Tango.gifOn Tuesday, Tango thought he should add to his interview with Mz. Boo-Tee and gave her this statement...

Hey shorty, check it out, this is my last Public Statement about the WB issue. I'm not here to make him or any of the other dudes on the show, famous. I don't discriminate; I don't care who you are, where you come from or what color you are. As far as I'm concerned WB does not represent the hood or ghetto, I and many other Black/ African Americans grew up in.

Acting ignorant and "Gangsta" is not a trademark of the Hood. The Hood and Ghetto is full of Struggle and Pain, and as much as White Boy attempts to relate, or should I say "imitate" what he thinks a Black man is or how a black man should act; he'll never face the same trials and hardships I and other people of color face daily.

He can take off the cool shades and clothes..... I can't take off my skin color.

Lastly, he
should watch the terms and words he chooses to use; the next Black person won't be as tolerant as I was.
By the way... if you’re looking for "Real Thugs" then you’re watching the wrong show. Come to my neck of the woods (Tampa FL) and I'll show you a few real ones.

Let me finish by stating this for the fans of the show and the Blogspot; don't let the edited footage and the binding contracts we have on the show, fool you.

There is not on person on the show I fear. The fans of The Blogspot and millions of viewers are smart enough to know that WB nor anybody else on the show would talk trash to Tan in Real life.
There won't be a contract at the reunion... and I'll make good on all my promises.
Stay Tuned Folks.

-Tango "The Realest man on I love NY & Reality TV"


  1. kpatter // 24/1/07 9:12 PM  

    I didn't know he was from Tampa. Not too far from WB.

  2. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:13 PM  

    finally....wat was so bad about that

  3. steups // 24/1/07 9:15 PM  

    intense....I had to remove a paragraph.

    He'll make the call to keep it removed, or not

  4. kpatter // 24/1/07 9:15 PM  

    That's kinda what I thought. That's why the Tampa comment was really all I could come up with.

  5. Ghetto Glitoris // 24/1/07 9:20 PM  

    Whiteboy ain't white....that fool hispanic!

  6. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 9:20 PM  

    Hey guys... Tango held no bars when it came to his views on WB... that is truly his views...

  7. Anonymous // 24/1/07 9:20 PM  

    Whiteboy reminds me of the rappers on The White Rapper Show.

    "High and tight ya'll...I didn't even push!"

  8. Anonymous // 24/1/07 9:21 PM  

    Hey, it's ms new boo-tee. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm sure you're a lovely ass person, but I was making a joke. All forgiven sweetness?

  9. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:22 PM  

    o..well yea...wat he is sayn is true but....like...WB is still goin to be who is regardless....and there are so many ppl lurkin around who are just like WB...so...theres not much 2 u can do....(*sighs a sigh of bordom and HOPES for someone to come out of the wood work with a frekin CHANCE interview....i mean...how hard could it be to get HIM 2 do an interview...2nd sigh*)

  10. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 9:22 PM  

    I hope he allows the other part that will have y'all falling out ur seats LMAO

  11. QuAndA (retired Stan) // 24/1/07 9:24 PM  

    Only black people have hard times? Black people have the corner market on struggle and pain! Only black people live in ghettos and experience 'HOOD LIFE'......


    on the floor.....OMG

    This is great!..........

    LMAO....now what about that landscaping?

  12. Anonymous // 24/1/07 9:25 PM  

    Bitch, your skank fucking ass ain't gonna get a Chance interview. Suck on that shit bitch!

  13. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 9:25 PM  

    thanks Anony. Yeah I'm Ms NEW boo-tee on the block here... I finally broke my cherry with this interview.. Tango was impressed with the outcome & I contacted Romance to see if i can get an exclusive...

  14. Anonymous // 24/1/07 9:26 PM  

    good for you gir! go ahead and get the shit done girl!

  15. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 9:28 PM  

    Anon..who are you commenting too

  16. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:28 PM  

    wow...did some1 just have a fit on the comments page....was i the only 1 who glimpsed that...well...now...thats...INTENSE...

  17. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 9:31 PM  

    Yeah Anony. who are you referring to hun? let it be known

  18. steups // 24/1/07 9:32 PM  

    that was weird

  19. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:33 PM  

    i want to say it was torwards me but...uhhhh...not 2 sure...this is differnt....like...its usally all gravy on the blogspot....and then this comes alongg.....DEVESTATING (lol)

  20. kpatter // 24/1/07 9:33 PM  

    That was weird. Where did ALL that come from?

  21. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:34 PM  

    apparently this person HATES chance...just a guess

  22. steups // 24/1/07 9:36 PM  

    hahahaha...now who would say you won't get an interview with Chance?

  23. kpatter // 24/1/07 9:36 PM  

    I just thought they are some kind of MAJOR weirdo. Why do you say Chance? Did I miss a post, cause what I read was just random vulgarity directed at nothing.

  24. kpatter // 24/1/07 9:37 PM  

    Nevermind, ignore my ignorance. Just scrolled up. Sorry y'all. Steupz: what was the UH, KP about?

  25. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:40 PM  

    WAIT NO...shes back....blogspot members this is the second attack on our soil....the terror level MUST be raised 2 orangeish-magenta....BE ON ALERT

  26. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:42 PM  

    ...wait...are u the same anon that just said....some1 stole ur chance away frm u??....CONFUSING

  27. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:43 PM  


  28. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:44 PM  


  29. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:46 PM  


  30. Anonymous // 24/1/07 9:47 PM  

    Ho ass bitch!

  31. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:48 PM  

    (omg...who else sees this!?!?! lmfao) here is ur next interview right hurr!....so..."top notch ho"..um...wat is like being the HHIC...(head hoe n charge)

  32. INTENSE // 24/1/07 9:49 PM  

    good night anon...stay hoe-in

  33. steups // 24/1/07 9:54 PM  

    Oh hell, I am taking off comments until I delete all this stuff.

  34. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 10:18 PM  

    ok we're back up & the statement from Tango will be up in it's entirety in a few...

  35. lareigna // 24/1/07 10:19 PM  

    Season 1 of ILNY is now available for Itunes for all you Ipod fans out there.

  36. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 10:26 PM  

    what!!! is it the entire season.. if so I'm getting it ..thanks Lareigna

  37. steups // 24/1/07 10:27 PM  

    Sorry about that people.
    We had to administer a deleting potion.

    Unfortunately, we are back to registered users only; thanks to that poisoned-mind, cretinous cunt.

    That means lmac and intense, whom I like a whole lot can no longer comment as easily as they could.

    But, life goes on...

  38. lareigna // 24/1/07 10:27 PM  

    Only the first 3 episodes are up, but you can pay for the whole season, and it downloads as soon as it is available.

    I'm thinking about it.

  39. INTENSE // 24/1/07 10:28 PM  

    damn...i feel like a ruined the whole comments gig 4 everybudy...

  40. kpatter // 24/1/07 10:36 PM  

    Why do you feel that way intense? Were you the one posting all that crazy shit? Then don't sweat it!

  41. Ms Boo-Tee // 24/1/07 10:40 PM  

    yeah i agree Intense don't worry about that.. did you see the other stuff they left on the interview's comment box b4 Steups deleted those?

  42. kpatter // 24/1/07 10:44 PM  

    ms boo-tee: I saw it. Ridiculous. Someone just logged on and pootied out on the board.

  43. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 10:47 PM  

    Hi Everyone

  44. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 10:48 PM  

    Hi Everyone

  45. observer // 24/1/07 10:49 PM  

    i don't think that people get it yet. this is all an act. just tv and not real. it's very formulated. WB is this season's Buckwild equivalent.

  46. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 10:51 PM  

    U know I have to pay more attention to White Boy and see what he's really about. Personally I dont think he could take Tango

  47. revenge // 24/1/07 10:52 PM  

    hmm i could have sworn i typed a whole fucking story up in here

  48. revenge // 24/1/07 10:53 PM  

    fuck it i dont aggree with tango

    im pale as hell but that means shit.

  49. kpatter // 24/1/07 10:54 PM  

    Evening, Electra. Observer: we all get it. We've watched the previous shows. 12-pack is Pumpkin, Token is Red Oyster, etc. It's all entertainment. Like this blog. Nothing wrong with having some silly fun to take our minds off off of the somber world we live in today.

  50. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 10:57 PM  

    For Real KPlatter for real.

  51. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 10:57 PM  

    KPatter not Platter sorry, I'm hungry.:)

  52. kpatter // 24/1/07 10:59 PM  

    I'm comparing 12-pack to Pumkin b/c of the scenes for next week with him and Heat. I'm trying to think of the male and female counterparts from the shows.

  53. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:00 PM  

    Electra, got some Captain D's on your mind? You know that Deluxe Seafood Platter is only $7.99. That's WITHOUT a coupon. Better jump on it while it lasts.

  54. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 11:01 PM  


  55. MissTanManFan // 24/1/07 11:02 PM  

    I was so Impressed by this interview. Finally I see that there is more to one of these guys than Body and trash talk. Tango Comes off as intelligent and well spoken. I hope you all really read deeply into what he was saying about WB. apparently the situation on the van was perpetuated by the "Comments" WB was using in the house. Any real Black man or Woman wouldn't condone that. Tango Seems like the only "REAL" Man in this house. He handles himself very well and Stands up for what he believes in. Say what you want about the other men in the house but I was Touch by what he did for Pootie & I can tell his problem with WB is a legitimate one

  56. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 11:02 PM  

    Sorry I live in Trinidad. No captain D here. LOL

  57. Juggs // 24/1/07 11:02 PM  

    how about, less tango, more onix. yummm onix.

  58. MissTanManFan // 24/1/07 11:03 PM  

    Ms Boo Tee... Great job.

  59. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 11:04 PM  

    Juggs please dont say yummmmmm I'm hungry. :}

  60. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:05 PM  

    Electra: I'll send my husband up there and have him think of you while he devours it. I think that is going to read so totally wrong. I apologize in advance. I thought it was a GREAT interview with Tango. He seems like a pretty humble guy.

  61. MissTanManFan // 24/1/07 11:07 PM  

    There are going to be serious Fire works at the reuion...WOW!

    Ms Boo Tee, Did Tango talk Much about Boston? I heard on 99 Jams and he said He & Boston are real Good Friends now...Whats that about? lol

  62. MissTanManFan // 24/1/07 11:08 PM  

    I agree Kpatter. I hope this interview is not mark of his Elemination. But I love his honesty and Passion.

  63. QuAndA (retired Stan) // 24/1/07 11:08 PM  

    Tango is full of shit....if you want to beat a person's ass for using that word....do it. Don't talk about it....LMAO.

    And that's real talk.....beat Chance's ass too but oh that's right ....he's black....so he can use it and it doesn't offend him.

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....

    Great job to Ms. Boo Tee!

  64. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 11:09 PM  

    LOL I know what u meant KPatter. (winks)

  65. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:15 PM  

    I think it's gonna be a great reunion. I don't care who or why they fight, I just wanna see someone fight. Just for the simple fact that women were spitting and hitting each other over Flava Flav and at least NY can be attractive. It would just hurt me as a woman. Not to mention I'd like to see some good ol' ass-whoopin'! Steupz, don't give me any shit and about what I'm into either!!!!

  66. MissTanManFan // 24/1/07 11:15 PM  

    QuAndA .... Correct Chance is Black, Big Diff. I understand ya Lust'n hard for ya Dude White boy... Key word "White". By no mean should he Ever use that word.
    Like Tango Said Don't Pay attention to how the Shit was Edited... You can clearly see WB was Bout to get his Shit Kicked in. Pay attention to detail hun.

  67. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:22 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  68. observer // 24/1/07 11:24 PM  

    no kpatter, you get it. but clearly the comments on this blog and on other blogs don't yet get it. just like they didn't get it in FOL 1 or FOL2. Many people still can't look at reality tv and figure that it's all fake as hell and even scripted. Look at the people on this one chat trying to figure out how "real" white boy is. it's sad but it's more than just entertainment for so many people in this country. Entertainment becomes their reality in thinking.

  69. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:25 PM  

    So male & female counterparts from FOL 1 & 2 and ILNY. My list so far:
    red oyster=token
    mr. boston=tiger (? the chick who wouldn't kiss Flav on the gondola)
    trendz=Sirious (the chick from FOL1 that was a "model" who brought her portfolio)
    T-Weed=Wired (? the astrological chick from FOL2)
    Actually T-Weed=sumthin b/c they were both full of shit. I apologize. That remark was WAY too easy. Anyone else have a list?

  70. Electra (trinidad) // 24/1/07 11:28 PM  

    Guys I am too hungry I going to the kitchen and whip something up. Laterz

  71. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:33 PM  

    Observer: I totally understand where you're coming from and what you are saying. While I agree with you that there are those who blur the lines between reality and entertainment, there are also those that just feel passionate about the show and the characters/people portrayed/edited. It's a trivial show and some people just enjoy the escapism of it. Sometimes venting about a show on a forum is just an outlet.

  72. QuAndA (retired Stan) // 24/1/07 11:35 PM  

    Yes I have a lot of lust for Whiteboy. But I've talked to him on many levels. I think the n-word is used in different contexts. I think we all are honestly created equal and I think to say it's alright for Chance to use it ....but not Whiteboy is ridiculous.

    And what I saw is two men not liking one another and beefing. Whatever, Whiteboy's weight he wasn't scared. And Tango could've exited the vehicle...he chose not to....fine. Now you want a piece of him on the reunion show.

    Reminds me of the Pumpkin, New York scenario....do you really want to fight or just talk excessive shit.

    My hood-ish family members don't say much. They just do....if they want to beat someone's ass you don't know about it....until it's done or you happen to see the show.

    Hey but that's my 'Hood ' knowledge.....

  73. kpatter // 24/1/07 11:55 PM  

    Anyone in here?

  74. steups // 25/1/07 12:06 AM  

    Yes KP...

    I have no "hood" knowledge and I am damn fucking proud about that.
    And welcome to the Observer, 'twas my favourite paper in England.

  75. kpatter // 25/1/07 12:14 AM  

    Where is everyone? Steupz, did you see my male/female counterparts? I want your list.

  76. steups // 25/1/07 12:18 AM  

    You know KP, my list would be biased...but you killed me with the food comment to E; and the pairing with Sumthin


  77. kpatter // 25/1/07 12:20 AM  

    For those interested in the Brandy car wreck thing Click here

  78. steups // 25/1/07 12:22 AM  

    kpatter, you are scaring me...I'm listening to the 911 tapes this very minute

  79. steups // 25/1/07 12:24 AM  

    I wonder if Electra went to eat her husband?

    How long does it take to make a sarnie

  80. kpatter // 25/1/07 12:25 AM  

    I didn't listen to them. pretty freaky? I was just reading an article where she admitted it was her fault at the scene.

  81. lays90 // 25/1/07 12:28 AM  

    hello steups why you be hatin' on me? son

  82. steups // 25/1/07 12:28 AM  

    Lawddd, I wouldn't admit that to Christ

  83. Electra (trinidad) // 25/1/07 12:35 AM  

    I dont have a husband, I have a hasbeen.

    Yeh the whole Brandy incident is really sad.

  84. kpatter // 25/1/07 12:39 AM  

    Steupz: I don't care if it's biased. How could it be? It's just what guy you think the producers cast to be what girl. Did that make sense?

  85. steups // 25/1/07 12:41 AM  

    E, will you forgive me?

  86. steups // 25/1/07 12:42 AM  

    Oh no..biased in the sense that I read one of the entire cast at televisionwithoutpity.com

  87. kpatter // 25/1/07 12:43 AM  

    Oh well. I'm going to bed. Night all!

  88. Electra (trinidad) // 25/1/07 12:43 AM  

    No Probs Steups once u forgive me. :)

  89. Electra (trinidad) // 25/1/07 12:44 AM  

    Good night KP nice meeting u

  90. lays90 // 25/1/07 12:44 AM  

    ha ha ha so you think you'er funny steups

  91. steups // 25/1/07 12:46 AM  

    bye KP we'll save the world tomorrow, all over again

  92. steups // 25/1/07 12:47 AM  

    lays; I am too funny.

    E you were right.

  93. Electra (trinidad) // 25/1/07 12:53 AM  


    I wish I was right in my life right now.

  94. steups // 25/1/07 12:58 AM  

    it's the bewitching hour...that's why you feel that way

  95. Electra (trinidad) // 25/1/07 1:16 AM  

    Good night Steups talk to u soon.

  96. steups // 25/1/07 1:17 AM  

    Bye hon

  97. hutche // 25/1/07 4:16 AM  

    I love how all these blogs are calling brandy a straight up murderer.

    As for tango, look he didnt appreciate white bo usin that word and he has a right to be offended. Now Im gonna go out on a limb here and say tango aint scared of white boy. call me crazy but thats what I think. I aint sayin white boy a punk but he aint fuckin with big ass tango. He might want to step up that dont mean he aitn gon' get his ass whooped though. I mean I aint no punk either but you wont catch me trying to start shit with mike tyson .

  98. Shawn // 25/1/07 8:16 AM  

    GM Everyone

    LOL @ Hutche. On a serious note I seen Mike Tyson get his ass kick from a street dude coming from a club and that was in the late 90's.

  99. NV // 25/1/07 8:58 AM  

    GM everyone

  100. Mz.D // 25/1/07 9:00 AM  

    Well I'll be darned...

    Iam so late...

    I was looking at Tweeds myspace page and it looks to me like he already redeemed himself...

    I dont know if you all have discussed it already...but Im just in a little shock..


    Good Morning everyone

  101. NV // 25/1/07 9:04 AM  

    hey Mz d how are you

  102. Mz.D // 25/1/07 9:06 AM  

    im fine...just tired and bored..

    howabout yaself?

  103. NV // 25/1/07 9:13 AM  

    the same except i am at work

  104. kpatter // 25/1/07 9:39 AM  

    what do you mean mz. d? about t-weed redeeming himself?

  105. kpatter // 25/1/07 9:41 AM  

    Mornin' y'all!

  106. Electra (trinidad) // 25/1/07 9:47 AM  

    Morning all have a great day today

  107. steups // 25/1/07 9:54 AM  

    T-Weed issued a statement explaining his side of things. I'll put it up later today when this interview has had its time.

    Morning friends...

  108. kpatter // 25/1/07 9:59 AM  

    Well, you know I can’t wait so I guess I’ll have to get on his crusty ass Myspace.

  109. Posh Gemz // 25/1/07 10:06 AM  

    Morning all

    What is this talk about the WB? Did I miss something?

  110. Posh Gemz // 25/1/07 10:08 AM  

    Hey Steupie

    If Tweed issued a statement it better a bank statement showing that he wasnt a liar because I dont wanna hear anything else from him.

  111. DORFAM // 25/1/07 10:11 AM  


    WAY 2 GO MZ. BOOTEE!!!

  112. kpatter // 25/1/07 10:14 AM  

    Actually, Tweed’s Myspace page is pretty bangin’. Still don’t believe him, but nice layout page.

  113. Shawn // 25/1/07 10:21 AM  

    What was the question again?

    How much are you worth? Shouldn't it had been how much do make annually?

    The reason why I ask because a average person probably would had said the same thing that's how much they are worth and more.
    But I said before why didn't they ask for bank statements, w2's, his portifolio, and etc. A credit report does give how much you have in your bank. Ok his credit score was 520 so what there are alot of people that don't use credit cards.

  114. Posh Gemz // 25/1/07 10:34 AM  

    Shawn: I kinda agree and disagree. The should have pulled a credit report and bank statements.
    On the other hand they were askin what is you potential. How much can you grow? Tweed's last job was a pizza spot and he did work at all after that job. He has nine deliquent accts which means he aint paying his bills. If he had money why wouldnt he pay his bills?
    The potential to earn 100 million was not there and based on his credit report he wasnt workin on tryin to make 100 million.
    Besides, Tweed was frontin with all that jibberish during dinner with Ny. He sounded good but it was just bullshit.

  115. NV // 25/1/07 10:44 AM  

    back yall hey all Posh what happened to Real's weekly recaps

  116. steups // 25/1/07 10:49 AM  

    Tweed said he owned that Munchie's and remember it was PO-TEN-TIAL

  117. Shawn // 25/1/07 10:54 AM  

    Posh it takes 7 to 10 years for overdue bills to come off your credit report so of course if you paid or not paid it still going to be there. I don't care how much you fight those 3 companies it still going to be there.

    I don't think he was fronting it just show how dumb NY was. She wanted a big spender well then listen and learn. Plus he was using words she didn't understand at all. Now I feel like this all he had to do was break it down to where she would understand. Those are the kind of chicks that I call a dumb barbie (you look good but brain dead). He have a accountant why didn't they contact that person to get proof.

    LOL Posh we all have different opinions on things which is cool.

    Then another thing with all the editing that VH1 done we will really never know we only see what they show us. Now what if he did go to the atm/bank and pull it up would they have show us that. I really don't think so.

    Tango mention he was worth 300 grand and onyx with his degrees and where he work why didn't they pull up their credit reports.

    There are alot of questions that need to be answers.

  118. kpatter // 25/1/07 10:55 AM  

    There are a lot of people that don’t use a credit card because they can’t get one. I agree that W-2’s, bank statements, etc. would show a better picture, but a credit report is a credit report. I’m an accountant. His credit score is what it is. If he truly has all of these companies, there is a chance that he used his own social security number to establish them and if they didn’t pay the bills it will show up under his name. HOWEVER, he said it’s a franchise, so therefore it WOULD NOT use his social security number, rather the number of the franchisee or a federal issued employer identification number.

  119. NV // 25/1/07 10:58 AM  

    KP thats my whole point her dumb ass momma ran a credit report he is franchise for one business and the others he could have simply used the tax id number and none of it wil show on the credit report

  120. steups // 25/1/07 11:05 AM  

    Well let's get this TWEED stuff up then and discuss it proper-like.

  121. kpatter // 25/1/07 11:06 AM  

    That's your job, steups!!!

  122. revenge // 25/1/07 11:07 AM  

    good morning all.

    steups check your mail darling.

  123. NV // 25/1/07 11:07 AM  

    Hey venge

  124. Shawn // 25/1/07 11:09 AM  

    Right right. Well I didn't use credit cards for 10 years but when I wanted to move into my house I had to establish my credit. I guess people have different reason on the credit card issues.

  125. Shawn // 25/1/07 11:11 AM  

    Did anyone check out his site yet?


  126. revenge // 25/1/07 11:24 AM  

    good morning NV

    how are you feeling, back to normal?

  127. steups // 25/1/07 11:25 AM  

    I did Revenge.
    I have...

    We can move to the TWeed if you guys want.

    Tango said he loved the comments and expected some not to agree because opinions can only be based on what was shown

  128. revenge // 25/1/07 11:35 AM  

    i think i was a bit angry last night....so i can saythis about Tango:

    i can def. understand where he is coming from and each person is entitled to their own reactions to things.

    i think i was more annoyed than anything because its not always about skin...im pale as hell but i get discriminated against regardless...but that is the plight of the hispanic nation as a whole, not fitting in to either black or whiite, kind of floating in limbo.

    but these days ithink it more a class issue when it comes to prejudice...our society has evolved to the poitn where if you have money you have access to everything...but then again this is only my opinion and i am very much aware of my ignoarnce about what goes on in the world...all i know about is nyc. :;shrugs::

    plus im partial to whiteboy although tango i was showing you off to my coworkers yesterday!

    ok i have typed far too much and i have a spreadsheet calling.

  129. Posh Gemz // 25/1/07 4:26 PM  

    Shawn how did you reestablish you credit?

  130. gsgirl // 26/1/07 7:35 PM  

    Setup, what was said on the in paragraph. you remove?was it to intense for print, or you just wanted to shorted the statement?

    Thanks, I didn't know why Tango had a beef with whiteboy, until I read this.

  131. Anonymous // 5/4/07 5:45 PM  


  132. Anonymous // 5/4/07 8:33 PM  

    what's up with this website everyone is talking about chance as a drag queen?

  133. melysman9204 // 7/4/07 12:13 PM  

    Why are people hating on a dude ona television show, Grow up dude, theres no such thing as internet thugs get your mind right, anyway, i was reading earlier post talking about a possible chance interview, I thought he was hillarious , interview that dude please, lol.

  134. PsychoticLatina // 7/4/07 11:45 PM  

    So what he's saying is you have to be "black" to be ghetto or have ghetto in you and here all this time I thought it had to do with were you are from/live not what color you are. I'm mexican and my husband's white and I am so deep in the ghetto that I can walk to the projects from my house but since we're not "black" what does that make us then? I am not going to sit here and be all ghetto proud but the last time I checked ghetteo wasn't a race it was a place.

  135. Anonymous // 17/4/07 1:22 AM  

    Anonymous said...
    what's up with this website everyone is talking about chance as a drag queen?
    5/4/07 8:33 PM

    Is this Chance? Sure sounds like it. Tango appeared to have been the best overall person on the show. The rest of the people that lasted longer showed no repect for people in general. I would prefer Tango's Judgement over the others. Just my opinion from California.

  136. Anonymous // 17/4/07 1:25 AM  

    To clarify my post, this was the comment I was commenting about.

    Anonymous said...
    5/4/07 5:45 PM.

    I am not an editor. Sorry.

    P.S. PsychoticLatina,
    WB is fronting. Tell me he's not and I will disagree based off of how he followed Chance around like a little puppy dog.

  137. Anonymous // 17/4/07 1:26 AM  

    How many "Thugs" post blogs?

  138. Anonymous // 17/4/07 3:33 PM  

    tango i cant believe you said you "LOVED!" new york and then you go and hurt her feelins by calling off the engagment!

  139. Anonymous // 1/5/07 1:19 AM  

    oh well i think that if you were going to call someone fake look @ ur self first tango. oh and by the way if you really couldn't stand (chance) why in the hell did you shake his hand behind the scense of the i love ny reuion huh. and the way i see it is that you started shit with (wb)and thought that everybody else was going to be on your side that's all. holla back.

  140. Anonymous // 1/5/07 1:30 AM  

    yeah it's me again coming straight from "philly", don't get me wrong tango is a big dude but mostly all talk from what i see. he's done had one 2 many incidents where he gotten into it with another cast member and didn't do shit. all he did was get loud and grab what was supposed to be a bad shoulder. if you gonna do something than do it "don't talk about be about it" like my mom always said win, lose, or draw. holla @ ya girl straight from "south philly"

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