The 'Super Bowl' took center stage this weekend so VH-1 re-ran the first episodes of its hit reality television series 'FlavorofLove'. Next week the show recommences with Brigitte Nielsen visiting Flava Flav's house to critique the remaining five girls.

The five are Hoopz, New York, Hottie, Smiley, Pumkin, Goldie... and speaking to my friends this is how they rate their chances of becoming Flav's woman

Smiley - 1st choice because she is prepared to do anything, she is reasonably good-looking and seems to genuinely like Flav. But what really has her ahead is Flav likes her as much or more than all the others.

Pumkin - I think she has been kept on to diversify the fan-base of the show, just as they kept on 'Red Oyster' for diversity. What Pumkin has going for her is she looks like Brigitte Neilsen and we all know Flav cannot yet get that haggard-looking woman out of his system. She (Pumpkin) is also a tryer and willing to do whatever. She is submissive too which I am sure Flav likes, but she can also act like a scag -as she did when flashing her panties in Las Vegas.

Goldie - for some reason Flava Flav likes her although for the life of me I don't know why. He says she is funny but only her body makes me laugh.

Hoopz - very very good-looking, and if it were based on physical characteristics she would win easily but it isn't about that. What's against her is her youthfulness and she simply doesn't appear compatible with Flav, but, on the other hand, she is the favorite of Flava Flav's mother.

New York - I think Flav sees her as a gold digger, a fake and too damn bold, but and I know you'll disagree, I like her. If anyone deserves to be with Flava Flav I think it's New York.

Hottie - just too stupid to be believed and she would have been kicked out last week were it not for Red Oyster's father's unfortunate accident. Believe it or not this girl is Ivy League educated (Pennsylvania University).

Biggest regret and someone you wish they would return to the show:
Sweetie - she was genuine, educated and not that bad-looking.

Best and worst moments in the show:
Hottie's microwave chicken - Oh my God! She had to have been acting the fool, no one is that dumb.
New York cussing out Hottie - it happens like once a week so just tune in and watch the latest insults
Sweetie letting Flava Flav have it - stupid-ass Flav said she was not feeling him and she just poured her soul out. It was painful to watch.

Best Lines:
New York to Red Oyster as she departed from the show: "you were the only bitch I respected in here"

Red Oyster to Hottie after she tried to commiserate with her and related a similar personal experience: "shut up bitch don't make it about you"

New York to Hottie after Hottie said y'all are just jealous because I look like Beyonce: "you look like Luther Vandross"


  1. Tru Blu 1 // 13/3/06 3:24 AM  

    NewYork had the nerve to say Hottie looked like Luther Vandross but, what, pray tell do you or did you think you looked like. Surely not pretty!

  2. Kaneisha // 14/3/06 4:15 PM  


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