I speak for everyone when I say I apologize to you, Panamanian and Black, for those damn near evil comments by Mr. New York.
It was unfortunate to say the least; and though I allowed Mr New York to ramble on a bit I can assure you that I will treat with him as he did you; with utter disregard and contempt.

Mr New York, you've proved once again that on this blog; commenters and writers tend to lose their minds and inflate their status and popularity. I have no idea why you lot come here and think you run shit or you are the shit.

It's just not that serious. It's just a weblog and it ain't even that popular.
There is no fame to be gathered here; there is no glory. It's just five people writing articles and creating videos with the help of a few dedicated readers who regularly, and daily, provide the basis for those articles.

For you to come here and wish death upon a child is beyond inexcusable, it's inhuman and fucking evil. Your words mean nothing and have no power, but any sort of negativity is foul if you ask me. If there are fuckers speaking ill of you, then bet your goddamn life that negative energy is going to affect you.
You disappointed me, mate.

You are in Groovy fucking territory!
I apologize Panamanian.

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