VH1 reality show Flavor of Love continues to do well in the ratings as Flava Flav, ex Public Enemy rapper and hype man, has developed into a television ratings star.
I still have not yet found the time to post the exclusive pics I have of the women in the television series but I will try to have some uploaded this weekend.

Specifically of Hoopz and Smiley. Hoopz may be the most attractive but Smiley is my odds on favorite along with New York to win the ultimate prize; a lifetime of drama with Flava Flav.


  1. Anonymous // 19/6/07 9:36 PM  

    Keep Flirting! New Surprise Casting Site Coming Soon!
    Remember me on this computer

    VH1 - I Love New York 2 Iloveny-logo-print

    Throw down your best and the top five misters with the most votes will be vying for New York's affection on television in I Love New York 2.
    Voting for I Love New York 2 has ended! Stay tuned to see if your mister made the show!

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    Posted on 10:57 AM on Tue, Jun 12 2007
    The "Encyclopedia" of Miss Tiffany Pollard a.k.a. Miss New York

    Givin' the MEN who really care to know, an opportunity to be "edu-macated" on the Princess- "the apple of their eye", the "Queen of their Country". Damn, you gotta know about your girl to even relate! So, here's your chance! Take a look, edited excerpts from net places;

    MISS NEW YORK: Busting Loose, Part 1

    So are you from Rochester or Syracuse?

    You know what baby? Actually I'm from upstate New York, New Hartford New York. So that's even farther up there. It's past Buffalo, it's cold, it's just a weary little city.

    What do you in your pastime?

    I'm my spare time, I'm basically giving a lot of attention to my nails and my skin. I'm a real huge skin person. I'm constantly washing my face making sure it's clear and clean and making sure my nails are clean. I'm just a big skin and nails person. I hope that doesn't sound too weird but that's what I do on my spare time -- making sure that everything is on the up and up.

    What was your life like before all of this television show? Were you an aspiring actress or something like that?

    Seriously, yes I was. I was an aspiring actress. And I still am. Basically nothing has changed since the show except the recognition. Now when I walk down the street I'm easily recognized. I mean that's the only thing that has changed in my life.

    Who is Tiffany Pollard and who is Tiffany Patterson. You're referred to one or the other and I'm confused. What's the difference between the two of them?

    Well you know I am here to set the record. Tiffany Pollard P-O-L-L-A-R-D, that's me. That's my last name and that's who I am. Tiffany Patterson is basically, uh (pause) well I could tell you how that went about; My mom and my dad aren't married. My mom's last name is Patterson but I'm carrying my father's last name. That's the name I grew up so that's my real name, Tiffany Pollard.

    Now tell me about this show. What will make this show different from 'Strange Love,' different from 'Flavor of Love 1' and 'Flavor of Love 2'?

    The thing that makes 'I Love New York' stand out from all of those other shows is that fact that I am really -- I'm not saying that Flav wasn't now, but there have been times when he said he was looking for a real good friend-- me, no, no, no I'm looking for my one and only. I'm really looking for love. Everything was real on his show too but the thing that stands out the most is that I really got to know these guys on a personal level. When I say that I don't mean intimately, I mean more so asking them questions that Flav didn't really ask on an individual level. But for me, I'm really looking for a man. Not a friend, a guy but a man, a real man in my life.

    Well what exactly are you looking for outside of just "a man"? What qualities are you seeking when you were filming this?

    That's a great question. When we were filming the producers they wanted to know what was my type, in terms of looks. For me, I don't really have a type when it comes down to looks....my type is someone that meshes well with my inner being -- someone who can deal with the fact that sometimes I have my days when I'm problematic and sometimes I'm going to have my days when I'm going to be on his side. Someone that can definitely take me on as a whole. That's what I was looking for.

    So it's not a physical thing?

    Oh, absolutely not. Looks never mattered to me

    MISS NEW YORK: Busting Loose, Part 2

    What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

    (screaming) I am not a lush. Not everyday. But I love my vodka and Red Bull.

    What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

    You know what baby, I try to take it so easy on those cancer sticks ...but I do smoke Newport 100s.

    What's your favorite color?

    My favorite color is black.

    What's your favorite type of cuisine?

    Oh my goodness. I'm going to go with stuffed crab artichoke dip, lobster dip. I love seafood.

    Who's your favorite designer? Do you have one?

    I love Michael Kors. That's mom's favorite designer. You know, whatever she loves I love.
    How would you want to expand your brand?

    Well right now I'm thinking in terms of jewelry. I'm working on a jewelry line. I love my bling, sexy lingerie, stuff like that... Stuff that women can celebrate themselves with. Not only women but men too. Men love jewelry and lingerie too.

    Have you ever had a lesbian relationship?

    What? (screaming) I don't know about you but I will tell you straight out that nobody can put it down like a man!!!

    Now some people say that you come off a bit mean. Do you think that? Some people say they were rooting for you and then it just got a little crazy when your mother got into the picture and you kind of lost some people there.

    Well, a lot of people can't take a strong armor. I'm a strong armor. My mom is the strongest armor I know. I'm not a mean woman. It's just that there are times when I'm going to let my presence be known and my opinion be felt, so no, I'm not mean. I'm just straight to the point.

    What is your drug of choice?

    Oooh my goodness. Money. I love it.

    From www.tv.com/tiffany-pollard

    Calls herself the "Head Bitch In Charge". (AKA: HBIC.)

    She admits she has had some breast implants recently.

    She wears cologne because she says when men smell it on her they feel sexy because they are smelling themselves.

    Tiffany hopes to find her "one and only" on her new reality show.

    She received an award along with Brooke "Pumkin" Thomspon for "The Best Fight" at the Reality Remix Awards.

    Tiffany and London Charles aka Deelishis have settled their differences as said on the Flavor of Love 2 reunion.

    According to Tiffany, her and Flavor Flav are still friends.

    She considers her mother Michelle to be her hero.

    Tiffany was born at Saint Lukes Memorial Hospital, Utica New York,"Tiffany" was named after the famous TIFFANY & COMPANY, one of the world's finest jewelry companies.

    She has a booking manager/agent named Bucky.

    According to Deelishis New York isn't a made up character, Tiffany is 100% just New York.

    Tiffany cannot swim.

    In real life, she is friends with season one of Flavor of Love's "Red Oyster".

    During Flavor of Love 2, it was confirmed by Deelishis on 106'nPark that the producers behind the scenes were not letting Flavor Flav eliminate New York due to ratings.

    Her favorite foods are; Asian & Italian foods, her mother and father's "famous" lasagna and gumbo, respectively.

    Her favorite singers are Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

    Her favorite genres of films are; drama, comedy and horror (but only with friends).

    Her favorite actress is Meryl Streep. (edit)

    She has a tattoo that says Princess, which she proudly considers herself.

    She has a massive collection (over 2000) of Black Barbie dolls.

    She has a Bachelor's Degree and a major in Sociology from Syracuse University. She was a cheerleader at her high school (East Syracuse High School).

    She considers herself to be honest, out spoken, caring, ambitious and optimistic.

    She has a Maltese (a dog) named Gucci.

    As of 2006, she's 5'7".

    She's into astrology.

    She has an older brother.

    From www.answers.com/topic/tiffany-pollard

    Early life
    Her mother, Michelle Patterson (1 out of 8 children), is the daughter of Reverend George Patterson who is a minister of the Pentecostal Church Christ Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith in Utica, New York;

    Her father's name is Alex Pollard.

    Tiffany has expressed that she started smoking as a minor, at the tender age of 17.

    She attended John F Kennedy Middle School and Thomas R Proctor High School. While attending Thomas R Proctor High School she was known as a "Man's Lady". Her yearbook pictures in the 1997 JFK yearbook are quite memorable.

    She has reported to radio station HOT 97 that she is working on quitting her smoking habit.

    Her parents are not married.

    And that's how the story is told...Now that's only some of WHO Miss NY is..the facts, only the facts m'am. The rest is up to the REAL Gentlemen, who care to know her inner being & mesh w/ her good days and her bad.

    Blessings to the Rd 3 finalists! But you are going to need to step up your game & secure a fan base that carries you through. VH1 masters want entertainment that keeps us fans coming back, but that's not the heart of a true fan- tell us you know that, right? TRUE!

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    divaessence said:

    Love it! You speak the truth!

    POSTED June 12, 2007 11:05

    QueenTiffani said:

    This is great you probally know NY as well as her family..good job Rock!

    POSTED June 12, 2007 16:05

    QueenTiffani said:

    Also I agree with the comment u left today and I feel a little jillted by the ones who got thrown off. I liked them a lot!

    POSTED June 12, 2007 16:06

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