Part One: DJ Backside brings us a Tango video interview with an hip hop flava. *coughs We discover (as if we already didn't know) his government name, Patrick Hunter. Which he admits sounds like a soap opera. Another fact given to us is he's New Yorker by birth but raised Floridan.

When asked if the real Tango was potrayed on ' I Love New York'. He replies basically an aspect of him was shown. Thinking ...there's only so much one can learn about someone in three weeks, even with cameras filming 24/7. We find out why he wears his hat extra tilted to side.

Part Two: OMG....This part is about New York. And he speaks of respecting her a little for going for what she wants hard. He speaks of knowing females such as her who have been done wrong. New York being done wrong on national television *coughs twice. They touch on her implants. He doesn't think she needed them but at the end of the day it's about what makes her happy. He not a breast man. They touch on New York's bedroom skills ....looooonnng pause. DJ Backside asks has he thought about building a family with her. He states that the two of them are at the beginning of the relationship. He is then asked how is a marriage the beginning. ( Standing ovation for DJ Backside!). Tango stresses how he goes into things with his heart. And that he wanted to show New York his level of dedication.

Part Three: They touch on the guys in the house. His main boys are Onix, Rico and Mr. Boston. He mentions he doesn't like 12 Pack and thinks he's gay. ( 12 Pack no likey, likey that!) Chance is mentioned and the fact that they didn't fight. Tango says the laws of physics makes impossible for Chance to win the fight. ( I know Chance had more of a chance of kick ing Tango's @ss than the d@mned banana tree's.)

When it's all typed and done. Tango won at that's the bottom line. (Oh, and my apologies on the coughing. I am coming down with a cold.)

Credit: DJ Backside, Shawn, YouTube

A retired Qmoment


  1. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:34 PM  

    You sent it to me remember. I still have the message.

  2. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:37 PM  

    Oh come on now stop the damn spamming.

  3. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:38 PM  

    Would you like me to post the message and where you told me I could find more?

  4. sayitright_maneater // 13/4/07 6:38 PM  

    c'mon 1 million dollar contract........

  5. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:39 PM  

    I am referring to the picture by the way.

  6. big mike // 13/4/07 6:41 PM  

    that a good interview from tango

  7. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:41 PM  

    Once again MNY why are you spamming the box.

  8. steups // 13/4/07 6:46 PM  

    mr New Yor, someone emailed me this morning and said you had it on your blog and I told the person i wouldn't use it because of that, although there is nothing preventing me from using it.

    Then someone else emailed me and said they found it where it was posted
    at LRM Entertainment...and I used it.

    So in other words, GO FUCK YOURSELF

  9. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:47 PM  


    I took some cough medicine...feeling a lot better.

  10. revenge // 13/4/07 6:50 PM  


    i cant stand tango.

  11. steups // 13/4/07 6:51 PM  

    Continue'll tire eventually.

  12. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:51 PM  

    He seemed an alright guy at the bar. Really positive actually...

  13. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:52 PM  

    Ok let's place bets.

  14. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:53 PM  

    Quanda you have to Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I wish we need how to speak in other languages man we would have a ball.

  15. revenge // 13/4/07 6:53 PM  

    i dun currrrrrrr.

    i cant stand the man...and why he going at 12 pack like that?

    tango your gay and you wearing your hat like that in brooklyn would have gotten you beaten up...u a big guy but your flabby, gohead with all that bullshit.


  16. revenge // 13/4/07 6:54 PM  

    shawn you can make your own code...but it would be difficult to learn it.

  17. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:57 PM  

    Hell it's bad enough I already be talking in codes and half of the time do remember a damn thing I am talking about.

    How sad is that.

  18. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:57 PM  


  19. Anonymous // 13/4/07 6:59 PM  

    Ok I just lost again.


  20. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:59 PM  

    Why I have to shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I was at a bar...not the show.

  21. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 6:59 PM  


  22. Anonymous // 13/4/07 7:02 PM  

    What am I refreshing too?

  23. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 7:02 PM  

    false call bad


  24. Jorden // 13/4/07 7:08 PM  


  25. steups // 13/4/07 7:11 PM  

    he's suffering from popularity withdrawal time he'll know to apologize before it's too late

  26. revenge // 13/4/07 7:12 PM  

    goodnight everyone.

    im off to see a gorgeous woman with green eyes.

  27. Anonymous // 13/4/07 7:19 PM  

    Can we have a clean up on aisle 9 please.

  28. steups // 13/4/07 7:20 PM  

    lmfao at Shawn

  29. Anonymous // 13/4/07 7:24 PM  

    I need a cigg brb.

  30. misterballer // 13/4/07 7:26 PM  

    hey everyone whats happenin

  31. Jorden // 13/4/07 7:27 PM  


  32. steups // 13/4/07 7:27 PM  

    nothing much baller; just Mr NY making an ass of himself

  33. misterballer // 13/4/07 7:30 PM  

    what's new, steupz

  34. misterballer // 13/4/07 7:33 PM  

    hey steups did you check out my videos, they arn't as good as bhatti because I'm by myself, and bhatti is with 3 other ppl.

  35. steups // 13/4/07 7:38 PM  

    baller I missed the link or got distracted...can you link me again, please.

  36. misterballer // 13/4/07 7:47 PM  

    its okay
    me and bhatti might join again (after all we are best friends) but his friend won't let me rejoin so if we come back are videos togethor is the best there is.

  37. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:01 PM  

    Well if we up your fame why are spamming this blog.

    Go and learn how to promote your blog the right way.


  38. steups // 13/4/07 8:03 PM  

    lmao at Shawn

  39. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:06 PM  

    haha nice mr.ny after you fail you just claim that you win

  40. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:08 PM  

    steupz did you take him off the faculty, is bhatti going to be up there now.

  41. steups // 13/4/07 8:10 PM  

    man, I can't tell you the amount of times I promised to do that...

    But I definitely got rid of Mr NY, unfortunately the trash collectors haven't picked him up yet

  42. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:12 PM  

    I hate saying this but I just saw the preview for the reunion, it was short (only 2 minutes) but NY was looking all right.

    She cleans up nice.

  43. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:12 PM  

    nice yeah they have been off duty. LOL yeah bhatti is a good worker. he'll do anything you say and work his hardest. I on the other hand am the same if you add lazy somewhere in there.

  44. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 8:13 PM  

    Hey, What's up everyone? What's been going on today?

  45. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:14 PM  

    Hey shauntay, what you up to?

  46. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:16 PM  

    Booooooooooooooooooo @ Jane.

    So you seen the 2 min preview. Go back and look at the finger.

  47. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:17 PM  

    Hey Shauntay.

    How are you today?

    Hey Misterballer

    How was school today?

  48. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:18 PM  

    I didnt have skool lol, spring break comes late

  49. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:18 PM  


    there's no ring on her hand.

  50. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:21 PM  

    Oh cool well make you study @ misterballer.


    Are you serious.

    No Ring.


  51. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:24 PM  

    The dirty stuff going throughing muy head right now.

  52. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:24 PM  

    Hey Bitch with the extra chromosome

    stop spamming the board.

  53. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 8:24 PM  

    I went to school and it was boring then I came home and was chillin with my crew... Thats it. And I'm not going to the club tonight.

    Was my boo, Mr. NY in here today?

  54. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:24 PM  


    no ring

  55. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 8:26 PM  


    Don't call him a bitch and don't talk about his appearance.

  56. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 13/4/07 8:26 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  57. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 13/4/07 8:26 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  58. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:30 PM  

    Jane I will keep my comments to myself to Moday. I think that it is sad. Hell I would wear the ring and not give it back to him since she the HBIC but I guess she not.


  59. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:32 PM  

    Would it be funny if her and her mom did a credit check on Tango and found out he not worth it.

    And at the reunion they show him his credit check and credit score.

  60. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:35 PM  


    myspace now

  61. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:36 PM  

    Why I see a best selling book from one of the guys

    My unauthorize story of Tiffany Pollard "2 days in house". It will talk about how he had sex with her and how she was always eating like it was last meal, blah, blah, and all the dirty secrets she told him" by Mr. NYCandyMan

  62. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:39 PM  

    lol make me study, can you stop mr.ny don't you have something better than to do like put on your mascara.

  63. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:42 PM  

    Now that is a good Question can I stop Mr Ny actually no. See there is a theory soon enough he will get bored and realize that noone is paying any attention to him. SO he need to go to his own blog and work on it and learn how to promote his own blog.

    Now far as for mascara I don't wear it on friday for see fridays are my research day which I hate.

    Hey studying is good for you.

  64. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 8:47 PM  

    I'm paying attention to Mr. New York... I hear his cry for help. Can't ya'll see the boy needs help... He needs therapy and talking about him is making his problem worse.

  65. misterballer // 13/4/07 8:48 PM  

    ew studyingg

  66. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:51 PM  


  67. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 8:53 PM  

    ... It's okay sweetheart we're gonna get you some help... I can recommend a few of them.

  68. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:58 PM  


  69. Anonymous // 13/4/07 8:59 PM  

    Shawn Let's go then I'm going there now and starting.

  70. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:00 PM  

    Alright Meet me at Macy.

  71. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:05 PM  

    Shawn go to his blog and see what i did

  72. steups // 13/4/07 9:08 PM  

    lmao at Shauntay

  73. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:11 PM  

    Get a fucking life you psycho

  74. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 9:14 PM  

    Steups, I'm just trying to help him. I've had a few mental breakdowns myself.

    Mr. New York, I love ya. But... SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  75. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:21 PM  

    Shauntay I can understand as a friend you see the signs. Most of us seen it and offer to be nice. But what do you do when that has abuse the system. The main person that help him he dog her so bad without apologizing to her.

    And now it's to the point when you wish a kid dead that broke the straw. Regardless if it was on a blog or not but he/whoever type it. Did he apologize no.

    Hell Bucky apologize but no him.

    If you are a good friend stick and talk to him.

  76. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:26 PM  

    But look at what you are doing now MNY.

    You spamming the board.

    Did you ever apologize to Quanda for last weekend? No

    But guess what Bucky was man enough to apologize to her.

  77. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:28 PM  

    It doesn't matter if you don't kiss ass but have some respect.

    Let me tell you something MNY. You never know who is watcing this blog. What if Tiffany was watching this blog and notice the way you are acting do you seriously think she want to associate with you.

    Trust me she read this blog.

  78. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:30 PM  

    If you are saying that it was not you then apologize to Paramanian for the comment that came from your name. Apologize to him, to steups to everyone else for your behavior.

  79. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:31 PM  

    Well sorry you can't nor will it be allowed.

    Now that you got your own blog go over there and say what you want over but this is Steups blog so have some respect.

  80. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:33 PM  

    MNY look you seem like a nice kids but let be serious what the hell can you do for her as a grown woman?

    She need a man with a 6 figure salary and not a kid that don't have his degree.

    MNY do you love yourself?

  81. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:35 PM  


    the boy is not right,

    all jokes aside

    there's something clearly wrong with him.

  82. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:35 PM  

    Question you know sooner or later Steups going to delete your posts so why are you steal here what are you trying to prove?

    If you was here when the other person was her that was doing the same thing that you doing now I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

    Are you seeking that much attention.

  83. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:37 PM  

    Yes you are Jane.

    Something is really wrong with him.

    Why do I picture him in his room going drag dressing like NY.

  84. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:37 PM  


    stop trying to reason with his psycho ass.

  85. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:38 PM  

    Jane you are right that's what I meant to say.

  86. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:39 PM  

    I know Jane. I figure if he listen to reason he would just stop it and plus I am bored at work.

  87. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:39 PM  


    I bet every night he stuffs his chest with socks and puts on a black wig, stands in front of the mirror and yells "I'm the head bitch in charge,I'm the head bitch in charge"

  88. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:41 PM  

    When I was 17 I was hanging out with my friends. Hanging outside or somebody was throwing a party.

    MNY I know you got some friends with car. Go riding around and pick up some girls or whatever.

  89. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 9:41 PM  

    Um... Yeah. You need some help Mr. New York. Because you're acting like ain't got no sense. I took "yur" side but then you just kept pushin it. You are taking this blog shit way to serious. If they told me that I wasn't welcome in this blog anymore. I would be like "okay fuck it bye". You are just being stupid... I still got love for you though.

  90. steups // 13/4/07 9:42 PM  

    lmfao at Jane...that's wrong on many levels

  91. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 9:44 PM  

    Jane, You are my new favorite person in the world right now. LOL!

  92. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:46 PM  

    Jane you are a mess.

  93. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:46 PM  

    Ok let's take and let's see how it will take to come back.

    I said 30 mins.

  94. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:49 PM  

    I give him 20 Shawn

  95. ~MEALE~ // 13/4/07 9:54 PM  

    ROFLMFAO@JANE that was too damn funny.
    Hello Steups,Shawn,Jane, Shauntay and anyone I missed.

  96. Anonymous // 13/4/07 9:55 PM  

    Hey meale

  97. ~MEALE~ // 13/4/07 9:57 PM  

    Hey Jane,
    No need to ask how you are, I see you're full of fun tonight.

  98. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 10:01 PM  

    dude, take a hint, no one wants to read your dumb blog

  99. ~MEALE~ // 13/4/07 10:02 PM  

    Hi Bhatti,
    How are you this evening?

  100. Anonymous // 13/4/07 10:03 PM  


    let me quote NY

    "you need prozac baby and you know i'm right"

  101. Anonymous // 13/4/07 10:05 PM  

    What's up ya'll I just got off of work. Steups, Q, and Shawn you all should have the questions. I'm about to let ya'll know what days I'll be able to look out. I'm still getting the interview questions together.

  102. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 10:05 PM  

    I'm good meale. How about you?? Just got back from dinner with the family and right now I'm watching the Reunion Preview. Lala is looking hotter than ever and I like Romance for sticking up for himself and coming at NY like that.

  103. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 10:06 PM  

    hey tlb, are you good with myspace layouts/backrounds??

  104. ~MEALE~ // 13/4/07 10:07 PM  

    I'm fine Bhatti,
    I need to check it out.

    Hey TLB!

  105. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 13/4/07 10:10 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  106. Anonymous // 13/4/07 10:14 PM  


    you want us to beilieve that you are not the one spamming the blog,

    don't one personality talk to the other, i mean they are sharing the same body

  107. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 10:14 PM  

    does that make you feel special??

  108. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 13/4/07 10:19 PM  

    Hey TLB. Hey Meale. Hey Bhatti

  109. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 10:21 PM  

    hey shauntayyy

  110. Mexi-rican Mama // 13/4/07 10:24 PM  

    Hey y'all, what did I miss?

  111. Anonymous // 13/4/07 10:34 PM  

    What's up ya'll again just got out the shower but yeah I do it all folks. backgrounds, headers. I do it and I do it big.

  112. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 10:38 PM  

    oh really. Cause I needed a backround ,like a sweet designed one for my comedy account on myspace and thought maybe you could help

  113. Anonymous // 13/4/07 10:43 PM  

    I should be able to work somethin out for you on Monday, Aurelius since I'm off. But right now, I'm workin on some big projects for the blog in the next couple of days. We're doing it big here at the blogspot.

  114. misterballer // 13/4/07 10:48 PM  

    I can do one aurelius, u dont know im good at layouts, i can do the sweetest thing, but u no how lazy I am. Next I come over I'll do it. wait is it for rayz?

  115. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 11:02 PM  

    really?? No, I don't want you to feel rushed at all. I just was wondering if you had some free time where you could work on something for me

  116. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 13/4/07 11:03 PM  

    no it's for the recaps

  117. chitownsweetie336 // 13/4/07 11:13 PM  

    I'm mad Pumkin is in that picture with them

  118. misterballer // 13/4/07 11:33 PM  

    whats wrong with pumkin? hey bhatti, ain't I in the recaps?

  119. Anonymous // 13/4/07 11:36 PM  

    Hey everybody again

    So who won the bet?

  120. misterballer // 13/4/07 11:37 PM  

    hey shawn, what bet?

  121. Danger Zone // 13/4/07 11:41 PM  

    Pumkin was very nice.

  122. Anonymous // 13/4/07 11:43 PM  

    Hey did anyone know that dress newyorl had on look like one of Beyonce dresses when did a Tina Turner song?

  123. misterballer // 13/4/07 11:45 PM  

    beyonce is so hott.

  124. Anonymous // 13/4/07 11:48 PM  

    You all go and look at that dress she got on. THat dress look like one of beyonce dresses.

  125. misterballer // 13/4/07 11:50 PM  

    I can't tell, there in two diffrent leagues. Ny shouldn't even be used with beyonce in the same sentence.

  126. Anonymous // 13/4/07 11:53 PM  

    She has on a gold dress with a pink or peach sheer thingy but her black bra is showing.

  127. misterballer // 13/4/07 11:54 PM  

    loll yeah I see the similarties.

  128. chitownsweetie336 // 13/4/07 11:54 PM  

    I thought she looked cute in her dress I just wish she had choosen a different bra

  129. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 14/4/07 12:02 AM  

    yeah baller you are, when I see you

  130. misterballer // 14/4/07 12:03 AM  


  131. Anonymous // 16/4/07 10:46 AM  

    tango and new york are good together and i like the both of them of course the show is fake people do watch it just exactly like flavor of love show,it remind me of a soap opera show all that good drama ha .

  132. DJ BackSide // 17/4/07 1:43 PM  

    What up wit it y'all. Thanx SHAWN for posting this. Look out this week...and exclusive with Mr. Boston is on it's way too!!

    get at me y'all:

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