Smiley did not receive her clock from Flav Flav last Sunday but I still have hope that she will reappear in the show in a later episode, at least that's what I am hearing on the streets.
As you may know almost all of the show's contestants have a webspace somewhere or the other, with the majority of them on My Space.
Pumkin's website
Hottie's website
Red Oyster's website
Smiley's website

Sunday, just after the show's episode aired, Pumkin posted a blog on her My Space website where she enlightened her readers on the creative editing process on a reality television show. Basically she accused the editors of cutting and pasting put of context, where necessary to effectively create a more provocative storyline.
Here is the full text...

I just wanted to take this time to post a blog about reality televisions editing process. You cannot believe everything you hear . . . Yes, it is true that everything that is coming out of our mouths was actually said. However, they can use what we say in whatever context they choose. It does not necessarily have to be how we meant it. For example, if someone said that they loved Flav at the end of the show, they can take that "I love you" and place it wherever they want to in the shows process. I have never had sex on reality television either. As long as we said yes or no at some point throughout the lie detector test, then they have the audio and can choose to paste it wherever they want to put it. So, thank you for watching the show and just remember you cannot take everything that happens so f***in literally!!!

You cannot really assume much from that, but I chose to assume those words meant she did not win Flav Flav's heart and that's not a surprise because I always believed she was kept on to preserve a particular demographic's interest in the show.

Read the comments as well, particularly that of a bloke named Cory...what's his problem?


  1. Anonymous // 17/3/06 2:31 AM  

    what's the url for pumkin's myspace??

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