buckwild-charm-schoolI messed up on the Recap of I Love New York Episode 9.
I all but said Payshintz set the precedent of 'receiving a clock/chain and giving it back'...but 'twas actually Buckwild.

Becky Buckwild is the only, THE ONLY contestant to have received a chain/clock and returned it. Apologies to Becky (wink)

Seems a bit of a waste to create an entire article for an error so why not look at pictures.
If I remember correctly these are from the All-Star break, but don't hold me to that.




  1. Dana Sun Worshipping // 21/3/07 6:39 PM  

    First? Wow

  2. bhattipimpin88 // 21/3/07 6:42 PM  

    hmmm...very interesting

  3. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 21/3/07 6:48 PM  

    i can't wait for this show~~~mr.new york

  4. Anonymous // 21/3/07 6:54 PM  

    Hey MNY.

    Can you get in myspace for me.

    I need to borrow something from you.

  5. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 21/3/07 6:56 PM  

    ok~~~mr.new york

  6. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 21/3/07 7:10 PM  

    shawn where are you?~~~mr.new york

  7. Anonymous // 21/3/07 7:18 PM  

    I'm here.

  8. steups // 21/3/07 7:28 PM  

    I'm everywhere...how do you like the drinks?

  9. Bubo the Lover // 21/3/07 9:02 PM  

    I liek Saphyrri, even though she is the girl Chance

  10. Anonymous // 22/3/07 2:41 AM  

    I see most of the ladies spent their FOL cash at BOOBS 'R' US.

  11. Anonymous // 22/3/07 12:46 PM  

    vh1 milking the hello out of the Negro cash cow

  12. Luv // 22/3/07 2:06 PM  

    Saaphryi is really working her 5 minutes of fame. Saaphryi was only on the show for 5 minutes, before she was booted off for fighting. Do anyone know why Saaphryi wanted to fight New York at the Flavor of love2 reunion show? because, I do not think the two of them ever met on the show,since Saaphryi was booted off in the first episode, and New York did not show up until much later.

  13. Anonymous // 25/3/07 1:34 PM  

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