At 2:30 pm, all the guys of I Love New York will assemble somewhere in Los Angeles to settle their scores.

  1. Will Tango take out Whiteboy once and for all?
  2. Will Chance prove his bite is as bad as his bark?
  3. Why was Pootie not invited?
  4. Are Tango and New York engaged?
  5. Will there be a second season of I love New York?
  6. Will Tango and New York have a spinoff show?
  7. Will Onix apologize to Sister Patterson?
  8. Will Sister Patterson explain why she sat on Whiteboy's lap?

We'll find out on April 15th.

I'll be back with a hundred articles so keep refreshing your browsers; and many thanks to tlb for the new header.
Happy Easter, y'all.


  1. SpeaKnTrutH // 9/4/07 11:51 AM  


    Nice job on the banner t-l-b

  2. sayitright_maneater // 9/4/07 11:53 AM  

    I got my tickets. I have.....6 hours to go. But I will be there.

  3. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 9/4/07 11:53 AM  

    lol wow, they're filming it on a monday?

  4. steups // 9/4/07 11:57 AM  

    Morning article up.
    I have to leave for an hour or so but I'll be back with a guy who says Romance has agreed to make him famous and maybe we can get into what happened at Charm School.


  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 9/4/07 12:01 PM  

    hey steupz, that new article is funny as hell

  6. kikiaj // 9/4/07 12:59 PM  

    IMO Onix doesnt need to apologize to NY's one ever apologizes so why should he.... I am gonna love Charm school... I think buckwild is so fake... that "time to get buckwild dawg" shit is so over... during that segment that ran on VH1 that Im sure they taped a million years ago.. she was talking about that stank shoe and putting it on Ebay... tsk tsk VH1 I wanted to know what they were doing NOW not months/a yr ago...

  7. kikiaj // 9/4/07 1:04 PM  

    And Krazy know she tried me with that "I would PREFER to be called NEVAEH" she is full of herself. 12yr old girls have already turned that whole reverse HEAVEN thing out... you're late. IDIOT... Plus if that is her stage name I believe that is what buckeey said... Krazy needs to give up that whole singing career illusion... she sucked... on FOL2 and I'm quite sure she does now....
    Gosh I'm gonna love Charm School
    Off the top any takers on who YOU THINK should win.... I would say..... hmmmm SAAPHRYI...or GOLDIE...I dunno ole SAPH seems to be making a good impression on me based on episode 1...

  8. Luv // 9/4/07 4:07 PM  

    I really , really hope VHI would reconsider, and invite Pootie. Do they realize that having Pootie there would really boost their rating? I mean, Red Oyster voluntarily withdrew, yet she was ask to return. So Pootie should be given that same option. I hope he shows up at the Reunion Special, so we can find out who was threatening him, and what really happen between him and that girl that he invite to the mansion. I hope at least,someone, will interview him. So far Pootie is the only one who haven't given a interview, which makes me wonder that maybe he was actually there for New York.

  9. Corey // 9/4/07 5:13 PM  

    as far as I know pooties not gonna be on the reunion which is being filmed right around now.

  10. blacknricanpapi // 10/4/07 12:28 AM  

    i cannot wait

  11. Sharon // 10/4/07 1:10 AM  

    Pootie is probably cracked out around here in Chicago. We haven't heard high nor hair from him or about him in the papers or nights clubs.

  12. Isabelle // 10/4/07 3:05 PM  

    Tango needs to take out Chance! Phuck taking out Whiteboy. Chance basically threw a drink at him. I can't stand Chance's fake thug punk ass! Just because you wear baggy clothes does not make you "gansta".

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