:04 PM  

    I'm happy and sickened by this NY and Tango thing. I hope he would have dumped her before the reunion. I guess T is what I classify as a "rescuer". My brother is the same way...he married a bytch nobody liked that hung around the neighborhood park instead of attending school. She was a drop out and they are still married after 20 years to this day. Who knew?


  26. Anonymous // 4/4/07 1:17 AM  

    too mr and mrs tango all im can say is this marriage is a hell of a big step all im saying too y0u both think about what you doing is new york serious becoming a wife lover mother and the same for tango too become a husband lover father only thing i can say too you both is too put the lord first in everything you do, in life as they say a family, that stay,together,pray together. love you both ,and may the lord bless the both of you really good.

  27. Ashley // 9/4/07 11:43 AM  

    Tango did seem a little fake and phony at first or whatever but I honestly don't think Chance was really feelin her like they made it seem on the show. Maybe Real was, but not Chance. If you watch the Reality Remix show it shows how he really felt about her he was clownin on her and evertthing..dat ni**a didn't want her MAN..she made a good choice by choosing tango over chance but a mistake by choosing chance over real

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