Terrible terrible news...I will not be able to watch this Sunday's final episode of Flavor of Love until late evening.
Damn, I tried to get out of a prior commitment but apparently if you are the best-man in a wedding you have to attend. Who makes rules like that?
I'll just have to slip out sometime during the reception to watch the second airing.

Hey, everyone has been asking me for information on New York (real name Tiffany Patterson) but I cannot help you, because there isn't any...
For a brief moment there I thought I had her; I found a Tiffany Patterson and she is either from or lives in Syracuse, but, though the resemblance is striking...
tiffany patterson

and you have to admit the resemblance is striking, I doubt it's her because my memory tells me New York looks a bit darker on the show. Ha!
Besides, this woman is a Professor of History and Africana Studies at Binghampton University.
So sorry readers, we'll just have to wait for New York to win on the final episode of Flavor of Love to learn of her background.

In other Flavor of Love news, the always sexy and ultra-hot Smiley has announced she has just finished shooting a pilot for a pending television series.
I am sure it will be good Smiley, just because you are in it.
Smiley, I love you, I really do, and especially when you are dressed in black thong bikinis. See here.
Is Smiley sexy or what? What! (wrong rapper)

Sunday is Miss Latin's birthday; she was Flava Flav's favorite on the show until she revealed she was still in love with an ex-boyfriend. At least that's what I recall, it's been so long since she departed.
miss latin flavor of love


  1. NerdNoir // 4/3/06 8:27 PM  

    Both Smiley and Miss Latin are not only more beautiful, but more classy than Pumkin!

    Sadly, I still haven't gotten over that spitting episode.

  2. Anonymous // 5/3/06 9:48 AM  

    A little known information. VH1 shows the entire new episonde of Flavor of Love at noon before the official scheduled show time.

  3. Anonymous // 5/3/06 12:52 PM  

    Just to let you all know that this week is not the final episode! They lied it is next week!!

  4. Anonymous // 5/3/06 1:58 PM  


  5. steups // 5/3/06 2:46 PM  

    That's great news, because I am stuck in a wedding here, a boring wedding too; not even one drunk bridesmaid to take advantage of...

  6. Anonymous // 6/3/06 1:48 AM  

    Help Flav to vote for what?

    This show was recorded in the summer. I know some of the guys from Public Enemy so don't really know what the voting is for.

  7. Anonymous // 6/3/06 10:49 PM  

    i heard that he picks new york and that we find out from her mother that she is a post op tranny. any confirmation on this?

  8. Anonymous // 7/3/06 1:58 AM  


  9. Anonymous // 7/3/06 2:32 PM  

    OK i missed sundays episode who fukkin won please tell me

  10. Anonymous // 7/3/06 3:08 PM  

    Somebody please tell me if the final episode already played on Suday, March 5 or if it doesn't play until the 12th. If it did please tell me who won. I'm dying to know!!! My satellite blew up this weekend and I'm so pissed. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous // 8/3/06 6:50 PM  

    Miss Latin was cool

    don't forget to call 1888hlpflav

    pick HOOPZ

  12. missannji // 9/3/06 12:41 PM  


    this is new yorks page

  13. Anonymous // 24/3/06 9:26 PM  

    Hoopz was da baddest and realest female on tha show thats why she won!!! holla beautiful yellow ones unite!!!!

  14. Anonymous // 2/4/06 10:13 AM  

    I truly believe that only NY would have treated Flav the way he is suppose to be treated, she truly loved him and was the only one fit to be by his side. Don't get me wrong I liked Hoopz but she is known for being a Lesbian, she now broke it off with Flav to be with a chic, she was wrong to even be on the show knowing she was a Lesbo, not cool Hoopz!

  15. Anonymous // 2/4/06 10:14 AM  

    I agree with you, Hoopz digs chics not dicks!

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