I came across this video from this hotass girl and maybe you guys wouldn't mind leaving a comment or two on her subject matter.

Now, I hope she doesn't read this because it's almsot certain she was showing genuine emotion; but something about the video seemed not totally genuine to me. Just my opinion.
I cosign the content though; no doubt about that.

Subscribe to her videos because she really is one hotass girl


  1. Dana - Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect // 28/3/07 6:39 AM  

    I don't even feel any joy in being first again.

    I know it's because nobody is here

  2. steups // 28/3/07 6:41 AM  

    I'm still here sweetie.
    But I won't be for much longer

  3. Dana - Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect // 28/3/07 6:47 AM  

    It's fine. I have to take a client to lunch anyway. I should be getting sexy now. I'll go too ...

  4. Anonymous // 28/3/07 6:48 AM  

    steups you could't do better i'm sorry but i'm hard on woman's looks

  5. Dana - Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect // 28/3/07 6:53 AM  

    I agree anon ... totallu

  6. Anonymous // 28/3/07 6:58 AM  

    thank you danda she not the best looking female danda what are you doing up at 6:59am

  7. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 8:01 AM  

    Morning Guys. Steups, I am sorry I cant comment because I am at workd and u know I cant see a thing with this websense they have here

  8. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 9:18 AM  

    Dana, do you still want my advice?

  9. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 9:46 AM  

    well, well, well... hello peoples! Dana, Electra, and you too Steups... how are we this fine morning? i haven't been here in a while, and thought that i'd drop by.

  10. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 9:49 AM  

    OMG; OMG; OMG ONIX!!!!!! How are you? Hope all is well with you.

  11. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 10:20 AM  

    i'm fine and well, thanks! i'm just working and getting ready for the reunion show.

    where's Quanda?! tell her to call me if she wants an interview. she has my number and email, myspace is hard to keep up with these days. messages get lost.

  12. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 10:24 AM  

    Oh that is nice.: )

    I will tell Steups to tell Quanda.

    Anything else?

  13. revenge // 28/3/07 10:29 AM  

    mmMMmm onix...the name just rolls right off the tongue.

    be careful with me now, these days the hormonal surge is hard to keep in check.

    ::fans herself::

  14. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 10:30 AM  

    LOL @ Rev.

  15. revenge // 28/3/07 10:33 AM  

    hey e...good to have u around, perhaps we can keep this balance you can be the good girl and i dont know how to be anything but the bad one...soooo how are we this fine morning?

  16. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 10:37 AM  

    OK Rev we are just fine. You on one side and me on the other keeping the balance so nothing will be out of place. :-)

  17. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 10:38 AM  

    Its good to have you around too.

  18. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 10:38 AM  

    Rev - be careful leaving the door open like that. i just might have to walk on thru it. perhaps we should go to a private chat room.

    oh, btw... what happened to Jane? i read something she wrote a few weeks back, and i was pleasantly surprised when she gave me some kudos. HI JANE! wherever you are!

  19. revenge // 28/3/07 10:39 AM  

    ::looks around::

    ayeeeeeeeeeee dio mio.

  20. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:01 PM  

    Onix are u still here?

  21. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:02 PM  

    Revenger I will kill you over my onix, don't play ;)

  22. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 12:18 PM  

    i'm still here! what it do?

  23. steups // 28/3/07 12:25 PM  

    Good afternoon everyone....

    Onix, New York made a personal threat against you. Any response?

  24. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:28 PM  

    Hey Steups

  25. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 12:29 PM  

    oh, i'm excited! i can't wait. she has some nerve after the way she has talked about others momma's. It's on!

    I think that you should take a poll of the readers. Ask them whether of not they feel that I should apologize to "Sis Patterson" on national tv during the reunion show.

  26. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:32 PM  

    OH my God, I don't know what to say, for the first time I'm speachless, except this, Onix marry me

  27. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:33 PM  

    No on the real onix, don't appologize to that fake Christian Sis. 5 Head. I'm glad you called her out for being a fake, should have called her out for being such an ugly person on the inside.

  28. revenge // 28/3/07 12:34 PM  

    onix i think that its all part of the plan to amp things up....i dontthink you should pay new york any mind.

    and gabrielle darling, hush. i fight over no man...but then again i never had to, heh.

  29. steups // 28/3/07 12:34 PM  

    Onix, meet Gabrielle, a real firebrand she is.
    Similar to Jane except she loves you.

  30. steups // 28/3/07 12:35 PM  

    An apology won't hurt though...

    I think a second poll would be who should have a spinoff.
    I'd pick you but if the rumors are true they are going for the jackasses in the house.

  31. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:35 PM  

    Thanks Steups, soon you will call me Mrs. Onix ;) I can't believe he's here. Dang I'm nervous

  32. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:36 PM  

    I think onix should have a spin off with me!!

    Revenge I hate you pretty girls lol I'm playing.

  33. steups // 28/3/07 12:41 PM  

    And that spinoff would be about...?

    Elle, aren't you like 19 or something? Shouldn't you be lusting after Chris Brown?

  34. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:43 PM  

    NO ONIX!!!! You should no apologise to that woman. When you want respect you have to give it and Sis Pat dont have any respect for no one.

  35. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:45 PM  

    No, and I'm not lusting, it's called being with who God has chosen for you, and for me it's Onix ;) another God feering person, who is just as fine and real inside as he is out ;) my perfect mate. And why u have to call my age out like that? Now he not gone go along with my show idea. ;) But the show would be about the most perfect couple in America, you know like a Bobby and Whittney kind of thing, without the crack and the break up ;)

  36. steups // 28/3/07 12:45 PM  

    Electra, why the tough-guy option.
    An apology and a hug would be a nice touch.

  37. steups // 28/3/07 12:47 PM  

    Lmao @ America's Next Perfect Couple.

    So you two would be trekking across the country? Or just making out in a mansion?

  38. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:48 PM  

    Oh really Steups? So what about if you dont mean it? huh? Then he'll be a hypocrite just like Sis Pat.

  39. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:50 PM  

    Then again, it would make good reality TV.

  40. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:53 PM  

    Hmm...... I wonder how I would manage on a reality TV show?

  41. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 12:53 PM  

    now, i'm not saying that i'm going to apologize, but i'm interested in public opinion. i havn't quite decided yet. as for spin-off shows, you know that they will only pick those characters who would do anything to be famous. i don't think that i'm vh1 material. i'm too serious i suppose. mtv perhaps is where i could go, depending on the concept/format.

    and gabrielle... yes, Rev is fine as hell, but don't sell yourself short. i'm sure that you're pretty too

  42. steups // 28/3/07 12:54 PM  

    Sister P is not a fake, she just had a moment where she took it too far.
    No biggie in my opinion.

    If you noticed; the Recap shows Onix never liked Sister P.
    He made a comment when she tried to humiliate 12 Pack. That comment was deserved in my opinion. Sister P behaved like an asshole that time.

  43. steups // 28/3/07 12:55 PM  

    Gabrielle just collapsed, lmao.

  44. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:55 PM  

    Hmm, the thought of him climbing a mountain with me watchin does come off as pretty good, but not us doing it together. But we can travel to ethiopia and stuff to go witness and feed the needy ;)

  45. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:55 PM  

    Am..... Onix, so what about me? : (

  46. revenge // 28/3/07 12:58 PM  

    poor pnix, he gets this all the time.

    i want to know about the billie holiday he was playing and umm just to tell you "i cried for you" is one of my favorites. her voice gives me shivers.

  47. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 12:58 PM  

    Onix go to my myspace, you already on my friends list


    and I don't appreciate you calling her fine like that, don't disrespect our relationship already ;)

    Haven't collapsed yet but I will tonight when he calls me ;)

  48. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 12:58 PM  

    Well Steups that is your opinion. Which you are entitled too.

  49. revenge // 28/3/07 12:59 PM  

    heyyyyyyyy where did that p come from?


    sorry, fruedian slip anyone?


  50. steups // 28/3/07 1:02 PM  

    lmao @ Revenge.
    Elle, you are a mite aggressive aren't you. I hope you go for older men because young guys are scared of that shit

  51. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:07 PM  

    The only reason I say that Sis P is because of the way she was talking down on so many people and then got in church and did all the hoopin and hollering like she was Ms. Sanctified, she doesn't maintain a Christian attitude for me, (I know that my attitude is a long ways off by the way I talk to Mr. New York but I have some more growing to do in the Lord) I do know that at her age, she should be doing better than that, and God don't raise no gold diggers. thats why i think she's fake.

  52. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:09 PM  

    yea the last guy i was with was 29. I'm kind of too mature for my age, u see i have these 3 jobs and school and crap, don't no young dude wanna spend his saturday night textin my while i'm at work and they sitting at home lonely, they wanna go club and drink which i definately don't get down with.

  53. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:10 PM  

    Mr. New York was right, I do be typing long paragraphs huh. Guess I'm kind of long winded, whatever. Onix ain't wrote back, you think I scared him off steups ;) ???

  54. steups // 28/3/07 1:14 PM  

    No...Onix is probably sharing his time with another website and the dude is at work too.

    Not all of us are slackers.

    So, Elle when do you get the time to fornicate (minding your business)

  55. revenge // 28/3/07 1:15 PM  


    ::biting my tongue and holding my peace::

  56. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:18 PM  

    lol revenge forget u

  57. steups // 28/3/07 1:18 PM  

    lmao @ the language.."never done it"
    Been a while since I've heard that expression.

    It's all good, although, I'd not want a virgin on my honeymoon because that might mess things up; literally.

    Question for the ladies...after you first time were you able to have sex the next day?
    I've never been with a virgin to know the answer.

  58. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:19 PM  

    Gabrielle I was lurking and I think that your decision to wait is very admirable. :) It takes greath strength to make a stand like that.

  59. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:20 PM  

    Ans to Steups - Yuh too damn farse!!!!

  60. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:20 PM  

    Well poor you ;) and why would u ask women that? They prolly can't remember their first time like that

  61. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:21 PM  

    I do Gabrielle, but that is private.

  62. steups // 28/3/07 1:21 PM  

    I guess y'all couldn't...

  63. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:22 PM  

    Thanks Electra, I appreciate it, at least someone thinks it's good, steups is making me feel bad about it. Acting like don't no man want a virgin. (Now i'm sad again)

  64. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:24 PM  

    Girl that is a very precious gift to give to your husband. He will cherish you for it. Dont study anyone who tells you dif.

  65. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:28 PM  

    True that, no woman forgets.

  66. revenge // 28/3/07 1:29 PM  

    hmph again i hold my peice and my peace.

  67. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:29 PM  

    I see that steups has left. How old is he?

  68. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:30 PM  


  69. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:33 PM  

    Oh I thought he was older. Do you know him personally?

  70. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:35 PM  

    Not really. I know d part of him that he lets people know. You understand where I am coming from?

    There's a whole dif side of him that I dont knw.

  71. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 1:36 PM  

    Good afternoon all, Electra, Gabrielle and Steups.

    Gabrielle stick to your plans and don't let anyone discourage you or make you feel bad about it.

    As for Steups pay him no mind.

  72. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:38 PM  

    oh ok yeah I get what you are saying. Well since it's just you and I (and revenge in the backgrond holding her piece) what do you think about New Fork, I mean New York as compared to Deelishis?

  73. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:38 PM  

    Hey Meale how are you?

  74. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 1:39 PM  

    Hi Revenge, how are you today?
    Didn't see you back there.:)

  75. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:40 PM  

    Thanks Ms. Meale, appreciate you. For some reason it seems like the girls are nicer onhere than the guys and the guys seem to have alot of mood swings

  76. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 1:41 PM  

    Great Electra, how's your day so far?
    Have you checked out the Blogspost myspace Mr. New York did a great job.

  77. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 1:42 PM  

    You're welcome Gabrielle.
    LOL it appears that way sometimes.

  78. revenge // 28/3/07 1:42 PM  

    meale - you have a great voice darling woman and its ok, noone notices me much.

    i kinda prefer it that way - keeps me out of trouble.

    how are you?

  79. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:43 PM  

    Girl I LOVE NY. Dee is more ladylike in her demeanour. Both have their strengths.

  80. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:46 PM  

    No Meale girl I did not. I will do when I ge home tonight.

    So far things are great but this evening around 5pm I have Board meeting. So after that I will be fine. Thanks for asking. :)

  81. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 1:47 PM  

    Thank you Revenge.:)
    I'm fine been enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having.

    I feel you on the staying out of trouble...lol

  82. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:48 PM  

    You know what, I will admit now that she kinda has grown on me because of this show. I think I'm just mad that Flav and Dee ain't still together cause I honestly wanted to see what would come of them. At the same time I think that if Flav chose New York that they would still be together no cause I don't think New York would let him go that easy

  83. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:50 PM  

    I meant to type that they would still be together now*

  84. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:50 PM  

    Meale its because of me. When the both or us are around (Rev and I) there's a perfect alignment, thus peace.lol

  85. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:51 PM  

    Gabrielle you think so? Girl only a man who TRULY LOVES NY can stay with her for more than a day.lol

  86. revenge // 28/3/07 1:55 PM  

    bows to electra

    thanks for evening me out mamacita.

    ladies its always a pleasure, im out of here for the day.

  87. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 1:56 PM  

    Bye Rev.

  88. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:57 PM  

    lol honestly, i think that when new york turns off that act she puts on for the camera, she's sweet female to her man like we all are. She prolly smell like cigarettes and has alot of mood swings when she's not getting his attention but she's still a woman so I'm sure that her and flav would have clicked.

  89. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 1:57 PM  

    bye rev

  90. steups // 28/3/07 1:59 PM  

    Everyone notices you Revenge...I right-clicked all your pictures without a man present.

    Elle, it is a precious gift...but a honeymoon can never be good with a virgin. You need to lose it a week before the wedding...just my personal opinion.

  91. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 2:00 PM  

    That's a good thing Electra and Revenge we need balance.

    Later Revenge.

  92. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:03 PM  

    LOL @ Meale. Gabrelle I hear you girl, it is true.lol

    Steups what kind of advice is that?LMAO

  93. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:05 PM  

    Steups have u been married? Or do u just think that about when you have your honeymoon? What I'm really asking is, are you speaking from experience or just from what you know you want to do on your honeymoon?

  94. steups // 28/3/07 2:08 PM  

    I expect my honeymoon to be vicious...a real fuck-fest. I assume it won't be the same with a virgin.

    I know some virgins have a smooth experience but why risk your being the type who bleeds a lot and needs a day to recover.

  95. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:10 PM  

    lol steups you know what, I can't even comment on that. You have fun

  96. steups // 28/3/07 2:12 PM  

    Tongue got your cat, lmao?

  97. steups // 28/3/07 2:13 PM  


  98. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 2:15 PM  

    And on that note...I'll go work on my next video...lol

    See you all later.

  99. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:16 PM  

    See u later Meale. (waves)

  100. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:16 PM  

    lol, y did i think you were a smart man? :) maybe you are, you just a freaky boy.

  101. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:17 PM  

    lol by meale

  102. ~MEALE~ // 28/3/07 2:17 PM  

    Steups, you truly need help..lol

  103. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 2:18 PM  

    steups - the clip show was just that, a "clip show." i made that comment on the same day that i got elimiated. the 12-pack lap dance incident took place on day three. i made that statement four days later after church. they just edited it that way.

  104. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:18 PM  

    Thank you Meale, I have been saying that he needs help for the longest time now.lol

  105. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:20 PM  

    Onix!!! Y do you have to be so damn sexy? Y?

  106. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:21 PM  

    Steups she's right, you need alot of help and can you delete that virgin conversation we had?

  107. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:21 PM  

    I dont lust, well not much, but there is something about you. I dont know. Plus I am wearing my Onix ring today. Funnything is since you've been gone I stopped wearing it and I only placed it on my finger yesterday, see, it was a sign of better things to come.

  108. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:23 PM  

    lol Electra I love ya like a sister, but stay away from my man ;)

  109. steups // 28/3/07 2:25 PM  

    So those bastards at VH1 just do whatever the hell they want?

    Don't they realize we form opinions on those comments?

  110. steups // 28/3/07 2:27 PM  

    Electra...go put your head in the fridge.
    You are getting extreme.

  111. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:27 PM  

    vh1 is like the baddest tv station i know of. They are some true cons

  112. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:28 PM  

    Whats up wit it y'all?!

  113. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:28 PM  

    wassup shawty, what city u in? i been meaning to ask u that

  114. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:29 PM  

    Gabrielle girl, I'm a lover not a fighter.lol

    Steups you need to put your entire body especially your warped mind in a freezer.lol

  115. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:30 PM  

    TX!!! Girl how u doing?

  116. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:31 PM  

    Are u wearing your trenchy TX?LOL

  117. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:31 PM  

    lol thanks for backing down ;). You see that Onix, I'de fight for you (over the internet) ;) lol

  118. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:32 PM  

    Hey E! Hey Gabby!

    Gabby: I'm in Dalllllllassss! lol

    E: I'm fine, I see you over there getting your lust/flirt on with ONIX! At least you picked a good one lol

  119. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:32 PM  

    {Pulls trench from behind back}

    BAAAM! lol

  120. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:33 PM  

    Gabby's over there tryna 'THROW SOME BOWS' over Onix lol

  121. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:35 PM  

    lol Tx I'm from dallas too, well i literally live in arlington now cause i'm at uta but my mom lives in pg

  122. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:35 PM  

    Hey TX have you seen JR lately? LOL

    Or Suellen? Or Bobby, Or Sammmy-Joe, Or Pam or Jock?LOL

  123. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:37 PM  

    Gabby! You're in ARLINGTON?! Wow...I'm in the process of applying to transfer to UTA this fall! What a SMALL blog!

  124. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:38 PM  

    E: Can't say that I've seen ANY of THOSE ppl lately lol

  125. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:38 PM  

    lol yea, what school u transfering from?

  126. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:39 PM  

    Cedar Valley, so I don't feel like i've had a REAL college experience yet! WOOOOW I'm really trippin out over the fact that we're so close and didn't even realize it!

    Gabby and E: Hold on really quick, gotta step down to the mail room lol

  127. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:40 PM  

    OK Tell me if u do, right?LOL

    What you got in your trenchy today? Anything for me? Do you have a delicious slice of Onix hidden somewhere in der?

  128. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:42 PM  

    lol i see i'mma have to Electra(cute) me someone today ;) just playing

  129. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:46 PM  

    E: What cha need {rustles through trench}

    Gabby: How do you like UTA?

  130. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:47 PM  

    It is what it is, I've been here for 2 years and I haven't gone to ANYTHING, not a party a step show or nothing. I live in some apts off campus so as soon as class is over I leave and go home but since I have to start looking for a roomate, i'ma try to spend a little time on campus to see hoe some people are. What made you choose uta?

  131. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:48 PM  

    lol Gabby.

  132. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:49 PM  

    Onix. TX I need Onix!!!!

  133. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:52 PM  

    lol Electra i'mma get you. Why is he the ONLY one I like from the entire show though?

  134. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:53 PM  

    because he is sexy!!!!

  135. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:55 PM  

    yea but it's not just his body, he's religious too, i LOVE that

  136. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:57 PM  

    yeh and his mind too.lol

  137. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 2:58 PM  

    lol if i were 10 years older.

  138. Anonymous // 28/3/07 2:59 PM  

    Um...I needed to stay around this area because my job is really good and it would be really beneficial to have it while I'm in school, so it was out of UTA and UNT...those two schools were my top picks. I graduated in '05 so I had already gotten accepted to UTA, but I had taken summer classes and there was a discrepancy with my credits, so I was felt it would be better to wait until I was a soph/jr. to re-apply....but I had taken the tour and everything and went to orientation...

  139. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 2:59 PM  

    no scene age dont matter.

  140. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:00 PM  

    E: I can't supply you with the REAL Onix, b/c there is only ONE, but um...I DO have the Onix blow-up doll lol

  141. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:01 PM  

    Yeah yeah yeah dat will do.

  142. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:02 PM  

    lol y'all are a mess.

    Shawty I graduated in 05 too, where did you graduate from and where do you work? I may need to apply

  143. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:06 PM  

    {Hands E the 'Onix Blow-Up Doll' Kit fully equipped with pump and muscles lol}

    Now should there be any problems plz contact the number on the back of the box...ENJOY!

    Gabby: I graduated from Duncanville, how bout you? And I'm at the IRS...i'm an intern, but I'll have to let you know if they have any intern openings...

  144. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:07 PM  

    Thank you TX *blushes*

  145. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:12 PM  

    Oh ok I graduated from that ALL MIGHTY SKYLINE High School ;) oh thats cool, I intern at a company in oak cliff and i'm a secretary at a security spot in grand prairie and i have a tech support job in north dallas so unless the IRS is breaking major bread, i prolly wouldn't be able to do it anyways. Did you know a Niondre, Nigel or Miles Robinson at Duncanville?

  146. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:18 PM  

    TX and Gabby, I feel like a 3rd wheel on a bicycle.:(

    I am bouncing. Talk to you guys soon.


  147. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:20 PM  

    Girl YES!!!! I live in the Singing Hills area and I went to Summer Camp with them when we were younger, I don't know if Nigel remembers me but we went to Duncanville together later, and I haven't seen Niondre since she graduated...that was my girl! :*( I don't know where she's at though...

  148. steups // 28/3/07 3:20 PM  

    He's religious too (confused)

    That's the new Viagra?

  149. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:21 PM  

    E: :-( Awww come back E i'm sorry!

  150. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:22 PM  

    Steups: Hey hon! and I highly doubt Onix would need Viagra...HIGHLY!...not that i'd know lol

    Gabby: You go girl! Over there doing it big and being about your business...I have a friend that graduated from Skyline...and that's how she introduces it too lol

  151. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:25 PM  

    Awww E, our bads. Not often u find people you done prolly seen at wal mart in a comments box you know.

    But Shawty Dre is in Houston with her dad, I go to Singing Hills Baptist Church with Miles now and Nigel is in San Antonio at college. Niondre was living at my apt with me for a few weeks.

    Steups I'm a religious girl, it aint' often that you find a religious guy on reality tv. name oen you've seen

  152. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:26 PM  

    what was your friends name shawty?

  153. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:27 PM  

    MY Bolw up Onix needs Viagra.lol

    Dana Honey call me!!!

  154. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:28 PM  

    Electra you from Trinidad or are u just there now?

  155. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:30 PM  

    how did you know that Gabby?lol

  156. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:33 PM  

    Gabby: Oh really? That's cool Gabby! Nigel is really intelligent, we had the same statistics teacher...UGH! lol My homegirl's name is Crystal Shaw. Doesn't Nigel graduate this year?

  157. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:33 PM  

    {running after E} EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You forgot Onix's blow-up BIBLE! lol

  158. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:36 PM  

    lol shawty i'ma kill u for that blow up Bible joke, but it was funny.

    Lol Electra you have (Trinidad) by your name ;)

    Tx I know Crystal, she sung in the Gospel choir with me senior year I think, and she was on the debate team (I believe) but she was cool.
    Nigel graduated last year, miles graduates this year

  159. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:39 PM  

    You know what JUST set in on me? ONIX spoke to me ;) He knows that I exist. ;) My day is so much better now, it doesn't even feel like I haven't slept in 2 days anymore.

  160. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:40 PM  

    Thank You TX.lol

    Gabby girl, I knw, I was messing with you.LOL

    I have to go prepare for my Board meeting so u girls and guys be good now, yuh hear? (in TX's accent)

  161. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:42 PM  

    lol by easy e (thats not a good nick name huh?)

  162. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:42 PM  

    Gabby I knw y I like u now we have things in common.

    You have not slept in 2 days, neither have I.

    You have this deep, burinig lust for Onix, so do I.

    You want to be a virgin bride, so did I (did not happen, I am ashamed), but so did I.lol

  163. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:44 PM  

    No Gabby its not.lol E is fine. I am not that "esy", paranoid, maybe, well yes paranoid but not easy.lol

  164. steups // 28/3/07 3:45 PM  

    I think I missed something but why are Elle and Shawty sleeping with a guy named Nigel?

    If I get the answer to that i should be able to catch up.

  165. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:46 PM  

    Before I go Gabby, take my silly advice, pre-marital sex leads you down the path where you would not go if you wait. You end up having lots of regrets and moments of shame. So you take your time, let God choose your mate and everything will be alright.


  166. Electra (trinidad) // 28/3/07 3:47 PM  

    TX that advice is for you too. Take it from me, I am older and wiser. Listen, its not worth it.


  167. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:50 PM  

    lol we ain't sleeping with nobody, we found out that we live near each other and she went high school with one of my best friends and her brothers and she had class with nigel, i go to church with Nigel, not to bed with him. lol steups u are just horny today.

  168. Anonymous // 28/3/07 3:50 PM  

    E: Thanks Honey..have a good rest of the day lol

    Steups: out of that conversation, WHERE did you manage to extract that we (we being Gabby and I) were both sleeping with NIgel?! lol

    Gabby: Yea, she's cool, that's my b-ball buddy! lol (Just to make sure we're talking about the same person, was she a lil chocolate girl?)

  169. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 3:51 PM  

    yea thats her

  170. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 3:56 PM  

    damn! i step away for a meeting and look at what i come back to. me using viagra and an onix blow-up doll? what?! lol!

  171. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:01 PM  

    lol onix baby i had yo back

  172. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:04 PM  

    and front

    and side to side ;)

  173. Anonymous // 28/3/07 4:08 PM  

    That girl in the first video with the orange jacket looks like a crack head and should be shot.

  174. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:11 PM  

    she does not.

  175. Anonymous // 28/3/07 4:12 PM  

    Onix: Hey I had to make a business out of this whole ONIX thing...man...do you know that I started with I don't know how many ONIX BLOW-UP dolls this morning, and right now?? I only have 3 left...lol

  176. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:13 PM  

    hey i take back what i said earlier i don't just like Onix, i like Ace too, he seemed to be intelligent and he played sports, now i love a dude who can go play some ball with me.

  177. steups // 28/3/07 4:19 PM  

    I play sport

  178. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:19 PM  

    you don't like virgins remember

  179. Danger Zone // 28/3/07 4:19 PM  

    Gabby premarital sex can be a joyous and wonderful experience. I was brought up to value myself and my body. My mothers exact words to me at 14, " Sex, dick is a wonderful thing. It feels good. However, if you do it as a child ...you'll cheat yourself. A child is not ready for sex and all the emotions that come with it. You are not special because you have a pussy. Every bitch has a pussy. Dogs can get pussy from any bitch. Wait until you are an adult before you engage in sex. Make for darn sure the first time is with someone who you truly love and he loves you. You'll always remember your first therefore you want to always be able to look back at your first time with pleasant memories. And just because a woman has sex doesn't make her a slut or tramp. If things don't work out with your first ...it doesn't mean you have to sleep with every man who tells you that you are pretty. You don't have to sleep with men because they wine and dine you.

    All your mother asks of you is 1. Wait until you are an adult and graduated from high school. 2. Don't wait until you are married.

    Find out what makes you feel good. The worst thing for you would be to marry someone and be stuck with awful sex for the rest of your life.

    You are not a bitch in heat. So don't act like one. Be selective and respect yourself.

  180. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:20 PM  

    You are a virgin racist.

  181. steups // 28/3/07 4:21 PM  

    I gotta stop drinkin' Pepsi

  182. Anonymous // 28/3/07 4:23 PM  

    Steups: What "sport" do YOU play?

  183. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:24 PM  

    um, wow! Thats deep quanda but u already know I'm religious so of course I'mma take the narrow road that the Bible says about waiting til marriage, and the whole purity bit, but I've heard the thing about having bad sex for the rest of your life and I just trust and pray that God gives me the right man with the right size and know how to keep me satisfied.

    Yo momma was gangsta for tellin u that though, i like her

  184. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:27 PM  

    he play hacky sack

  185. Danger Zone // 28/3/07 4:31 PM  

    LOL.... My mother goes to church every Sunday and pays her her 10%. She is a rebel Baptist....lol...there's a bit of Gloria Steinem.

  186. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:33 PM  

    lol, i just like the fact that she was real with you. my mother never told me about sex, she just always asks if i'm still a virgin. One day I'mma say No So I can see the look on her face. (She's a sunday school teacher and a youth director)

  187. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 4:37 PM  

    danger zone - i liked that... you're mother, unlike a lot of parents are not as profound when speaking with their children about sex. i will be sure to use some of those points when i have a daughter. thanks for sharing.

  188. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:39 PM  

    Onix why are u ignoring me? you are hurting my feelings

  189. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:41 PM  

    Quanda why didn't you tell everyone you changed your name to danger zone so they wouldn't be confused?

  190. Dana - Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect // 28/3/07 4:42 PM  

    Hey everyone!!!!

    Tx: My day was crap. What you have in your trenchcoat for me?

    Q: You could help do you have something REAL-ly good somewhere in the pipeline

    E: Can't call you honey, baby has my phone

    Gabby: There is a huge benefit to being a virgin that no one ever brings up - if the sex is bad, you wouldn't really know that it is because you won't have a point of reference...Who am I kidding? You'll know it wasn't all that but you wouldn't know what it could be ...OMG imagine living your whole life not knowing what it could be!!!!!!

    Wait I am arging pro-virginity here. I'll have to get back to you. I did have a point though...Lol

  191. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:45 PM  

    lol i appreciate everybody talking to me about this virginity thing, i think it's cute. i kno my mind is made up but y'alls insight is nice

  192. Dana - Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect // 28/3/07 4:46 PM  

    Q, my mom illustrated with Barbie and Ken and told me that it was something only people deeply in love (like Barbie and Ken)could do.

    Yeah...I know. It was really disturbing for Barbie, Ken and I...


  193. Anonymous // 28/3/07 4:46 PM  

    Dana: {opens trench} Whateva you need...got TONS of pick me ups in this coat...and YES they're legal..dang! lol

    Gabby: You go girl!

  194. Why Am I Doing This // 28/3/07 4:46 PM  

    i'm sorry Gabby! you have my undivided attention at this moment. what can i do for you?

  195. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 28/3/07 4:47 PM  

    this lady really wants to a actress~~~MR.NEW YORK

  196. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:49 PM  

    awww, gee Onix, I don't know. How about u call me and tell me a bed time story tonight? ;)

    Hey Mr. New York

  197. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 28/3/07 4:51 PM  


  198. Dana - Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect // 28/3/07 4:51 PM  

    Tx: Do you have anything illegal?

    Onix: What can't you do for her???

  199. Gabrielle // 28/3/07 4:53 PM  

    lol dana you got that right. i feel like new york was acting over flav that last night she spent with him. Now I get it ;) (EXHALES *****

  200. Anonymous // 28/3/07 4:53 PM  

    {Shifts eyes from side to side and talks out the side of my mouth}

    Dana didn't I just tell you that I DIDN"T have anything ILLEGAL?!

    {slides Dana a bag of...} lol

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